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<blockquote>Quote:<hr>I wanna see Janice DIE...not just DIE...DIE a slow PAINFUL DEATH...absolutely BRUTAL PAINFUL as she has been to me having to watch her all these years...DIE B!TCH DIE<hr></blockquote>

Lefty, how do you really feel about Janice personally? LOLOL


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I originally wanted Chris to drop the drug habit, get serious and whack Tony so he can take over the reins. But he's not proving himself worthy this season.

I want Carmela to cheat on Tony. Or get off her ass and try to make her own money without his assistance. (Spec house, schmeck house!) I want her to be her own person for five minutes.

I want AJ to become a junkie and be an eternal shame to the family...which seems to be a very real possibility.

I want Meadow to finally speak up about all the hypocrisy to the family. She's the smartest character next to Tony and I'd like to see her behave like an adult and become a force to be reckoned with. This whiny, dependent girlfriend thing is getting old.

But all in all I enjoy the Sopranos as is. I am not in control of the storyline and I love the surprises I get. But if I had a choice, I would love to see the above scenarios.

You know what else I really wanted to see? I loved that scene where all the mob wives are watching movies at Carm's and Ade starts crying and runs out. I wish she had confessed to them. I would like to know what they would have done. Would they have taken matters into their own hands? Or would they have called their husbands?


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I needed this today!


I want Meadow to die instead of AJ. I think that would cause total shock. Especially if it is because of something STUPID AJ does. He might die too.

I'd love to see Furio return, and try to kidnapp Carm. But Carm is in a different place now. She sleeps with Furio, but the feelings are not the same passion. She tries to return to Tony, but dies in cross fire.

Janice and Bobby... death by FIRE would be too good.

Phil spends another 20 years in jail, where he gets a "PASS" for his sexual

FBI gets to Chrissy. Turns in the rest of em.

and Tony...well...he never survived the gunshot wound from JUNIOR.


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<span style="color:blue;font-family:century gothic;font-size:small;">I want to see Furio reappear and take Carm away to his village hometown where they have hot, steamy, sex all the time.

I would like to see one of the cast members get AIDS. I know that sounds awful but c'mon how many times can Chris shoot up and the guys screw around without having consequences.

It would be great to see Meadow and Finn break up. The guy is a total fuddy duddy! It would be hilarious if Meadow dated another African American.

Everytime I see Tony getting the newspaper in front of his house, I always fear something will happen. Wouldn't it be something if that is where he gets shot and dies?

I so miss Adrianna! The show isn't the same without her and neither is Christopher. To have her come back to the show would be incredible. The look on Christopher's new wife's face would be priceless! Kelli ain't got shit on Adrianna!



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I want the feds to find Adrianna's body, so people will stop wishing she would come back. She's dead, folks. D. E. A. D. As dead as Claire Kincaid after the auto-accident. As dead as Henry Blake after the 'copter crash. If I might paraphrase the Grateful DEAD:

Now she's gone,
Lord, she's gone;
Like a steam locomotive
rolling down the track,
She's gone,
She's gone,
and nothing's gonna bring her back ('cept a dream);
She's gone.

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