Re: Favoroite Episode Quotes for Cold Stones

I have to say i think they all belonged to Silvio in this episode, the best quotes - my particular favourite was to the guy cleaning the Bing sign:

"make sure you get all the shit off her tits"! (words to that effect)


He also had the best line in the last episode, re Johnny Sac;
"i wish i had been on the courthouse steps so I could throw acid in his FACE...just to distance myself from him!"

Van Zandt's delivery is fantastic...he is equalling if not bettering Paulie for cracking wit this season...


Re: Favoroite Episode Quotes for Cold Stones

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>"Is Paris burning?!" In reference to the riots there<hr></blockquote>

Also in reference to the Orson Wells movie of the same name depicting the Nazi withdrawal from Paris in 1944 in the face of the advancing allies (Hitler had given orders to burn Paris to the ground as they left the city, but the Nazi military governor could not carry out the order).

Another scene in which Tony's love of WWII history is on display.


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