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<blockquote>Quote:<hr>I loved when Johnny Cakes said to Vito: "You think everybody else is stupid." So true. Thruout the ep (not to mention previous eps) Vito lies to everyone -- his kids about being a spy, Tony about medication making him act gay, or whatever his excuse was -- but Johnny called him out on it when he said he just missed his kids.<hr></blockquote>

You know that was a great catch. Vito was a BAD liar.

<img src= ALT=":rollin">

Vito just happned to be the last to know....


Re: Favoroite Episode Quotes for Cold Stones

AJ and Tony in the garage talking about AJ going to work --

AJ: "I just as soon keep searching online."
Tony: "I'm sure you would."

I LOVE the way he said that line.<img src= ALT=":lol">


Ro to Carm when a boat passes under the bridge: "Look! Just like 'Charade!'"
(I like this quote because 'Charade' is one of my favorite movies.)


Re: Favoroite Episode Quotes for Cold Stones

Lol Bcorsale!! I loved that scene.

Right as Carm leaves Tony tells him something along the lines of,"Are you fucking kidding me? You should be kissing her feet because if it wasn't for her, when you where growing up, I would have knucked your baby teeth out with one shot."

J.G. had me cracking up during these opening scenes with the kids. His expressions as Meadow was talking about California where priceless.

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