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<blockquote>Quote:<hr>"He was an ALTAR boy" Chuck Russamano about Paulie. The delivery cracks me up.<hr></blockquote>

Sopranology101: Where did you come up with the name "Chuck Russamano?"

I was speculating that the old guy could be Paulie's father, whose name was said to have been "Russ." In this case Russ could be a nickname for Russamano.

"Everything happens for a reason"</p>

Re: Favorite Episode Quotes for The Ride

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>I love the way Paulie say the word "biopsy", placing the emphasis on the seond syllable <hr></blockquote>

It likely evidences the fact that Paulie has never before spoken this word. I love that it also likely evidences Paulie doesn't know or care how to use a dictionary to learn the correct pronunciation of a word before speaking it in public. This is one good way that douchebags stand together and are recognized.

If a group of crows is called a "murder", what should we call a group of douchebags? A "swell"? (on account of what happens to a douchebag when it's filled)?

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Re: Favorite Episode Quotes for The Ride

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Tony to Janice at the dinner table when she starts rubbing her neck:

"Let it go, Janice."

Janice has NOT changed since season 2, or as she'd say:

"I haven't changed one Iota since living in Newark. Not ONE IOTA."<hr></blockquote>

did´nt she say "He has'nt changed..", talking about Tony?

But I loved Tonys comment too, when he saw Janice starting to rub her neck at the dinner. Nervdamages! haha <img src= ALT=":)">

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Re: Favorite Episode Quotes for The Ride

CaliberCutChops said:

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Christopher: FUUUUCCCK YOU! <hr></blockquote>

CCC, did you, or indeed anyone else for that matter, read into any possible significance/connection with Chris' "FUUUCCCK YOU!" to AJs similar "FUUCCK YOU!" exclamation to the TV reporters from Meadow's bedroom window?

Possibly an allusion to Tony and Chris "father/son-esque relationship perhaps?

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