Re: Christopher's Progression/Regression

<hr />Observing Ego,

I always feel silly when I see a post that says what I wanted to say and I post something along the lines of, "I agree" or "me too".

But it seems so clear that Chris is doomed in any number of ways, that I have to tell you that you just took the words out of my mouth except that you may have made the point much better than I could have done.

It seems that almost everything CM says or does concerning his addiction problems just pays lip service to his so-called recovery.

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Re: Christopher's Progression/Regression

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>His sobriety was weak and his grasp of AA/NA tenets and sponsorship were fraudulent. It is hard for me to characterize his devolution as a relapse, when it did not appear that he had ever truly gained any sort of foothold in healthy sobriety. <hr></blockquote>

You hit the nail on the head. He didn't have far to fall to relapse, because he never had any type of quality sobriety to begin with. Recovery requires full time effort and full time honesty-something Chris is always short on.

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>He is doomed, I feel. His penchant for self-destruction as I see it is just too ingrained to reverse. There is speculation afoot regarding AIDS. <hr></blockquote>
What a great way to get AIDS--shooting up with someone else's needle...


Re: Christopher's Progression/Regression

<hr />Interesting that the preview from the Canadian Movie Network is different from the one shown at that site. Here it is:

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Bacala suffers vision problems. Tony uses Johnny's misfortune to his own advantage.<hr></blockquote>

Compare to the one from the site you listed:

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Tony leverages Johnny’s misfortune into a domestic upgrade; Bacala suffers vision impairment. Johnny Sack's loss could turn into Tony's gain on the home front.<hr></blockquote>

This hardly seems important. Perhaps it's just a question of available space. Still, I thought I'd point this out in case anyone may be interested.

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Re: Christopher's Progression/Regression

Despite the absolute horror that he was in trying to kill Tony twice (albeit the second time due to dementia), Junior several seasons ago said something savvy about Christopher (to Tony) to the effect "You have a dog, it goes mad, you have to kill it"... I think in the end the hits that Tony will regret most are not the ones he did or ordered but the ones he didn't do. Taking nothing away from Christopher as a compelling character, but he's been a loose cannon for way, way too long. I am shocked that the FBI hasn't approached him during one of his strung-out times. Imperioli is a great actor and he's created a great character, but it shows a fundamental weakness in rationale on T's part to keep him alive. Which brings us to the question--why is he alive?
It has to be because he's family, because Tony loves him, or because the pickings for a successor are so pathetically slim in Tony's crew that he has to go with a junkie?


Re: Christopher's Progression/Regression

Addicts sure do get their fair share of second chances, don't they? It feels to me that Christopher has "gotten by" due to massive enabling, others' denial and T's tendency toward sentimentality. Characteristically, Chris also has the ability to charm and con others when he wants/needs to, traits of both sociopaths and addicts. I agree that it is heinously frustrating watching Christopher continue to screw up, considering how close he has come before to that ultimate sanction.

It truly appears that due to his horrible impairment in judgement that Christopher is without a doubt the weakest link in Tony's chain, security-wise. As merciless as Junior was back in his day, I do not think that Christopher-like behaviors would have been tolerated.


Re: Christopher's Progression/Regression

what has he done, was he near the end as its the consensus now?
he got beat up once and beat adriana up once because she kicked the guy that brought chris home out of the apartment and refused to pay him 20$ which chris had promised.
i take it he had adriana around him almost 24/7 and needed his peace which he got through the drug.
the dog, well what if it really was an accident?
the scene when they came to his place with the AA guy was ridiculous.
was he ever really near death because of the drugs?not that i would justify him, his drug abuse or drug abuse generally, but in his case i must have missed it if he really was down big time and near death.

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