The Confrontation Between Phil Leotardo and Tony

The war between New Jersey and New York began with the meeting between Phil Leotardo and Tony as Phil denigrated Johnny Sac and forcefully questioned Tony with respect to Bareback Vito. Unfortunately, Tony gave Phil ammo as Tony admitted, “Look, you’re only acting boss” as if the “real boss” could order him around and talk down to Tony while questioning his judgment and authority. Phil recognized Tony’s weakness and pushed the issue by bringing up the memory of his murdered brother. Tony attempted to calm the moment and insisted they “not look for a beef where there isn’t one” but Tony is now exposed and Phil know the time to strike is now.

One repercussion from the meeting will be Phil’s attempt to recruit AJ into the New York family. Phil, I am sure, has received word AJ is unhappy with his current family and Tony’s numerous attempts at keeping AJ out of the business. Understanding AJ is miserable, Phil will make his move when AJ is in New York. Notice how AJ is spending a noticeable amount of time in New York and, by his own admittance, is learning the ‘business.” Phil will attract AJ into the New York Family by offering him a club so AJ can learn the business. Tony will agree because AJ is worthless on his own.

By season’s end, Tony will want to buy the club AJ is running for Phil and the move will anger Phil. AJ will question his dad’s motives in buying the club and will side with Phil when Phil rejects Tony’s offer, which supposedly Phil wasn’t to refuse. Privately, Tony scowls AJ for publicly disagreeing with his father and warns him never to take sides against the family again. Recognizing Tony is a homo-sympathizer, Phil will make his move against Tony. The conflict will escalate into a full-fledged war between Tony and Phil, all the while Johnny Sac is in prison, crying.

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Re: The Confrontation Between Phil Leotardo and Tony

<hr />I think it's a very good possibility that the major plot point that may be used to end the 6th season (consisting of 12 episodes) could be the possibility of some all out war between NY & NJ.

That may be one way to end this season - with Tony faced with the possibility of this war.

But it just can't happen. We've been previously told that NY has some 200 soldiers and I think NJ has something like 20 or 30. So an all out war is just not going to happen. Tony has to find some way to avoid that and I'm sure he would rather get out of the business than succumb to Phil.

As far as AJ and the business goes, I think most of the current thinking runs along the lines that AJ is just a kid and even when he grows up, he will still just be a kid in a man's body. The only thing he could do in his father's business would be to get himself killed.

So, I see much potential in your thoughts about ending this season with the possibility of a war between NY & NJ. But I can't see AJ having anything to do with that plotline.

If AJ does get more camera time this season, it will likely be to involve him in some kind of stupid stunt that might ruin his life - much like Junior.

Do you know why Tony was so upset about Attempted Muder? It's because attempted murder is a crime that is almost as serious as murder. If convicted of attempted murder, it is likely that AJ would go to prison for a minimum of 25 years before he could even be considered for parole. I don't know the workings of NJ, but I wouldn't be surprised if he would do 35 years before getting paroled. Attempted murder is an extremely stupid crime. That may have also been a reason Tony was so upset - at the thought that his son would do something that real criminals would consider one of the most stupid crimes possible.

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Re: The Confrontation Between Phil Leotardo and Tony

With as much time as the show is investing in the brokeback ganster plotline... they are surely setting up big aftershocks, namely Phil vs. Tony (with Johnny Sack somehow also involved).

For each of the past major whacked characters- Big P*ssy, Richie, Jackie Jr., Ralphie, Tony B- there was this slow burn to set up the big climax. Because this season is being served moreso to set up the 2007 episodes (rather than finish a story on its own merits and then let the audience digest it for 1 or 2 years), I can see that slow burn lasting to the tail-end of this season.

This time in the history of the series may be the calm before the storm in regards to Phil/Tony. Their relationship has always been a chess match, and what they've given us so far between these two is only the movement of some key pawns.


Re: The Confrontation Between Phil Leotardo and Tony

The writers seem to be making an awful lot of the divergence between "Old School" Phil and post-near death experience "New School" Tony. In addition to their many previous heated disagreements, this new angle seems to play into the whole theme of this season much too well for there not to be a HUGE showdown between these two sometime in the near future. I would speculate that much of the 2007 episodes will be devoted to this regardless of how it plays out.

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