Re: Favorite Quotes for "Luxury Lounge"

Some other favorites from this episode:

Tony to Chris: "Little Carmine? It's common knowledge the guy's retarded"

Artie (to guys at the bar): "Benny Moe and Jack"

Phil to Tony: "Rusty's gone. We'll chalk it up to the headless horseman".

Benny: "Martina just told me that in Montnegro I'd be the tallest guy".

Artie: "Another fun fact from the Balkans."

Artie to Charmane: "Running a restaurant is like keeping an elephant. It costs a lot of money and eventually it shits on your head."

Martina to Artie: "You stare at me like food."

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Re: Favorite Quotes for "Luxury Lounge"


Carmine wasnt calling Sir Ben Kinsley a "Sexy Beast"! <img src= ALT=":rollin">

He was referring to one of his most acclaimed acting roles in the film called "Sexy Beast" alongside one of my favourite actors Ray Winstone.

Ironically Winstone was originally approached to feature in Season 6 as apparently Chase is a fan and he unfortunately had to turn in down as he had just finished a few films and wished to spend time seeing his kids growing up and taking the Sopranos gig would have meant him spending alot of time away from them by him having to stay out in America.

Sexy Beast is actually a good film and one which i would recommend.

Brutal gangster Don Logan (BEN KINGSLEY) recruits "retired" safecracker Gal (RAY WINSTONE) for one last job, but it goes badly for both of them.

It was likely this charachter role where Sir Ben plays a brutal gangster boss which Carmine was referring too in why they had Kingsley in mind for the part.

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Re: Favorite Quotes for "Luxury Lounge"

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Sexy Beast is actually a good film and one which i would recommend.<hr></blockquote>
In this film, Ben Kingsley's casting as a ferocious psychopath provided something of a shock for those who had previously associated him with playing the part of Gandhi in the film of the same name. Kingsley claimed the character of Logan was based on his grandmother. The film deals with personal fear compellingly and realistically through its portrayal of a seemingly free man put between a rock and a hard place by his criminal history.

"Everything happens for a reason"</p>

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