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LouisBrasiSleepswithFish, no wonder that picture looked familiar. It's great you could tell us--or me, if I'm the only retard who didn't know already--who that is: sure looks like a gangster, though.

You've obviously been watching closely since season one, so I wonder if you can say anything about "putting money on the street," as Angie is doing, apparently abetted by the made or almost-made Benny Fazio? What's actually involved in putting money on the street?


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this is probably my favorite episode to just sit and laugh.

When Finn is telling the guys that "Vito was blowing the security guard", they immediately cut to Paulie with eyes wide open and Paulie blurts "SON OF A BITCH" I swear, even time I watch that snip of Paulie it takes me five minutes to recover..:eek: :eek: :eek:

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billymac wrote:<blockquote>Quote:<hr>I love how she's pointing out the elitism of her family in comparison to the Hurricane Katrina victims.<hr></blockquote>

I wanted to smack Meadow for saying that to her mother (and for her otherwise generally super bitch snotty attitude in this show, but I'l reserve that for another post). WTF does SHE know about the problems of a Katrina victim herself, spoiled little daddy's rich girl that she is?

Why smack her? She's absolutely right, Carm does come across as rather naive about anything that doesn't relate to upper-class people like herself, it doesn't surprise me one bit that she bought Bush's lies about Iraq hook line and sinker.

Just because Meadow's family is rich doesn't automatically mean she herself can't empathize with poor people(something Carm herself is clearly not capable of doing), she works pretty hard and was very passionate about helping out the Arab family, so I really respected her for that.

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