Re: Angie, and her involvement/ Carm's involvement

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>I don't know that Carmela wants "in" but she sure seems jealous. By the way, what has happened to Carm's father? He used to seem like a straight up guy, now he looks and acts like a scumbag crook...<hr></blockquote>

Well, we must not forget, that long time ago, I think in S4 Carm had some mentioning about her parents' leaning on Tony's helping hand. So in that way especially the father, was not a saint either... Still the way he treated his daughter after the affair with Wiggler and now with the house he is another old school kind of guy. Remember how he insisted on not celebrating his birthday without the "man of the house"? And right now I think that is the reason why he treats Carm this way. He is the kind of guy who thinks that the best place for a woman is the kitchen...

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