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Posted by greenmars
Posted: 4/20/06 2:46 pm
Re: Vito's seductive babysitter

Did anyone else notice the babysitter when Vito came home to get his money and clothes before going into hiding?

She was sprawled out seductively in the livingroom chair watching a movie on TV. She's at an odd angle to the camera so that you can see her cleavage and legs, and she has sort of a dreamy, inviting look on her face. (Yes, I'm speaking through a blur of testosterone ...)

Anyway, the camera lingers on her long enough so that we can see how lovely she is, and so that we can see that Vito has no reaction to her other than to ask her where the family is.

We already know Vito is gay at this point -- what were Chase and the writers trying to say with this scene?

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Posted by chicoxl
Posted: 4/20/06 2:50 pm
Re: Vito's seductive babysitter

a) showing a hottie
b) fleshing out the "Vito is gay" thing

Note that, since he has a wife and a girl on the side, there might be some hints that he's bi. But he's not. He's gay.


Re: Episode Review and General Comments

On Reffeys point re: Murmour (Chris' AA sponsor), the fact that hes a close pal of Chris', he's 'kinda' allowed to hang with the guys within the inner sanctum, is surely utilised for 'jobs' where he is of value but often pi$$es of the high ranking members with quickfire comments without thinking first and considered somewhat of a nuisance to Tony, this all says one thing to me.........

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Re: Episode Review and General Comments

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Christopher's AA sponsor seems to be setting himself up as one of the gang when he is racing to beat Chris to the Bing to spread the news about Vito.<hr></blockquote>
I noticed that a lot of people in this ep either wanted to be the first ones to share a story or else didn't want to seem out of the loop.

- Chris says he always knew Vito was gay, then later (to Melfi) Tony says he always knew.
- When Chris meets the guy supplying the guns, and the guy says something about Vito (riding the Hershey highway), Chris shoots down that "rumor," then seems to relish confirming it.
- At lunch, when someone mentions that Vito's marriage is in trouble, Carm is surprised and seems bothered that everyone else knew but her. (Of course she feels very left-out in that whole scene with Angie.)

It just seemed like most everyone was eager to give info, hand out info, and not be left ignorant. (Gossiping, in other words.) Maybe that was simply to contrast with the apparent serenity of Vito's NH time.


Re: Homage to Jurassic Park?

When I was watching Vito’s getaway scene in Live Free or Die, I kept having this feeling of Déjà vu. Later that evening it hit me—the way the scene was filmed, particularly the shot from inside the vehicle is very similar to the scene in Jurassic Park where Wayne Knight’s (A.K.A. Newman from Seinfeld) character, Dennis Nedry, leaves the park in a hurry while trying to sneak the dinosaur embryos off the island to sell on the black market. The sequence from those initial shots inside the car in Live Free or Die, including eating in the car, wrecking it, and then Vito getting out with a similar poncho-looking thing on (the one in JP might have been yellow though) were strikingly similar.

You may recall how it ended for Dennis Nedry in Jurassic Park. While I don’t think Vito will run into a carnivorous dinosaur, he might run into a dinosaur of a different type (such as Paulie or Phil) who would take care of him just the same.


Rattling A/C

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Posted: 4/22/06 11:45 pm
Rattling A/C

What was the significance of the rattling air conditioning unit when Tony was sitting out by the pool?



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Posted: 4/23/06 7:07 am
Re: Rattling A/C
something wont let him have his peace.
to say the wind that saved his life is going on his nuts already might be wrong.
was the rattling caused through vibration or through the wind?

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