Re: Chris and the card game

I think the writers have done a fantastic job with Christopher....what you mentioned about him being mature one episode and then doing something crazy and immature the next i feel captures what his character is all about.....he is erratic and unpredictable but for the most part he remains loyal and his a solider at the end of the day......Chris is my favorite character on the show so i might be bias but i think many other fans feel the sameway about well many fans feel as you do about him too....

I agree though that Chris has benefited most from being related to Tony. If Tony wasn't around neither would Chris....he did a lot of shit that should of gotten him clipped but because Tony needed him he didn't.....

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Re: Chris and the card game

I just thought it funny that Paulie asked if they're playing the same game and chris is like "YES same game. what you want to chang games cause i've won the last 3 pots?" i find it hilarious having been in a regular game the past few years and hearing this exact conversation the exact same way.

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