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<blockquote>Quote:<hr>is anyone else jonesing for some Tony/Melfi action? <hr></blockquote>

You bet! The frist 4 episodes of the season have given Tony a whole new discussion persepctive with Melfi. The events that have transpired so far this season may be the "handle" Tony and she finally can grab onto to strip away all the detritus and clarify his life choices. You know that the intensity will just keep building with the "family", the family and Melfi until Tony finally has a moment of clarity. Can't wait!


Homage to Ladykillers?

6) question: did anyone else think the first scene with Jason Barone rowing seemed like it was out of a different tv show? for a minute i thought i'd accidentially hit the remote. and the music? i'm assuming this is one of those rare instances when Chase scores a scene? (as opposed to sourced music?)

If your questioned was already answered, please delete this one. I think the first scene on the water with Jason Barone was an homage to the film Ladykillers, where each of the criminals is sequentially tossed over a bridge onto a garbage barge heading up a river. The music was similar and it seemed appropriate, especially because Jason inherited his father's waste removal business.


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