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Finn: He dastardly wants to kill me.
Meadow: What?
Finn: I saw him blowing some security guard in the parking lot.
Meadow:When...What are you talking about?
Finn:This morning i showed up early, i dont wanna say a thing...but..I'm really afraid of this guy.
Meadow:Vito Spatafore is a married man, Finn. I seriously doubt he wants to kill you.
Finn:Well, maybe he wants to fuck me and then kill me.
Meadow:Wait a minute, is that why you got out the suitcase?

i might have misunderstood the words 'dastardly' and 'wanna say a thing', rest is clear though.


Re: Vito and Finn

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Hmm. I just remembered that the character from "Around the world..." is call PHILEAS Fogg. But I'm pretty sure Vito called Finn "Phinneas Fogg". Or am I just imagining thing???<hr></blockquote>

I've actually heard both names over the years, mostly in differenct dramatic adaptations. I suppose that since the original book was in French that it may have been translated in different ways in various publications.



From what i can recall, Meadow WAS told the Vito story by Finn, although she didnt take it seriously, was too centred on herself, as usual. I distinctly remember Finn saying something when it first happened like, "He wants to f*** me, THEN kill me" or something along those lines. Actually, she wasnt told about the car and the security guard by memory, but i think i remember Finn told her that Vito was coming onto him.

And when Meadow saw Finn in the hospital just then in that episode, when Vito was touching Finns arm, didnt she look at the look on Finns face and say, "oh, not that again" or something like that, as if to say that Finn was imagining things?

I mean why would Finn lie about something like that, really? If Meadow had given Finn the support he needed at that time, told her father or whatever, Vito would not be around right now.

I think this is definitely building up to something as well - the way Vito is acting at this point, i cannot wait!

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