Yes, the Feds tried to get Chrissy before...well, sort of. They let Ade try to get him to go with her, but that didn't work out at all. The Feds have a better chance w/ him than Ade did because, after all, the Feds are used to dealing with convincing people to flip. With Chrissy looking at Tony dying/in the ICU, he could start thinking about his own mortality, and what happened to him in S2 with being shot, etc, and be an easier candidate to flip.


The Cure

The key here is Chris' question...that went something like...didn't you get sick in Diareastan...

To which the FBI agent answers...I think this might be the cure...(i.e. pork sandwich)

Pork is offensive to Muslims (some...Islamist terrorists) the point that they refer to Jews as Monkeys and Pigs...

Saliteri's is a pork shop...and the parm...<span style="font-size:large;">is the cure</span>?


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"Get out of Jail Free Card"

Maybe this is what will happen: Chris doesn't have any happy feelings for these Muslums and in general, but he and the mob as is their history will work with them for certain business purposes (just like the Italian mob has done with Blacks, Hispanics, Jews in their history). In his dealings with these guys, Chris will see or hear of something that he thinks may be some potential terror act or funding of terror in the USA. He tips the FBI, it's a good hit and benefits the and gets a 'get out of jail card' or maybe a pass on a proscution for something minor for his cooperation.
One must remember that there is a significant Islamic & Middle Eastern community in Northern New Jeresy, mainly centered around the Southern section of Paterson (in fact, some of the 9/11 terrorists lived and plotted there part in the 9/11 terror acts while living in the Islamic area of Paterson)

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