Re: AJ joining family?

It's possible that Tony could wake up from his coma to find that AJ is now a made man, and that AJ killed Junior, so there would be no going back away from the life from that point on.

I don't know if AJ could actually kill Junior, he's not tough enough. Yet. He'd probably have a panic attack if he tried.

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Re: AJ joining family?

AJ couldn't be made by the time Tony wakes up, but he could easily be firmly entrenched in the life. I speculated in another thread that, AJ being AJ, he would inevitably screw up if he got involved, and that he might end up being arrested and turning rat. I don't think Tony would even consider whacking AJ for killing Junior, or for almost any other reason; but if AJ were a cooperator, he just might.

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Re: AJ joining family?

Here's how I see it:

AJ will whack or at least attempt to whack Junior. We know that Bobby plays a prominent role in this series. We also know how close Bobby is to Junior- "sometimes I wish he was my uncle". What if Bobby flips like Tony B did when he heard about Angelo getting clipped and goes after his assassin, like Tony B did-in this case AJ.

Bobby would have just cause...after all Junior is a made man...the boss of a family (even if only in name). The rules are the rules. No one knows this better than Tony Soprano. What if he awakes from his coma to find his son's life in danger. Tony always says "family is what matters most". He's going to wanna protect AJ and his family. Who knows what other alleigances could be formed in the coming episodes, other big players could side with Junior and Bobby, and also come after AJ. There may be only one way out for TS and co....the witness protection program......what do you guys think??


Re: AJ joining family?

kev107: That's an interesting theory..

I don't know if discussing the season preview is okay here??? It may be considered a "minor spoiler" to some.

In the season trailer we see AJ running from something towards a door, in a place that could be nursing home or mental institution of some kind. Maybe after shooting the "mummy".

Also in the season trailer, we see Bobby very upset (at Paulie it appears). This could be a reaction to something happening to Junior. However, at this point I feel that it is very hard to believe that Bobby, of all people, would want to hurt AJ. But you never know. But remember that AJ was mean to Bobby's kids a couple of times...


Re: AJ joining family?

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AJ's start
I thought about how AJ would get his start, he says that he want to kill JR. so that would get him in as far as having to kill or witness a murder. but i thought also that i think it will be Chris that will help him. it was Tony that got Chris in the mob and then it was big Pu$$y who helpped him when he screwed up the murder of the trash guy. so maybe it will be chris who helps AJ do the murder so that he doesnt screw it up and get cought.


Unidentified Black Males

Just to make certain it is seen, I have titled this post "Unidentified Black Males"

I'd have to look at Unidentified Black Males again to see if there are any underlying currents that shed light on this, but has anyone else noticed that as AJ comes to finally spend time with his father in the hospital that they are wheeling an "unidentified black male" through the ward? It hit me the very first time I saw it and with all of the other elements of the episode, it always seems to slip my mind when thinking about it. It was just a fleeting moment, after all.

However, given what AJ says to Tony in the morning, it seems certain that something is going to occur with AJ this season. And it has already been mentioned, the preview of the season shows something of this. So whether or not AJ is capable of carrying out what he says he is going to do, there seems to be something in the works in which AJ might find himself in some sort of difficult situation.

On first blush, my mind quickly moves back to the Tony B. situation in which Tony Soprano has to decide what to do, and ends up taking out Tony B. - a very close family member. And that storyline was heavily represented by the title of the specific UBM episode, not to mention the plot of said episode.

Could Tony do this to his own son? I cannot imagine it, regardless of anything else he has ever done. Yet in the previews of the next episode, we hear Carmela tell AJ: "You're a cross to bear." Now just look at the words in that sentence. "Cross" and "bear" stick out like sore thumbs.

Given the notion that a spiritual question is being posed to Tony currently, and the sure notion of Tony as "the bear," would that perhaps lead to a situation in which AJ has now become the "risk" or " danger?" That was surely the idea behind "Tony as bear" in season five. It lingered over the entire season, but I admit, I never put enough thought into what it truly might mean. After all, Carm and Tony got back together. But maybe...maybe it had something to do with AJ. After all, we do see him cower upon his first encounter with the bear. But that could change, to be sure.

Now introduce the "cross" notion, that is the spiritual notion - AJ is a "cross to bear." Given Tony's seeming "spiritual" journey at present (what with him in a sort of purgatory, a.k.a. land of the spiritual) then perhaps AJ is the catalyst that moves him. How, I do not know yet, frankly.

I am not yet convinced that Tony will take the choice that would somehow save his soul, at least not on his own (or even simpy with Melfi's assistance.) However, if it came down to a situation in which Tony had to choose between his life as mob boss and the life of his own son, then certainly he would have to choose AJ. However it happens, I don't know, not having seen the rest of the season, but this seems to loom large.

And perhaps it means nothing to this thought, but I also found it interesting that just after the UBM passed by in the hospital ward, we see AJ and then Barbara leading Janice out of Tony's room, with Janice crying those very same tears (crocodile or not) of Livia. We have already noticed in the opening montage that AJ may be a doppleganger of some sort with Tony. Further, we have noticed in this episode and the earlier show that AJ shows a striking resemblance to his father at that age, and we have seen not only the life and times of Jackie, Jr. but also Tony's response to such. Now that he knows (that is, Tony knows what could happen), could it be that this information informs his action in future, thus leading to the above?

Given Tony's sure quandry at present while "lost" in his limbo state and whatever he may learn from such, he certainly must take something from all of this. You have Jackie, Jr.'s demise and Tony's strong feelings on that, his own depression and his own nature, what he sees of that manifested in his son (certainly as far as panic attacks and such go), and the seeming direction AJ is headed with all the signs leading to a Jackie, Jr. or even Young Tony future. We assume that something will happen that lets Tony out, or away from his former self. Given the above, it starts to paint a picture that makes sense as to how. What the final denoument is, I cannot say as I said above. However, I think this small portion of this past week's show merits further consideration.

More thoughts on this would be appreciated.


Re: AJ with Junior

we are talk about the kid , who was screaming for his mother at the sight of a bear in season 5

the same kid who has no street smarts and a total space head

talking to your father in coma state about Cars WTF
who gives a c#ap about Shelby GT

I don't think Chase will go over board to make that happen - but yet we never know


Re: AJ with Junior

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>talking to your father in coma state about Cars WTF<hr></blockquote>

I disagree with you here. During college, I had a number of conversations with different friends about how we were all drifting away from our fathers, and a lot of my friends agreed with me in saying that 90% of the conversations we had with our fathers while we were in college involved either cars or sports.

We've never really seen AJ and Tony talk about much, it seems like cars might be a legitimate way for AJ to try to re-connect with his dad. I think AJ is shallow, yes, but I don't know that you can slam him for this one. It made sense to me.

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