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Vince Vaughn? As Tony Soprano's cousin? not in a million billion zillion years. I think the Blundetto character was a very interesting dynamic for the show as it gave further insights into the makeup of Tony Soprano. I think Buscemi did better with the role as it evolved from the start of the season to the finish. I also would have liked to have seen it cast differently, not because i feel Buscemi's acting was sub-par, I just felt that he couldn't really carry the tough-guy persona. I would have much preferred to see the likes of Ray Liota play the role, but that would have probably overshadowed the storylines a bit too much.

As for some of the other comments, blundetto cant be compared with the likes of ralph cifaretto, richie aprille, phil leotardo etc because he was never intended to be Tony's nemesis. he caused him problems, but mostly because of the fact that he actually loved the guy. the same cannot be said for any of the other aforementioned characters that butted heads with Tony.


Re: Steve B.

You can't even mention Tony B in the same breath as other nemesis's

No, you can't, considering that he wasn't supposed to be a nemesis of Tony's. The point in having Tony B. in the show was to test Tony as a mob boss the entire season.

The writers wanted to bring in someone close to Tony in order to show Tony's weaknesses as a mob boss; specifically, when it came to finishing off someone that is his blood, could he make that move? To add, considering that they grew up together, Blundetto was a guy that Tony felt closer to than anyone before him.

He couldn't for the better part of the season. In fact, he went to the wall to protect his cousin.

Yes, you could have made the arguement that Christopher played that role since the inception of the show, but he had yet to put "the family" as a whole in danger.

On the other hand, being out of the loop for 17 years, Tony B. DID cross the line that even Christopher had yet to cross.

Buscemi's role was that of an emotionally conflicted, and unstable person the entire season. More to the point, he was a screw ball.

I think he did a good job of making that portrayal.

BTW- I agree that seeing less of Junior was a loss, but it's not a surprise. I mean, he was diagnosed with a case of alsiemers (sp?) in season four.

Practically speaking, with Junior being in his 70's in the show, it makes sense that his role has been greatly reduced.


Re: Steve B.

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Buscemi isn't a tough guy in the slightest, he's just a frail ugly man. <hr></blockquote>

And I think this was part of the point of the character. Part of Tony B's problem was that he had been away for so long and tried to be a tough guy but couldn't quite pull it off. I still think that Buscemi was cast in that role to convey that side of Tony B's personality.



<blockquote>Quote:<hr>I would have much preferred to see the likes of Ray Liota play the role, but that would have probably overshadowed the storylines a bit too much. <hr></blockquote>Liotta in that role would've definitely been interesting. IMO, he would've been as good choice as Buscemi.

I heard that they offered Liotta a role couple of years ago, but he didn't want to do TV. I'm pretty sure that they offered him the Ralphie-role, because he said that he didn't want to spend TWO YEARS in a TV show. Liotta as Ralphie would've been something. He would've been more charming than Joe Pantoliano so he would've been probably even more dangerous as Ralph.

And before anyone jumps to any conclusions: I'm not saying that Liotta would've been better than Buscemi or Pantoliano. It's just fun to speculate with these casting choices.


Bring Palminteri on board

If they were going to introduce a new character for season 6 who better than Chazz Palminteri. I think he would be the ideal actor to play the boss of one of the NY families or a rising player in Johnny Sac's crew who can team up with Phil Leotardo to cause all kinds of havoc for Tony. I'm not sure if he has ever been offered a role in The Sopranos before but he would fit perfectly, unlike Buscemi who didn't blend in.


Re: ...

I wasn't suggesting Vince Vaughn specifically, especially after they spoke of him and Swingers in Season 2; I was just saying they needed more of a tough guy. I love Buscemi in the right role.. Fargo anyone? This was definitely not the right role for Steve Buscemi. I'm not denying Buscemi's talent in the slightest, he has tremendous acting ability in addtion to his excellent directional skills. However I maintain the position that he was improperly cast for the role of Tony B. Although, this role was definitely a tough role to cast for. I think Buscemi was cast in part because of his relationship with HBO and The Sopranos. Just my $.02


Re: Buscemi

I noticed throughout the season that Tony kept mentioning that Tony B was smarter and admired him for that. But I think the purpose of that was for Tony to realize that while TB was more intelligent in some ways, it was Tony who had both the brains and the ability to lead the family. Everything TB attempted ended in failure because he wasn't as smart as Tony thought he was and no less impulsive than Christopher. TS kept putting himself down all these years and TB's "reappearance" into the family showed Tony that a lot of the baggage he was carrying was quite unnecessary.

Having said that, I think that Buscemi did a good job with a poorly constructed character. The abandonment of the massage therapist line was done too quickly to be realistic -- TB left the straight path far too soon, IMO. Buscemi is a first-rate actor and it's a shame he had so little to do the second half of the season.


Re: Buscemi

With regards to Tony B. taking away time from Junior.

Junior has little to add at this point, his health and mental health has been deteriorating for some time, much more so this season.

An episode like Where's Johnny? was a powerful episode for Junior but in reality what we are seeing is Junior being written off the show. In the finale episode especially Tony goes to get some advice from Junior and realizes he is so out of it and has no clue what is going on and can't give any rational advice.

The only remaining story line for Junior is to die of natural causes and for there to be a funeral.

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