I posted earlier that I thought Silvio could turn out to be a Judas-type character. To me, the critical scene between them in All Due Respect is when Tony said he was all alone at the end of the day. That was a direct slap at Sil, who knew it, and said he was sorry he felt that way.

Wouldn't Sil think the writing was on the wall in terms of his future with Tony? I think so, and if nothing else, we know that self-protection, not the Family, is the key obsession with these folks. I have to think Sil is plotting his next move......


Re: Silvio

Sil is frustrated at times with Tony as a leader. I believe he feels Tony lets his emotions waver his decisions. He also feels that Tony plays favorites too much especially to Christopher...but I still think it remains to be seen whether or not Silvio will make a move againist Tony (though I would not rule it out at all).


Re: Reoccuring Silvio Observations & Medicated Ramblings

It was interesting coming back and reading this thread now. I remember questioning Silvio only for a little while during these few episodes too. In the end though, Sil turned out to be the most loyal to Tony right to the very end. I love the opening scene in The Blue Comet when Sil tells Tony about where he was. "...And he got an answer." Great scene that really made me appreciate Sil's loyalty more than ever.

Re: Reoccuring Silvio Observations & Medicated Ramblings

I think this thread kind of captures the essence of Tony's Business demise.

On the season 4 episode where Silvio questions Tony for the first time (No Show), Chris takes his promotion to captain as "Let's just say Carmela won't be first lady forever", he also thinks there is something strange about Danielle, but he is adamant she is a lesbian and that is the problem. It reminds me, in D-Girl when taking with Jon Favreau "The roof is soft tar!!!" - he is and has been through the whole series well above his weight, with no significant insight over anything, with no actual notion of placement (that without Tony he is nothing - he isn't capable & sharp enough to earn other people's respect), with no gut feeling either <----- THIS IS THE GUY TONY DEPOSITS MOST FAITH IN KEEPING HIS SECURITY ISSUES DEALT WITH

Then, throughout Season 5, Tony spends the whole time overvaluing Tony B, they're were best mates growing up and all. He is on the surface a capable and intelligent guy. This guy was capable of passing a hard technical medical exam, but is his IQ really 158?? this is the same guy that blows 12000 in a few days, and he's like "I still have 400!" LMAO. Then, he isn't very consistent... even though in a few weeks he's already rising in the business, he decides to go outside the family, outside reservation, because he is jealous of Tony's material success ---- Tony is "offering him the same protection" he would offer any other person, but this guy has broken all the basic rules. There aren't that many rules and this guy is a COMPLETE BACKFIRE

Tony himself is little but a selfish greedy kid with no restraints ("Just getting what you want is for babies. Not adults!" Couldn't Tony take a cue from this book?). OK, he is pretty smart and sharp, but on other issues he has huge failings.

This is what Silvio has come to realize, but he isn't a Judas type :D
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