The "Lone Gun Man" Theroy

Re-watching in anticipation of new season. Tonight I saw "Long Term Parking" again.

In the beginning, at the sit down between the Soprano crew and Johnny Sac's boys, Tony Soprano, talking about Tony B's hit on the Leotardo brothers, tells Johhny that Tony B acted without authorization - by himself. Johnny Sac repleis..."the lone gun man theory".

I suppose that might explain the significance of the Lee Harvey Oswald figure in the "Test Dream". Tony S. probably knew that Tony B. was going to act alone after Angelo was hit, and it manifested itself as the "assassin" image in Tony S.'s dream.

This may have been discussed before, and I came to this board to see what others might have said on the subject when the episode first aired, but unfortunately, all posts from the threads appear to have vanished. So if I am repeating the thoughts of others, I apologize, but was interested in other people's takes on this connection.



Re: The "Lone Gun Man" Theroy

The "lone gunman" reference might also be a reference to the multiple guilty parties surrounding Adriana's murder. Chris gave her up, Tony ordered the hit, Silvio pulled the trigger. In the mob, it's almost never one gunman responsible, hence Johnny's suspicion. But in Adriana's case, it does beg the question of who is most guilty. Christopher had an opportunity to turn his life around with her, but he gave it up and doomed her. Tony, ultimately, is the one responsible for calling the shots and having her killed, but this is expected of him, as Adriana was a rat. It's not like he could ignore it. Silvio was the actual murderer of Adriana, but arguably the least guilty/responsible of the three, just following orders - a rebuttal to the genuine "lone gunman" Tony B.
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