Agent SanSeverino's Naivete

What was the purpose of Agent San Severino thinking out loud that Ade might have fled on her way to China while Agent Harris and the FBI Bureau Chief looked at her like she was a naive little rookie?

Was it meant to show that through the months of working with Ade she had developed a soft spot for her, and was thinking with her heart (i.e., Ade is still alive), rather than being comparatively cold and heartless like the two other feds (seeing Ade not as a person, but as a tool to get to Tony, like the lamp they bugged in his basement)?

Was it a male/female thing? That the FBI world is still made up of men, predominantly, and that female FBI agents have to leave their human emotions at the doorstep of the FBI offices before they take on assignments?


Re: Agent SanSeverino's Naivete

I want to go back and watch a few more episodes with this woman.

I remember one episode where she was mocking Adriana. I think it was "Irregular Around the Margins". Remember her mimicking Adriana, saying in a sarcastic voice, "Oh, he's very nice to me. He listens to me when I talk." Remember how all the FBI agents had a good laugh at Adrianna because she had something nice to say about Tony?

It makes me furious to think that she was so inept at her job that she couldn't see her nose in front of her face and save Adriana's life. Even after Ade was dead, she was so brainless and so clueless, she couldn't even figure out what happened.

Pretty hard to take that combination - incompetence on the one hand, together with arrogance on the other. Who the fuck is she to be mocking Adrianna? She is supposed to be managing Adriana.

Re: Agent SanSeverino's Naivete

I believe it has been said many times before. The FBI, while it's motives are different, seem to mirror LCN throughout the series. They are mostly cold heartless a-holes who function only to serve their own agenda; which I'm sure stopped being about "protecting the public good" years ago (in the universe of the show at least).

SanSeverino's reaction to Ade's dissappearance is probably more a function of her compensating for the guilty conscience she has; whether this is a conscious effort or sub-conscious defense mechanism is also up for debate.
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Re: Agent SanSeverino's Naivete

Sanservino clearly knew that Ade was probably killed, but still clung to the fact that technically, they didn't have a body or any other definitive proof of her death, despite all the undeniable hallmarks of a mob whacking. This is basically just to show that Sanservino had started to be a bit charmed by the very charismatic and endearing Adriana, and had some trouble coping with her death. She made fun of her with the other Feds to fit in with them, since they all viewed Adriana as a dumb mafia whore, but actually speaking to her face to face, she couldn't help but like her. In a way she was kind of an audience surrogate in that scene - a lot of viewers started speculating that Adriana actually survived because we didn't see her death on-screen. Her denial is probably also partly guilt - she gave Adriana those extra two hours, which was all the time needed for Chris to make up his mind and arrange for her death.
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