Tony is a half-Symp

I am quite disturbed at the fact that tony symped to his fathers " mistress" this lady is obviously a golddigging whore and HE gave her $150,000!!!!!!!! what a buffoon tony is you dont give that much to a hoe! Secondly She is a user she bought high heels with her phone bill money as far as im concerned this old lady is a sneaky and smart one. Others have posted to what else is wrong with her. She took his dog, Smoked when T's pop had emphysema etc..

Is it just me or did any of u have the slighest idea that tony thought about getting with her>??


Re: Tony is a half-Symp

yeah, my buddy thought the same thing about fran...he thought tony was gonna nail her, and i agreet that i would have thrown up as well...when she bought the shoes with the money tony gave her, it negated everything that they were intended for...meaning that HE was buying the stuff FOR HER, just like he does for all his girlfriends and how his old man bought stuff for fran, like she was his mistress, figuratively speaking...


Re: Fran and Tony

I got the impression he realized at the end that she was a sad, lonely, POOR old woman with nothing but memories. I think he saw in her that these 'goomahs' are out for whatever they can get with no real commitment attached when it comes down to it. The comment she made about putting the dog down and then her talking about the smoking situation seemed to have opened his eyes. I too got the feeling that maybe he's seeing the error of his ways when it comes to other women in his marriage. I for one hope they (Tony and Carm) will be able to work it out.


Re: Tony's father's goumba dated Kennedy?!

First of all, Oswald didn't shoot Kennedy. Watch the movie JFK.... (lol)

First of all, Fran's insinuation that she had had a special relationship with JFK struck me as astronomically stupid, given that JFK was the biggest c**zehound in American presidential history. (He once told then British Prime Minister Harold McMillan that if he didn't have at least one woman a week, he got a splitting headache.) Did the dumb tw@t really think he held her in any higher regard than his hundreds of other women?

But that digression aside, I think Tony's conversation with Dr. Melfi about his father's being with his goomar when his mother was miscarrying in the hospital was a seminal event in the series as a whole. It was the first time Tony seemed to have ever considered how moral it is to have women on the side. Yes, he rationalized by saying that his mother's harpy attitude drove his father into the arms of other women, but surely he realizes deep down that Livia's b!tchy personality aside, his father would have cheated on her anyway. I think Melfi should have pointedly asked Tony, "You say your mother drove your father into that woman's arms. Do you mean to tell me you believe your father wouldn't have cheated on her if she had been a nicer person?"

Had she asked that, Tony would have been forced to confront that fact. Because God knows that Carmela has been infinitely better a wife to Tony than Livia ever was to Johnny Boy. But did that stop Tony from screwing around on Carmela?

That's the type of hard question Tony may very well start asking himself now.


Re: Tony is a half-Symp


1. I too thought back to Melfi's accusations that Tony may have wanted to "get" with Fran...and I think that was one of the many thoughts going through his head while she sang "Happy Birthday Mr. President"...I think it was probably one of the things contributing to Tony's anger/disgust in that scene.

2. I too got the feeling that Fran is a liar...I started thinking she was making everything she said up, and probably DIDN'T even know Tony's dad. When during the scene when Tony meets her at Johnny's grave what if when he said her name and where he remembered her from she just agreed with him, but in fact she is some weird lonely old lady that was just taking a rest on the bench at the gravesite?? That would be crazy! <img src= ALT=":eek">

3. I liked this episode, even though it was IMO one of the slowest this season. And I especially loved the whole "That's my dog...his name was Tippy!!!!". Showing Tony's vulnerable side, he looked like he was gonna cry. <img src= ALT=":rollin">


Re: Fran

Tony's bragging about Fran is just to help him convince himself what a great man his dad was and subsequently what a black hole his mother was. Tony and the guys spend so much time talking about cooze and Tony was just throwing in his recent story and the guys ate it up which he loves. Although lately Tony's been realizing that the guys will eat up anything he gives them because he's the boss.

I also liken his personality to brag like that of Chris and Paulie's when they were talking about the Russian. They made it seem like it was a great fun time killing him and totally left out the part about how they never found the body, were not sure he was dead, and thought he would come back and kill them in the middle of the night ("like Die Hard" - Chris).

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