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I think another purpose of Tony's bragging is to make himself feel better about his own situation by relating his womanizing and rocky marriage to both his father and JFK. It seems like Tony's brain is working through the various combinations of philandering men with their wives and "classy" mistresses:

JFK - Jackie - Marilyn/Fran
Johnny - Livia - Fran
Tony - Carmela - Fran, whoops, Valentina

By exaggerating Fran's relationship with JFK, he makes her seem more Marilyn-like, and strengthens his projected connection to "Camelot." And just as JFK and Jackie made things work in Camelot, he imagines he's going to get back together with Carmela...

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or he brags because

#33 I think I rambled about on other page (can't tell, long day <img src= ALT="8o"> ) to speak about his father's mistress for what she truly is/was--a user, who was so oblivious, she didn't quit something she enjoyed (smoking) in front of a man with lung disease--would be to expose all of those guys' lifestyles as hurtful, shallow, and predicated on nothing more than an secretive exchange of bodily fluids, ego stroking and sometimes gifts. To admit they neglect their wives and kids for these lowlifes, and that they themselves become lowlifes--it'd be too much to bear. Tony just saw the truth and it was so sour he had to swallow a drink fast to kill it.


Re: Why does Tony become disgusted/disenchanted with Fran?

When Fran shows off her "new kicks", which she bought with money Tony gave her for her delinquent phone bill, it's probably the first time in his life that a woman has played him for a fool in such a cold, deliberate, and professional way. He was just her mark. Tony is drawn to her because of his idealization of his father and we know (from ep. 1) that Johnny Boy too neglected Tony, even if this episode shows how difficult it is for Tony to admit this. Fran could give a shit. I also think that getting to know Fran confronts Tony with what a poor role model Johnny Boy was. He's pretty disgusted that his father had a pair of slippers at Fran's house and I think this sort of means, " Sure I cheat on my wife but at least I come home to my family most nights".

Remember Svetlana? She rejected Tony after they had their fling, and she was blunt about her reasons, but on some level she had sympathy for him. It's kind of like Carmella: underneath her resentment towards Tony she really loves him, and that's why he'll never leave her, as Melfi says.

Re: Why does Tony become disgusted/disenchanted with Fran?

Just came across this great site and just finished re-watching 'In Camelot' for probably the 10th time as I go through the series every few years. Funny thing is
out of the countless times I have seen each episode, I always pick up on something new. Before
I point out what just came across to me during this episode, I want to give my opinion on the original
posters question as to why Tony became dienchanted with Fran. First off, she spent the money he gave her on $600
shoes instead of paying her bills. That was strike one. During his last visit, Tony found out
that she was smoking around Johnny (his dad) while he had emphysema (and I'm surprised no one has brought that up in this thread).
That to me, was the main reason he had changed his feelings toward her. Then she insulted his mother saying she looked like a refugee.
I think he had noticed she was a materialistic shallow golddigger, like I did.
Now, after watching this episode for what is probably the 10th or 15th time, I just now
had a thought about Fran. Could it be possible that she had planned this encounter with Tony
at the funeral just to get money out of him? The first time they got together, she casually mentions
how Hesch and Phil took her share of the property that Johnny had promised her. She seemed to be
manipulating Tony the entire time getting him to feel sorry for her to get money out of him.
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