I'll give it a C. Here's my breakdown:

Junior storyline: A
Funny and poignant while being brief enough to not overburden.

Chris storyline: C+
Seen it. Done it. Own the tee-shirt. Straight out of the generic mob story handbook. Only redeeming quality - Chris' hypocracy of friendship and recovery.

Flashback: B-
Could have been longer and more involving. Given it's implications, way too brief of a conversation with Melfi afterwards.

Fran Storyline: D+
There was about 10 min of interesting info here, but they stretched it out over 30+. Took up way too much of the episode.



My credability has been lost. Oh no, Im devistated. I watch Sopranos on Sunday night between 9 and 10 because I want to be intertained and have a good time with my friends and family. Not because Im delussional enough to think its real life. It is the best show on TV right now with the potential of being the best in history but if it isnt intertaining it will be forgotten the week after the last season is over because no one will want to watch it over and over on DVD.

Oh and honest people usually swim wida fishes!

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