Artie Bucco deserve more respect....

I think that Artie Bucco deserve more respect from us guys here. I was think the other day which Sopranos cast member I mostly can relate with. And I came to the conclusion that all of you will come to we are all just like Artie. Artie is a civilian dreaming of the power and influence that he could have, but just isn?t prepared to take that step. Admit it, how many of us have looked in the mirror practicing being tough saying ?are you talking too me??,we have all had a thought of what it would be liked to whack someone and how you would do it, what it would be like living the wiseguy life style but just don?t have the balls to do it. Artie WE salute you.


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<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Artie is a civilian dreaming of the power and influence that he could have<hr></blockquote>

I have always thought of Artie as a representation/extension of the viewer. Artie is just like us, on the outside looking in. Artie's life will always suffer as long as he envies Tony's life and is not content with his own. Their are people like Artie, who glamorize a criminal lifestyle in their mind and envision every aspect of their life being easier when in reality in most if not all cases its the opposite.Artie also serves as a caution to all those who fantasize and glamorize the life at the detriment of their own.<img src= ALT=":evil">



I've always like Artie, and he has showed his anger at Tony on 2 occasions. The first time is S1, good old Ma Soprano told him about Tony blowing up his restaurant.
second S 3 ep 2- He kicked Tony's trash over and told Tony that maybe he should talk about the little secret he shared with his mom about the old Vesuvio.
and even if he is a wannabe he was smart enough to stay out of the shy lock business, even though Tony made it look like a great deal.
I think he is a good character.

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