Livia in Season 3 Theory: Tony orders hit on his own mother!

So I am convinced that if the Livia storyline happened in Season 3 like it was supposed to, it would have started with probably many entertaining scenes/episodes of Tony trying to do shit to please his mother to get in her good graces so she won't testify. But ultimately, nothing would end up working so Tony gets fed up orders a hit out on his own mother! (we know that Tony was capable of doing such a thing, remember the end of season 1 with Tony at the hospital with the pillow, what do you think he intended to do). From there though, it could have gone any number of different ways. Livia could have died before Tony was able to get to her, the case ends up getting dropped for some reason and Tony contemplates whether or not to carry out the hit on her, or something else. What do you guys think?

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