Ascension does not have to be now. Everyone has a different life path and Journey.
"I GET IT!" - everything, all Life, is Truly One.


OK here goes,
Without a doubt in my mind, The Sopranos is forever linked in space & time to Kubrick's 1968 2001: A Space Odyssey as a warning about 9/11.

It is our first true evidence of communication with other time periods.

In order to help me with this topic thread, I will undoubtedly be taking insightful ideas from various Sopranos forums and discussions, including TheChaseLounge.Net, MoS,, and a SINGLE THREAD about a question on, that to my knowledge, HAS NEVER BEEN SUCCESSFULLY ANSWERED BEFORE. I will post the entire thread to this analysis as well as cite every member's work that has contributed to my revelation.

I believe that David Chase experienced a Spiritual journey or Spiritual insight or Spiritual breakthrough in relation to seeing 2001: A Space Odyssey.

I came across finding out about - David Chases's admiration for the Film 2001: A Space Odyssey from our very own member SilvioMancini through his excellent thread (“Bells, Duality, Metaphysics, schrodingers Cat Oh my!”), which I will be referring to numerous times. Here is the link of that thread:

In that thread, there are two quotes from David Chase stating:

"Dropping acid and watching 2001: A Space Odyssey was the best times of my life." - David Chase

"The final episode [of The Sopranos] was believe it or not sort of based on [the scenes] from 2001: A Space Odyssey." - David Chase

I am going to break everything down step by step. First of all, the film above was created in 1968. However, look at and appreciate the title of the film (it was made in 1968 yet it's alluding to the year 2001 through some kind of Space Odyssey). Also, we try to understand the full breadth of knowledge associated with Chase. David Chase is considered, by critics, to be our generation's true great writer. He is our generation's Shakespeare or our generation's Kubrick.

Stanley Kubrick made 2001: A Space Odyssey, and he is frequently cited as one of the greatest and most influential directors in cinematic history.

Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey simply just defies expectations.

From Wikipedia: "The scientific realism and innovative special effects in 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) were without precedent in the history of cinema, and the film earned him his only personal Oscar, for Best Visual Effects. Steven Spielberg has referred to the film as his generation's 'big bang,' and it is regarded as one of the greatest films ever made."

The page even further praises the film in the next paragraph. "Today, 2001: A Space Odyssey is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most influential films ever made. In 1991, it was deemed 'culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant' by the United States Library of Congress and selected for preservation in the National Film Registry."

Our understanding of physics, the universe, quantum mechanics, spirituality, the occult, hidden messages, etc. have been shown to us so beautifully & intelligently throughout the The Sopranos.

The Sopranos also just simply defies expectations. As just one example, David Chase has received The Laurel Award for Lifetime Screen-Writing Achievement in 2008 (The Sopranos ended in 2007, and the following year he has received this prestigious award). Receiving The Laurel Award is considered the highest honor for any writing in Television.

More specific description of this award from Wikipedia: “The Laurel Award for Screenwriting Achievement (also known as the Screen Laurel Award) is a lifetime achievement award given by the Writers Guild of America, West. Since its inception in 1953, it has been presented every year at the WGA Awards to a veteran screenwriter of high stature. The official description reads that it 'is given to that member of the Guild who, in the opinion of the current Board of Directors, has advanced the literature of the motion picture through the years, and who has made outstanding contributions to the profession of the screen writer.' "

More From Wikipedia: "The Sopranos is widely regarded as one of the greatest television series of all time."

Continued: "The series also won a multitude of awards, including Peabody Awards. In 1999 and 2000, The Sopranos earned two consecutive George Foster Peabody Awards. Only three other series have won the award in consecutive years: Northern Exposure [Also with David Chase], The West Wing, and Breaking Bad."

More about this award: "The George Foster Peabody Awards (or simply Peabody Awards) program, named for American businessman and philanthropist George Peabody, honor the most powerful, enlightening, and invigorating stories in television, radio, and online media."

Reading through SilvioMancini's thread ( was an unbelievable and daunting task. David Chase makes connections not just to the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, but to EVERYTHING in Life. As just one example of the Complexity behind these connections, SilvioMancini pointed out to us that David Chase does this through the use of Science, such as the Theory of Quantum Entanglement of Physics.

Another way David Chase accomplishes these connections by Science is demonstrated, for example, by the use of Sigmund Freud's theory Reversal Into The Opposite, which FlyOnMelfisWall so intelligently articulated for us from (5.11 The Test Dream).

Here is the link to her essay, which I will be referring to numerous times as well: ... +Patricide.

Just to provide one (of the many, many) examples of the Critical Acclaim the Series has received, in 2013 the Writer's Guild of America named The Sopranos the Best-Written Television Series of ALL TIME. It is also frequently cited as one of the Greatest Television Series of All Time by numerous other groups and/or disciplines.

Just to provide one (of the many, many) examples of the Critical Acclaim the Film has received, in 2010 the The Moving Arts Film Journal named 2001: A Space Odyssey the Greatest Film of ALL TIME. It is also frequently cited as one of the Greatest Films of All Time by numerous other groups and/or disciplines.

I am just trying to establish a connection here that both works (and thus their creators) have been extremely influential.

Every single Episode of The Sopranos is “Open To Interpretation” from a wide variety of different disciplines. The Final Episode [Made In America] is especially difficult to understand or comprehend.

Every single Part (or Section) of 2001: A Space Odyssey is “Open To Interpretation” from a wide variety of different disciplines. The Final Part [Jupiter And Beyond The Infinite] is especially difficult to understand or comprehend.

It has been nearly two decades since the The Sopranos first aired.
It has also been over a decade since the Finale appeared, and people are still trying to figure out what happens in the End.

It has been over five decades since the Film 2001: A Space Odyssey first aired, and people are still trying to figure out what happens in the End.

So now we know that Kubrick and Chase are cited to be the most influential of their respective times, so we trust that their respective works are so truly important to us.

People have known for a long time that everything is connected through the Universe, Stars, and Planets; and that traveling through different Dimensions/Time-Zones is possible, this is absolutely NOT a surprise to us. Numerous people who experienced spiritual journey via soul travel have written books about it. Examples include the ancient Egyptian writings in the Book of the Dead to the novels of recent times such as The Western Lands, and to authors of recent times such as Harold Klemp.

[I have also been recently introduced to the following website: The individual’s name who documents his experiences of astral projection on this website is Robert Bruce. It is just one example and I am sure there are more out there. I am including it just to demonstrate that astral projection (out of body experience) is true both by accounts of people in our time, as well as written records dating back many years. It’s not something new and it should NOT come as a surprise to us that we maintain the capability to travel through different dimensions.]

However, there is no direct evidence to show spiritual journey into different dimensions through soul travel except for written/oral accounts, in which case you must trust the word of the speaker/writer.


This next part that I am about to write is very important and I believe is the key to finally proving the connection. When David Chase was interviewed about the relationship between the two works, he said something to the effect of: They are related in one way, for example, because it had a lot to do with our favorite scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey and with three scenes that it correlated with in The Sopranos. Two of the scenes that it correlated with in The Sopranos he named. One of them he said he doesn't recall.

AS WE KNOW DAVID CHASE BY NOW, IF HE SAYS HE DOESN'T RECALL THAT MEANS HE RECALLS IT ALL TOO WELL, and it is the final key to solve. It also pertains to the SINGLE THREAD on that I named above, that to my current knowledge, HAS NEVER BEEN SUCCESSFULLY ANSWERED BEFORE, even after being posted on TheChaseLounge.Net.

I will post the entire thread when I am reviewing that scene later below. Also, even though David Chase says as an example, one way that The Sopranos and 2001: A Space Odyssey are related is by that scene, he is being humble. They are related in infinite ways, just as the Universe is related to the Stars and to the Planets and to our Souls.

I want to take the time out now to point out that I AM NOT IN ANY WAY SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS FINAL REVELATION. I have only provided the last bits & pieces. This is a culmination of truly intelligent work of so many dedicated people throughout so many years. And I want to take out special significance for those not familiar with our deeply respected online community: FlyOnMelfisWall is the true measure of the embodiment of the series. Without her, there would be no TheChaseLounge.Net, no "Tony's Vicarious Patricide," and true understanding of the series as we have understood it. I also want to mention a sincere thank you to all of the Honorary Members, Moderators, and Administrators of TheChaseLounge.Net, which I am not. A very special thank you to MoS (MasterofSopranos) and, which have helped us so much as we all deeply respect "This thing of Ours" and are connected in infinite ways.

FlyOnMelfisWall has so brilliantly articulated how we are One with the Universe in Tony's peyote-driven revelation in Las Vegas through the use of Physics (such as the use of Centripetal Force and more), The Second Coming by Yeats, Tony's patricide through his nephew who weighed so heavily symbolically with him in Tony's mind (and which later lead to the revelation that Tony fulfills the Oedipus Myth), the use of real and surrogate fathers and uncles, son's and suns, the desert atmosphere, and so much more. Once again here is the link of her essay: ... +Patricide.

I have copied and pasted the following from the thread by SilvioMancini and his representation of the infinite connections between The Sopranos and 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Heres an interesting Observation made by a blogger who goes by Theotherforever on another Sopranos blog.

The Sopranos
A. Bobby Bacala likes to hunt with a bow and arrow.
B. AJ goes into the pool.
C. Janice's son is named Harpo/Hal.
D. Hal Holbrook plays John Schwinn, formerly of Bell Labs.
E. Tony Soprano's breathing patterns are very noticeable.
F. AJ appears wearing his Dad's bathrobe.
G. Meadow is late due to her switching Birth control.

Compare the above to Stanley Kubrick's 1968 film-
2001: A Space Odyssey

A. One astronaut is named "Bowman."
B. Another astronaut is named "Poole."
C. HAL9000 is the name of the space ship's computer.
D. HAL was made to "speak" at Bell Labs.
E. Bowman's breathing is also very noticeable as he tries to rescue Poole.
F. Astronaut Bowman sees himself wearing a bathrobe.
G. A Star-Child is BORN.

The above is just one minor connection. The connections that SilvioMancini demonstrates in his thread appear as if they are infinite, Connecting the two works to the Universe and Planets, and to Each Other. Once again here is the link to his thread:

The Opening Montage of the Final Season of The Sopranos includes a shortened version of a spoken word essay ("The ancient Egyptians postulated seven souls...") by William S. Burroughs from his novel The Western Lands.

*For interpretation of the Montage and/or novel and how it relates to the Series (yet again even more Connections by David Chase of the Universe to his Series), I will be referring people to read the thread by Silviomancini, as the explanations are far too long for me to copy here. Once AGAIN, here is the link:

The final episode is so difficult to understand because some of it just doesn't make sense. Tony keeps on seeing himself talking to other people. In addition, the timeline doesn't make sense, as if we're seeing into the future or into the past in certain scenes.


I would like to refer back to SilvioMancini's thread and discuss the interview with David Chase about the relationship between 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Sopranos. I would also like to discuss SilvioMancini's ANSWER AND RESPONSE TO US IN THAT THREAD about David Chase's interview, which I believe is PARTIALLY CORRECT in terms of its significance.

The interview:
Chase: Filmically, that show ["Made in America"] had a lot to do with our favorite scene in 2001 when the astronaut wakes up, that episode was believe it or not sort of based on that.

Terrence Winter [writer/producer]: [you mean] seeing himself in the frame.

Chase: Projecting himself into his own future.
Chase: “Tony, all the way through [the final episode] would come somewhere, see the person he was going to talk to, cut back to him and then cut to him walking into his own point of view and he would then arrive and start talking. And that time got shorter and shorter and shorter. Janice was the longest and then there was another one that I don’t recall (emphasis added) and then there was Junior which was even shorter. Then it went from Tony looking at Tony, back to Tony seeing himself. I sort of got that from 2001.”
THIS IS SilvioMancini's RESPONSE TO DAVID CHASE'S INTERVIEW TO US IN THE THREAD: “The OTHER scene Chase refers to I can't find a high-quality photo to post, but it's at the very beginning when he meets Agent Harris with Paulie. As he approaches Harris's car, this is the first time this pattern is established."
I BELIEVE THAT SilvioMancini is partially correct AS TO THE SIGNIFICANCE PERTAINING TO THAT SCENE. Yes, this IS THE OTHER SCENE, BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY IS HOW TONY GOT TO THAT SCENE, which was very weird to some viewers, as if his life was interrupted for a moment to get there, and then resumed again. In other words, IT WAS OUT OF SEQUENCE.

I am now going to include the entire thread from a post on, that to my knowledge, HAS NEVER BEEN SUCCESSFULLY ANSWERED BEFORE, EVEN AFTER BEING POSTED ON TheChaseLounge.Net.

(Here is the link: ... n_america/)

Submitted 1 year ago by somerton
I originally posted this on the Chase Lounge forum. I've never seen anyone mention this so I thought I'd ask you guys:
OK, so as we all know the episode starts with Tony waking up in bed in the safe house. Vanilla Fudge's "You Keep Me Hangin' On" is on the radio, the sun is shining into the room indicating it's likely morning... and CUT. We're now at the airport as Tony and Paulie wait for Agent Harris, but it is now dark -- what happened? Did the show cut ahead to that night?
It doesn't seem so to me. The next scene is early morning, Tony and his burly guard driving to Carmela's safe house by the water, with the same exact Vanilla Fudge song on the car radio -- only now it's slightly ahead of the part of the song we previously heard.
The airport scene seems to cut irrationally in between these two scenes, disconnected in time.
Theoretically, it would make much more sense for Tony to wake up to Vanilla Fudge, rush out the door to his family's safe house with the bodyguard, and get there quickly enough that the same song was still on. Keep in mind that the full/album version of that VF song is just under 7 minutes. This would make much more sense than the option we're being fed by the way the scenes are presented in sequence: i.e., Tony spends an entire day off-camera after waking up at the beginning, sees Harris at the airport that night, and goes to see his family the next morning as the same VF song plays on the radio.
Chase is clearly playing with us here, as he does until the end of the episode. But why?
[Another observation: The song plays yet again during Phil's infamous death scene near the end of the episode, and I find it persuasive regarding Tony's death that the same song would play during the opening scene of Tony filmed as if in a casket, and another scene being played in the car Tony's in -- and then also be playing in the death scene of his arch-nemesis Phil, again presumably on the car radio. The part of the song playing during Phil's death scene seems to be similar or identical to the part playing when Tony's driving to the safe-house; in any case, both scenes have the song cut out at the same exact spot, which is when it appears to be amping up into some kind of intense organ crescendo. Also, recall how Tony and Phil have previously been compared/doubled throughout the series in a suggestively morbid way, such as Nancy Sinatra saying "Are you two going home together?" in "Chasing It."]


The above paragraph is just my theory, and I don't know if it is true. HOWEVER, AND WITHOUT A DOUBT IN MY MIND, THE FOLLOWING SEEM TO BE TRUE:
1. I believe that we are experiencing Tony's soul in different dimensions (time and space/distance) in this episode.
2. There is something very special about the scene with FBI Agent Harris.

I am including below a section From MoS [MasterofSopranos] for further explanation of that scene:
“It (9/11) changed the whole show……In fact, [the effect of 9/11] was actually developed consciously in the last episode of the entire series. [The final episode] is really about that feeling of foreboding.” (David Chase in a 2009 interview at, responding to a question about the effect of 9/11 on the show).

Terrorism, 9/11 and the United States war in Iraq are consistently referenced in the final season. However, in the final few episodes, and specifically in the final episode “Made in America,” the references pile up at a feverish pace. This is mainly illustrated through A.J., who begins to have a new understanding of the Middle East and becomes obsessed with Al Qaeda and the possibility that weapons of mass destruction could be unleashed in the United States. In the final episode, A.J. tells his father he wants to join the army to fight terrorism in Afghanistan. Numerous symbols of the war in Iraq, 9/11, and America’s dependence on oil crowd the episode.

Tony meets FBI agent Harris near an airport and a jet is shown flying eerily close to Tony’s SUV, echoing 9/11. The engine ominously roars as the jet attempts to land at an angle, referencing the numerous videos of the second plane coming in at an angle and striking one of the Towers. Tony then talks to Agent Harris about the Arabs that Christopher did business with. Harris relays to Tony that he is stressed because he believes terrorists may have been testing the F.B.I.’s response time at Newark Airport. The snow falling in the scene echoes the debris from the burning Towers or the ash covered downtown Manhattan. A second plane is heard overhead while Tony is talking to Harris, referencing the two planes that struck the World Trade Center (only two planes are shown and heard in the scene). In the very next scene, Tony visits Carmela at the family safe house and Carmela is concerned about the “toxic” smell of the house, a reference to the toxic odors of downtown Manhattan in the weeks and months following 9/11.

Some points I need to make before moving on to my Next Posts Below:

I have come to the Conclusion that there is Indeed a Very Special Connection Between
The Sopranos, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and 9/11. I was able to Find more Connections Between - 2001: A Space Odyssey and 9/11 - by digging deeper, but not much. And I will NOT Be Stating Most of these Connections here, simply Because Most of these Connections seem to be (to me at least) - "Theories" that people have conjured up - Instead Of Anything That I Would Consider As Deep/Meaningful. I will state only TWO CONNECTIONS that I Considered worthy of Posting Here:

1. THE MONOLITH IN THE FILM 2001: A Space Odyssey IS DESCRIBED (AND SORT OF LOOKS AKIN & OF SIMILAR CHARACTER) TO THE TOWER BUILDINGS. If people reading this have never seen the Film 2001: A Space Odyssey, DO NOT WORRY about understanding all of everything that I am talking about here. I go INTO DETAIL about Both Works (in relation to this Discussion & Spirituality & Knowledge/Science) in the Posts below.

2. I DIDN'T KNOW IF IT WAS APPROPRIATE TO STATE THIS OR HOW IT WOULD MAKE OTHERS FEEL. IT CERTAINLY MADE ME FEEL AWKWARD EVEN JUST THINKING OR WRITING ABOUT IT. AND IT WAS VERY DIFFICULT FOR ME, BUT HERE GOES - One of the suicide terrorists (as a pilot in one of the airplanes) was born in the year 1968 [when the FILM was Made & Aired] and obviously died in the year 2001; David Bowman died in the year 2001 in the Film itself. And also, obviously the year 2001 is referencing the Title of the Film itself. Also, [this is very difficult for me to state and it is what I was absolutely not looking forward to, but I feel is necessary] - one of the deadliest attacks was the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, in which the individual behind that event was also born in 1968, and also died in 2001.

So, the year 1968 Refers to - the Birth of the Film and the Birth of those above mentioned.

The year 2001 Refers to - the Ending of the Film and the Ending (of the PHYSICAL EXISTENCE AT LEAST) of those above mentioned.

THREE Connections Between The Sopranos and 9/11that I Considered worthy of Posting Here:



3. THE SONG THAT BOTH OPENS UP & CLOSES OUT THE EPISODE 4.01 For All Debts Public and Private, is Speak About Destruction, BY THE BAND Time Zone. OBVIOUSLY THIS IS REFERENCING THE “Destruction” THAT CAUSED/RESULTED FROM 9/11, AND ALSO IT IS REFERENCING THE “Destruction” THAT The WORLD IS CAUSING UPON ITSELF BY PLACING MORE VALUE ON MATERIAL POSSESSIONS AND MONEY (“For All Debts Public and Private”) over actual, important Life values (SUCH AS DEEP CONNECTIONS WITH OTHERS). I am not implying here that money or material possessions are bad. In fact, money is a great motivator and something good people should strive to have more of. Only when it is used for nefarious purposes by the wrong people is when it can become destructive.

The Connections Between The Sopranos and 9/11 are just simply too difficult for me or anyone else to grasp (at least currently). The only aspect that I AM ENTIRELY CONVINCED ABOUT in regards to 9/11 and The Sopranos - is that the scene with FBI Agent Harris is something Special, but I can’t point out exactly What that Special aspect is. It is Essentially the First Scene of the Final Episode - after Tony wakes up as if in a casket or coffin - and it is Completely Out Of Sequence, in terms of Time and/or Space, with the Entirety of the Remaining Scenes of The Final Episode. Maybe we will never know. It is truly one of the greatest things I have ever seen, and all I know with 100% Certainty at This Moment is that there is something Very Significant about it.

Nothing in The Sopranos is done by accident, even down to the millisecond of every scene. Therefore, no Connection on the Series is "by accident."
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Our Evolution

Part I

Highly Evolved Beings

Highly-Evolved beings and the
civilizations that they create embrace
principles and ways of being that create
highly beneficial outcomes for all

their civilizations are characterized by
cooperation, harmony, and love rather than
conflict and fear

the net result is civilizations where freedom,
prosperity, and happiness abound

their example serves as a great model for
humanity to emulate if it truly wants to
create the better world that many of us
are hoping for

what highly-evolved civilizations you ask?

well believe it or not, there are many highly-evolved
civilizations within our galaxy and many
more beyond

there are two reasons that
their existence is not apparent to us

i. most of them exist in higher
dimensions of our physical universe so
they are not visible to us

ii. they aren't all that interested in direct
interactions with a civilization as
primitive as ours, but rest assured that
many of these civilizations are very
interested in facilitating the evolution
of humanity, and are doing so in a number
of subtle ways behind the scenes

Let's dive into the top 10 characteristics of highly-evolved beings

number one they deeply
understand the unity of all life and
the congruency of life

highly-evolved beings know the oneness
of all

they know we are all parts of a
singular yet multi-threaded

they know that any apparent separation
is an illusion

because everything is
part of one thing

and it is all interconnected and interdependent

they know that any action they take
upon another being or entity
ultimately affects everything else

this is the single most important realization
any being can have

it is the foundation of
of life

they deeply know that what they do to another, they are
ultimately doing to themselves

and hence they treat everyone
in our infinite universe
with great care and respect

number two they always tell the truth

highly-evolved beings always tell the

they are essentially incapable of lying

they have deeply learned that deceiving
themselves or others is counterproductive
to achieving their highest intentions and

so, they have absolutely no interest in lying

but even if they did, any attempt to do so
would be easily detected by all those
listening at the level of consciousness
of highly-evolved beings

their ability to sense energy and vibration is greatly

in fact, everything is energy

is just energy

and so, any attempt to communicate something that is
untrue would be readily apparent to all
listening at this level

a highly-evolved being cannot
communicate something that is untrue and
not radically alter the energy they are emitting

in stark contrast - denial and
deception run rampant in humanity

we frequently lie to ourselves as well as
others and we are easily deceived

only by transcending separation-consciousness,
only when we realize that we are all expressions of the same one
consciousness, the same one being,
by embracing the unity and equality of all
life, will we eliminate the need to
deceive and avoid all the associated
undesirable consequences

as an example of how we lie to ourselves
consider the violence that is portrayed
in our entertainment in its connection
to the increasing violence in
our society

the portrayal of violence runs
rampant in our movies, TV programs, in
our video games, and even in
our children's toys

you'd have a hard time
convincing a highly-evolved being that
the constant stream of violent images we
bombard our children with has no effects
on their beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors

most of humanity on the other hand can't seem to
admit that the increasing violence in
our society arises at least in part from
the continual onslaught of such images

some do admit this - but we continually
shut it out and move on with our day
because we'd have to do something
about it & we feel powerless so we
just ignore it

this pattern of seeing self-damaging
behaviors and then doing nothing about
them is a classic sign of immature

we are extremely primitive and immature beings

highly-evolved beings never hide
from the truth and they always speak the

and of course, when they speak the
truth - they also take the appropriate

number three they always do what they say

highly-evolved beings have a habit of
speaking their truth and they also have
a habit of following through with what
they say they will do, whether it is said
to others or to themselves

their actions are always consistent with their words

they don't say one thing and do another

humans on the other hand often say one
thing and do another and then ignore,
deny, or lie about it

obvious examples abound

For highly-evolved beings
staying true to their word is a matter of
honor and integrity.

if they don't think
they'll be likely or able to do
something they don't say it

if on the other hand they meant what
they said but later they find they can't
keep their words because of unexpected
circumstances, they will face it squarely
and go talk to everyone involved to
clear it up

they will humbly and truthfully explain
why they won't be able to do what they said

number four they always do what

when highly-evolved beings see a
less-than-desirable situation and have
understood why it exists, they always
respond with something that works

they do not ignore it, deny that it exists,
cover it up, do something that doesn't
address the true problem,

or in some other way fail to take appropriate
action - as is often the case with humanity

examples abound

here are a few
of them

if our goal is to live a life of
peace, joy, and love which I sincerely
hope it is - then violence does not work

this is immensely obvious if you take
but a moment to contemplate history

isn't it obvious that

retribution begets retribution
hate begets hate
violence begets violence

and yet we repeat the pattern over and over

if our goal is to live long and healthy lives,

then consuming meat daily
smoking known carcinogens continuously
and drinking alcohol regularly does not work

this has been amply proven yet many of us
continue with these habits

if our goal is a society free of violence and war,

then the modeling of violent behaviors
and attitudes to children via
our entertainment and toys which has clearly
been proven to facilitate the adoption
of those violent tendencies does not
work and would be stopped immediately

yet we do nothing

number five they never kill each other

highly-evolved beings never under any
circumstances kill another incarnate
being unless specifically asked by the
other to do so

with humanity murder
and mass murder (war) etc.
occur appallingly frequently

we justify much
of this behavior as self-defense

it's interesting to note that in primitive
societies all attack is called defense
and of course, we certainly have the
right to defend ourselves and do so in
any way we see fit

after all we are free and sovereign beings in the infinite universe

so, we have the right to do anything we please

yet a highly-evolved being would not kill another,
even in situations we would clearly consider self-defense

this is because they understand that
every act is an act of self-definition

every act defines who you are

you are creating yourself in each and every
moment - by what you choose to do

so, it boils down to deciding who and what you
want to be

do we want to define ourselves as ones who are willing to do anything to survive?

and create a dog-eat-dog kind of world in the process?

highly-evolved civilizations
transcend the need to kill others

they no longer create situations
where they would find themselves needing
to kill

they have
awakened to their oneness

as a result of this spiritual awakening, every
aspect of their attitudes and behaviors
have changed dramatically

when humanity fully awakens, then all the conflict
will end

no more killing & no more dog-eat-dog world

instead, we will find ways to share everything and
cooperate on a grand scale

this newfound level of cooperation and
sharing will create an unprecedented
level of prosperity and happiness for
all, and no one will ever have any reason
to attack or defend

financially etc.
for any reason ever again

in the rare case that an unenlightened
person chose to mortally attack you,
you would simply allow yourself to be killed
knowing that death is an illusion and
peacefully exit physicality & return
to your eternal non-physical self in existence

you would not choose to
perpetuate more violence just for the
survival of your physical body which is
not you - it's just a temporary vehicle

when you know that the
real you can't
die, it changes everything

the body is merely a garment

therefore - go seek the wearer - not the cloak Rumi

but what if we were attacked by another civilization
you might ask

don't we have to worry
about another civilization coming to
Earth one day and destroying us?

all I'll say about this is that
our fear of this scenario is being
encouraged by a whole slew of alien
invasion movies and the like

Given the benevolent extraterrestrial presence
i.e. highly-evolved civilizations trying to gently
facilitate the Awakening and Evolution
of humanity, it makes you wonder if this
alien-fear-porn is the work of
some agency with a disreputable base
or foundation, and no clear agenda
or motive for higher-learning in the
making of these films

if you'd like to explore this
topic further then I suggest you look
into the work of Dr. Steven Greer

he is the world's leading expert and most
trustworthy source on the
extra-terrestrial presence and who, why,
and how it is being hidden from us

number six they never damage
their environment

highly-evolved beings would
never do anything that could potentially
damage or harm the physical environment
that supports their society

they deeply understand and appreciate the
interconnection and interdependence
of all life and they deeply appreciate
the environment that sustains them

they know that to continue to have
their environment to provide for their needs
and for the needs of all generations to
come then they must live sustainably

they must live in a way that is gentle,
careful, and thoughtful to their natural environment

humanity on the other hand continues to demonstrate a
callous disregard for their environment

using and abusing it, and poisoning it
and ourselves in the process

number seven they share everything with

there is no ownership in highly
evolved civilizations

there is no such thing as ownership

because they understand that since they are all one,
everything that exists belongs to
everyone that exists

and hence they
share everything with everyone all the time

a far cry from humanity which generally
only shares with others in very limited

we have an economic system
and mindset that encourages us to
accumulate as much material
possessions and resources
that we can call our own

and that encourages a relative few to hoard the
majority of the resources and wealth of the planet

to most of us, sharing everything
probably seems completely impractical

it's very hard for us to imagine how sharing
everything could work but believe it or not it works very
well in highly-evolved civilizations

the idea of ownership is replaced by the
concept of stewardship-beings, and those
civilizations mutually agree on who will
have stewardship responsibility for what

who will partner with whom and who will
perform what functions

the person or persons that care for and manage a given
thing or resource e.g. the stewards do not take it as their own

they are simply responsible for managing it

it could be said that the resource is owned by the
community and the steward of the
resource is taking care of it on behalf
of the community, but of course
enlightened communities understand all
resources are essentially gifts from the
universe that are to be managed
responsibly and used fairly for all
those using it now and in the future

those who accept stewardship of anything,
be it land or something else, do not
imagine that they own it

they understand
that they are merely caring for and
managing it for the benefit of the community

for instance, no one imagined
ease that just because they are stewards
of a particular plot of land on the
planet on which they incarnated that
they owned the minerals water and
whatever else is under that plot of land
all the way down to the center of the Earth

nor does anyone imagine that they
own the air or the sky above a
particular plot of land as high as the sky goes

such ideas are absolutely ludicrous

highly-evolved beings and any debates
about who owns the rights to whatever
seems utterly pointless to beings who
understand that they are all one
a big stumbling block of connection

embracing the idea of no ownership is difficult for humanity

imagining how we would earn a living
without the profit motive that seems so
strongly linked to ownership seems impossible

but unlike humanity, highly-evolved civilizations do
not view living as something you have to earn

systems can easily be devised that
allows a society to fulfil individual
and group needs without the members of
that society having to sell their soul
and abandon their dreams to survive

many civilizations have created such systems
and have demonstrated that they work
very well, producing a high degree of
freedom, prosperity, and happiness for all

highly-evolved beings also have a
different way of looking at profit

they do not consider it profitable if one
individual benefits at the expense of another

they do not consider it
honorable or acceptable
if they get more
and another gets less

in highly-evolved civilizations no one
benefits unless everyone benefits

it might be said that they would measure
profitability by how well a steward
resource is managed and how well it
provides benefits to the members of the
community and hence they would likely
describe the degree of success of any
venture by using the term beneficial
rather than the term profitable

if you still think a society sharing everything
is unworkable consider that humanity
makes sharing work all the time - on a small scale with our loved ones and families

in this context, we generally
care for others no matter what,
regardless of what they've done

what if we could extend our sense of family
beyond blood relatives

what if we could start by caring about everyone in
our community with that same type of bond
and the same sense of connection that we
have for our family members and then
what if we could extend it to everyone
in our country and then our world

this is the difference between highly-evolved
civilizations and humanity

they feel that same connection - the same amount of
compassion care and love for everyone in
their society

when you begin to stop seeing others as outsiders

when you begin to transcend
that mentality

you are on the verge of a
breakthrough in the evolution of your

when you can treat every
single person with kindness and respect
no matter what they have done, then you
will have transcended separation and
your soul will have powerfully aligned with the
unconditional love of the source within you

one of the root impediments to
adopting a sharing economy is the belief
that there is not enough for everyone

which leads to people wanting to make
sure - they get theirs

this somehow implies that if they want
to make sure they get theirs, someone
else will have to do without,
or at least with less to sustain happiness
and vitality

this baseless assumption
leads to qualities such

hoarding etc.

the belief in
scarcity is one of the key beliefs that
is responsible for creating the type of
world we live in e.g. one characterized by

the apparent scarcity of many things
in our world is largely due to

unfair or inefficient
distribution, which is easily fixable

not any inherent scarcity

as a shameful example, there is actually
enough food produced in this world for everyone

yet many continue to starve

and of course, much of the apparent scarcity
in our world is intentionally
manufactured - by commercial interests to
maximize profits or by distribution
strategies based on profit-only
mentalities which leaves many without
even though there is plenty

and imagine

if all of the energy and resources
invested in the world's war machines was
applied to everyone's welfare

we could easily solve most if not all of the
world’s inequities

because highly evolved-civilizations work cooperatively,
share everything, tell and face the truth,

& do what works,

they rarely experience

but even more deeply, highly-evolved
beings have transcended scarcity
altogether because they understand

and know that they are
creating their reality with
their thoughts and beliefs and so ultimately
scarcity is an illusion which is

number eight they work together

there is no competition

highly-evolved beings never compete with
one another

they deeply know the oneness
of all and that what they do to another
they ultimately do to themselves so they
work together for the greater good of all

they cannot bring themselves to gain at the expense
of another and so competition
all but disappears in their civilizations

when enlightened beings see the truth
they do what works

the strategy that works the best in the long
run is cooperation and sharing

humanity has a long way to go in this regard

competition at every level runs rampant

we have convinced ourselves that
competition is healthy

that it motivates
and produces more efficient outcomes
and in the short-term it often does

but in the long-run it creates great

we have fallen into endless
and often ruthless competitions for
everything including

everything and it is killing us

Franklin D. Roosevelt the
enlightened 32nd President of the United
States echoed this sentiment when he talked
about competition in relation to

“Competition has been shown to be useful
up to a certain point and no further but
cooperation which is the thing we must
strive for today begins where
competition leaves off.”

number 9 they do not embrace the principles of Justice
and Punishment

highly-evolved societies
do not embrace the principles that we
refer to as justice and punishment

enlightened beings understand that any
being that acts to harm another


deeply wounded, deeply in pain, and that
their acts are simply a cry for help,
a cry for love

therefore, they do not attempt
to bring those that have done harm
to “justice.” They do not attempt to punish them.

they have found that in the long-run this approach is
rarely effective

instead they reach out with compassion and love to
help heal them

they try to help heal these people
in whatever way seems appropriate and
effective, and they understand that
judging and punishing is rarely effective

because it does not heal a person's core
wounds and therefore alter their way of
being or behavior

they know that doing so will likely only deepen
and sustain the wounds and the problem

they know that only
love can heal all wounds
and transform people

but how can a society function without laws in a judicial
process, and without the threat of punishment and
incarceration that is the cornerstone of this system?

how can being co-existent be achievable
without some sort of code of conduct and
associated disciplinary system?

the code of conduct of highly-evolved beings is
elegantly simple

do not think, say, or do
anything to another that you would not
want to have thought, said, or done to you

sound familiar?

every Religion on our planet teaches some version of what
we've called the Golden Rule

the difference between human societies
and highly-evolved civilizations is that
they actually apply the Golden Rule in
their lives rather than just giving it
lip service

but what happens in these
civilizations if someone breaks the
Golden Rule?

is it considered a crime?

believe it or not there is no such thing
as crime and punishment in highly-evolved civilizations

no one commits a crime because everyone understands that
they are all one

and that an offense against or harm to another - is really an offense against
or harm to their own self

and since there are no crimes there is no need of what we
might call justice

in fact, the concept of justice is interpreted and expressed in
a different way

not as punishment

but as
appropriate action

and in most cases the
appropriate action is far different than
what would occur in our society

a typical example is rather than
punishment and incarceration, the action
that would be taken would be support

in other words, in these civilizations:
justice is an action upon you
justice is not a reaction against you

justice is an action, not a reaction

More specifically,

Justice is a positive Action (+)
to allow learning to take place
a higher consciousness to be achieved
and love to enter the soul

Justice is not a negative re-action (-)
such as punishment
that does not fix the behavior
& which ultimately hinders learning and love

Justice is a positive Action (+)
to allow learning to take place
a higher consciousness to be achieved
and love to enter the soul

No one said this would happen overnight. It could take multiple Reincarnation lives. It could take light years in different physical forms to achieve.

The purpose of you, as a soul, is to learn through repeated bouts of hardship.

A lesson will continue to present itself to you until you finally get the message and understand.

And this is not to say that you are:
Unaware, or that you do not want to change. Most of us are aware of the challenges that have been placed before us and these challenges have been very difficult.

You are a soul, destined for love and growth.

You have an infinite existence.

You have an infinite expansion for love,
and growth, and knowledge, & imagination.

You have an infinite space for growth.

Believe it or not there are many, many dimensions beyond our currently perceived 3rd dimension. There is a 4th and 5th and 8th dimension. There is a 12th dimension.

Imagine being granted a Permanent Residence in the Unverse as a star, Infinitely Connected to Everything.

In Fact,

[Soul = Star = Energy = Consciousness = Awareness = Spirit = Essence.]

If a hardship was placed upon you by another human being during your temporary visit on Earth, maybe even physical harm leading to injury or death, or anything at all. This is not a punishment on you.

Nothing is punishment. Experience is everything. Your soul will experience growth as a result.

Not all of us have heard our true soul calling out to us yet. That’s not to say that we are behind.

Each and every soul has their own journey and their own learning ahead.

This is a free universe, and we are all free & sovereign souls within it.

characteristic number 10 of Highly-Evolved Beings

they do not believe in or experience lack

highly-evolved beings know that lack is a self
created experience and they have
transcended it

they understand Metaphysics deeply and know that they
are Eternal beings

that their ultimate essence is pure consciousness,
non-physical and formless

and hence they do not fear death

and are not concerned
about their survival when survival isn't
the issue

the idea of lack is dissolved through
their knowing that they are

their reality is created by their individual

and desires

and hence what they can experience is
limited only to what they can imagine,
and they have gotten very good at
imagining only an abundance of
health, happiness, and prosperity

this level of consciousness
is sometimes referred to
as Creator consciousness

versus Victim consciousness
which humanity often practices

at the level of existence of highly-evolved
civilizations abundance is guaranteed

they are no longer concerned with whether they will survive
or have enough, but in what manner they
will live life to its fullest and create
wonderful experiences for all

humanity is far from this level of consciousness

fear of not having enough and survival
runs deep

it is one of the core reasons why there is so much

and suffering
in the human world

but most of the perceived shortages on the planet
are illusory

a good example is the supply of food on
our world

over 650 human children die
of starvation - every hour which seems to
indicate there is a shortage of food yet
humans scrape enough food off of individual plates in
restaurants to feed whole countries

no child needs to starve to death

the U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates food
waste in the United States alone
to be about 30 to 40 percent of the food
supply in that nation

Two side notes

- These numbers are RIDICULOUS by any standards. Our children in the world are starving and dying yet we are wasting almost all the food. This is a disgrace to humanity.

- We are so primitive as a species and yet we don’t know it. Or don’t acknowledge it. Most people in America are not curious about the universe and they don’t want to learn about anything. All they want to do is just go to work and come home and watch TV.

- Most never pick up a book, or anything at all, to read say I don’t know about physics, or science, or literature, or history, a fiction or non-fiction novel, or anything that interests them - culture or religion or philosophy or art it doesn’t matter.
Education is Education. And The truth is, nothing is separate, everything’s connected.

- Even monkeys were curious
- and wanted to learn
- and understood the concept, to an extent at least, of higher beings
- and had a certain humbleness about them.

In contrast to humanity, almost no humility. No humbleness. Most people think we are so advanced because we have technology. This is not true.

- “Technology” is not Advancement. Maybe it was, but up to a point. And that’s still just a maybe. But DEFINITELY NOT ANYMORE.

- We have gotten to a point many years ago where It will undoubtedly ruin us in the long-run because we are forsaking deep & spiritual connections with others.



- Instead of using technology ALL the time, how about we understand true meaningful relationships, not with our machines, but instead spend just a little time with

= with Nature more. Prospect park, Central park, Waterfalls - how nice it sounds.

= talking & connecting more.

= with READING something, anything.

= with WRITING something, anything, thoughts, anything meaningful to us.

= and with so much else we can do. Exercise is a perfect example. Physical-self feels heathy, mind becomes clear, soul becomes clearer, & we feel happier --> ready to make connections.

All this stuff Opens Universe Portals & Expands mind heart and soul.
& expands imagination.

Most of America as I see it has lost their thirst for knowledge.

We have lost our curiosity for higher learning because gaining material possessions without any degree of work ethic or responsibility seem more important (“rap” music and the like teach this to our children).

Education should never stop,
it enriches all aspects of life.

Most people will not be able to tell you the last book they have read. Because they probably
have never read ANYTHING outside of necessary school stuff. Even then, I doubt they truly did.

Or in general anything that they have read recently at all.

A poem, a journal, research article, medical science, business article, ANYTHING.
Or have wrote their thoughts down to expand their imagination.
Or anything else that is positive and opens portals, such as Traveling & understanding other cultures or being part of a sports team and building connections. Not just watching TV.

Most of society thinks that humans are “advanced.” This is not true.

Children are starving and we are throwing away food every day, enough to feed all the children of our world. And yet people think humans are evolutionarily advanced. We are NOT.

Nobody even cares. Mind is closed. Out of sight & Out of mind.

Solution is so simple. Everyone knows how simple it is. Don’t throw away the food in the garbage and devise
a system to give it to the children.

Why NOT make it a priority?

Well because we believe we can’t make a difference, and it’s not so simple. Especially in countries we don’t have good relationships with.

However, THESE ARE OUR CHILDREN. All of ours. Together. Yet we can’t figure out how to make it a priority to give them the food that is being thrown in the trash. At the very least in some countries where they need it.

Which brings me to my next point. If people had a greater imagination, we can actually do anything we wanted. The above statement about feeding our children alone proves to me how primitive a species we are. So, I will be talking about our next step in evolution and how it involves both our minds (higher awareness and consciousness) & our souls. Believe it or not, we have a very limited notion that there is only a 3rd-dimensionality type of universe, when in fact there are probably countless dimensions that we don’t know about. Other human beings have been there. I am talking about Extremely Intelligent beings that did not tell it to us directly, but gave us hints to figure it out (I am talking about David Chase & Stanley Kubrick in particular). In other words, we can trust their accounts because extremely intelligent human beings would not lie just for the sake of lying, or exaggerate just for the sake of exaggerating.

2. I apologize to my friends & family here at TheChaseLounge.Net had to get a little judgmental there. Got it out of my system now
I promise. After all i am just a primitive being who makes the same mistakes over again, I'm not a highly evolved being :). And my true friends and family know that I love everyone.

I've been reading and researching this topic (about our souls) for the past year and 1/2 of my life so trust me i am not writing this just with some impulse.

i just never found a way to connect everything together.

I am an extremely proud & dedicated fan of this series. Don't let the date of when I joined this forum say anything different (December of 2017; only a few months ago).

I have been coming here for years to read all of the intelligent and brilliant posts that we have all come to know and love.

Some aspects of Life I have been focusing on for the past year:
-I am trying to figure out how to have my first spiritual journey or
my first odyssey going into the next dimension, an out of body experience

- Or maybe I will just try to raise my energy vibration and frequency (start out small)

- Or maybe I can try to open my third eye (third eye = 6th sense = activation of the Pineal Gland Chakra)

- Or allow HIGHER AWARENESS in through my other Chakras (Chakras = energy centers in the physical body)

Some hints that were given to us, but this is just the start of a long analysis:
Journey = David Chase
Odyssey = Stanley Kubrick

ok so let’s continue on our Journey:

over 650 human children die
of starvation - every hour which seems to
indicate there is a shortage of food yet
humans scrape enough food off of individual plates in
restaurants to feed whole countries

no child needs to starve to death

the U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates food
waste in the United States alone
to be about 30 to 40 percent of the food
supply in that nation

an estimated 133 billion pounds
of food wasted

this is a situation that
would never occur in highly-evolved

they would simply make it
a priority to figure out how to solve
the issue

it is not a problem of lack of supply,
just distribution which can be easily solved

they would figure out how to
share the food more effectively

conclusion we have explored some of the
key characteristics that distinguish
highly-evolved civilizations from others
that are less so

Education should never stop,
it enriches all aspects of life.

- Mr. Wegler

"It's physics. Schrödinger's Equation. The boxers, you, me - we're all part of the same quantum field. Think of the two boxers as ocean waves or currents of air, two tornadoes, say. They appear to be two things, right? Two separate things. But they're not. Tornadoes are just wind, the wind stirred up in different directions. The truth is, nothing is separate, everything's connected."

- John Schwinn (aka Mr. Wizard)

You may say I’m a dreamer,
but I’m not the only one.

“Imagine let's be the change we wish to see in the world and create a wonderful new earth together.”

- John Lennon

"On the deepest psychological level the film's plot symbolizes the search for God, and it finally postulates what is little less than a scientific definition of God . . . The film revolves around this metaphysical conception, and the realistic hardware and the documentary feelings about everything were necessary in order to undermine your built-in resistance to the poetical concept.”

- Stanley Kubrick, in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine

“I will say that the God concept is at the heart of 2001 but not any traditional, anthropomorphic image of God. I don't believe in any of Earth's monotheistic religions, but I do believe that one can construct an intriguing scientific definition of God, once you accept the fact that there are approximately 100 billion stars in our galaxy alone, that each star is a life-giving sun and that there are approximately 100 billion galaxies in just the visible universe. Given a planet in a stable orbit, not too hot and not too cold, and given a few billion years of chance chemical reactions created by the interaction of a sun's energy on the planet's chemicals, it's fairly certain that life in one form or another will eventually emerge. It's reasonable to assume that there must be, in fact, countless billions of such planets where biological life has arisen, and the odds of some proportion of such life developing intelligence are high. Now, the sun is by no means an old star, and its planets are mere children in cosmic age, so it seems likely that there are billions of planets in the universe not only where intelligent life is on a lower scale than man but other billions where it is approximately equal and others still where it is hundreds of thousands of millions of years in advance of us. When you think of the giant technological strides that man has made in a few millennia—less than a microsecond in the chronology of the universe—can you imagine the evolutionary development that much older life forms have taken? They may have progressed from biological species, which are fragile shells for the mind at best, into immortal machine entities—and then, over innumerable eons, they could emerge from the chrysalis of matter transformed into beings of pure energy and spirit. Their potentialities would be limitless and their intelligence ungraspable by humans.”

- Stanley Kubrick, in an interview with Playboy

In the same interview, he also blames the poor critical [at that time] reaction to 2001 as follows:

“Perhaps there is a certain element of the lumpen literati that is so dogmatically atheist and materialist and Earth-bound that it finds the grandeur of space and the myriad mysteries of cosmic intelligence anathema.”

Interpretation of quotes from Stanley Kubrick

Wow that’s a lot to take in from Mr. Kubrick, and I honestly had to look up almost every other word that he spoke in that last paragraph. This is going to be my attempt at understanding.

What did Stanley Kubrick mean by the God and science talk? Well basically after much research and reading, I myself came up with the following.

Highly-evolved beings
can be thought of as almost
pure in essence

They are god.

They are the stars. They are Energy.

Star = Soul = Higher Consciousness = Higher Awareness = Energy.

We are all but a Soul.

This is our Highest Form of Evolution that we can postulate at the moment i.e. To be connected in the Universe Infinitely. To help other Souls Evolve after we Evolve ourselves, whether it be helping other Souls that are in human form or any other physical form [i.e. aliens].

-----------END OF PART I-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Our Evolution

Part II

The Sopranos

The whole series is really one of those things "don't judge a book by it's cover," except on a grand scale.

This discussion will NOT deal with Superficial Connections or Meanings such as: The Final scene of the Final Episode is scored to Journey - Don’t Stop Believing therefore Tony Soprano is on a Spiritual Journey - where his Soul is still Living or Believing.

Although I can safely say that we can interpret David Chase’s intentions in any of a number of ways, my analysis will NOT state any type of superficial interpretation(s), such as the one I have provided above. My plan is to write only about DEEP/MEANINGFUL connections/interpretations on the Series.

We have seen Tony Soprano's Soul in more than one instance on the Series.

Once was during the Final Episode, where it was VERY UNCLEAR where he was in terms of Space/Distance AND Time (see my 1st post above).

Another instance was somewhere else.

Tony Soprano/Kevin Finnerty
In (6.02 Join The Club) and (6.03 Mayham) Tony Soprano is in the hospital after being shot by his uncle, who was in a state of dementia at the time. The episode starts off thinking that we are once again in one of Tony’s dreams, but the dream state seems completely different this time. We can’t exactly point it out but something is very different about it. We know it’s not real life, because everyone seems to think that Tony Soprano is KF (Kevin Finnerty), so we know it must be a dream. In addition, Tony contains in his possessions Kevin Finnerty’s wallet and ID and briefcase, not his own.

We keep thinking it’s a dream but it doesn’t contain any of the surreal or ethereal dream-like qualities that David Chase has become so famous for, and has presented to us time and time again. Everything seems linear, connected. So, where are we?

Many people have interpreted this as Tony being in purgatory, which is certainly possible, and I am not opposed to any interpretation of meaning conveyed by fans of David Chase. But I take it as meaning something else.

Tony’s true soul is calling to him in a type of coma-induced spiritual revelation. His soul is truly calling out in a desperate attempt to change.

As FlyOnMelfisWall has so brilliantly pointed out to us (not a direct quote from her, I don't remember exactly where/which thread I read the following from, but it was very similar):

We finally see the change we've been wanting Tony to make for so long. In the coma, Tony, as Kevin Finnerty, is unable to cheat on his wife. He wants to, as is evidenced by him kissing another woman (which is a form of cheating, of course), but he ultimately remains faithful in his mind because he does not sleep with her (baby steps I guess). I find it very powerful that the same exact message was shown to us later in the season when Tony couldn’t sleep with Julianna in real life and came home to Carmela feeling that he has accomplished something. And he did in that instance. He was finally growing and learning that Carmela was the best thing that ever happened in his life.

More on that later, let’s get back to the coma-induced spiritualism for now. In the coma, he books a hotel room with Kevin Finnerty’s credit card and feels horrible about it. “Its fraud,” he tells his wife on the phone in one of the sincerest ways we have ever heard him speak. Contrast this to (5.11 The Test Dream) when the Concierge service at the Plaza Hotel in NYC says to Tony “thank you, Mr. Petraglia,” obviously voicing to us that he has stolen Mr. Petraglia’s credit card and doesn't care so much. And now, on the brink of death, as he is lying in a coma in the hospital – he is voicing his regret in his coma - of the life of crime that he led.

Now let’s take a closer look at the name Finnerty.

Lexus, Infinity? - Patron at the bar.
As the patron from the bar in Tony's coma points out for us, Finnerty sounds similar to the word "infinity."

And As SilvioMancini has pointed out for us in his topic thread (I posted the link to his topic thread multiple times in my 1st post above, but I will post it again here), Finnerty contains the anagram "infinity" hidden in it.

(if you rearrange FINnerTY = IN-FIN-ITY).

As in - we are experiencing Tony’s soul trying to change, and that Life is Indeed Infinite.

[See SilvioMancini's thread for more Infinite Connections, such as when Bobby Bacala dies and goes on to "The Infinite." Once again here is the link to his Excellent Thread (It is A LOT of material but definitely worth reading up on)]:

Monks from the coma very clearly say the following:

“You see that tree over there? When we die we become that tree. No you, no me.”

I take this as meaning we are truly Connected to All Life & to Everything. We are all One.

In (6.04 The Fleshy Part of the Thigh), which is the episode immediately following the coma (and probably my favorite episode of the entire series [although that decision was - and still is - one of the toughest decisions ever, simply because I love every episode, as so many Sopranos/Chase fans do]), Tony wakes from the coma. He meets physicist John Schwinn (of “Bell Labs”) in the hospital, who uses Schrodinger’s Equation of Physics to once again tell Tony that Everything & All is Connected.


Here’s a Reddit link which shows an interesting take on the orange cat from (6.21 Made In America): ... icance_of/

Here is the text inside that link (in case the Link doesn’t work later down the line):

Submitted by username TrottingTortoise.

Title: [Only sort of Long] thoughts on the significance of the orange cat in Made in America

I'm in the process of doing a full write-up on Made in America, but I thought I would share these thoughts on the meaning behind the orange cat. Interested in feedback to make sure I'm not doing something stupid here.

It might be worth reading the other post I wrote last week to get a sense on how I see Tony at this point in the series - I don't think it's all that necessary, but it's there if you want clarification.

Also, as an aside, I was introduced to the Chase Lounge forums in the comments of my last post... but it does not seem possible to register an account over there and that seems required if I want to use the search function. Advice?

The Cat

Many fans attempt to cast the cat as a specific character - this is likely due to the animal's obsession with Christopher's picture. They see the cat as a reincarnation of either Adriana or Christopher; however, not only is this motivated by a desire for a neat and tidy accounting rather than being given to us in the episode, it leads to some forced interpretation in certain scenes (ie Paulie in front of Satriale's). Still, the cat is definitely important - enough so to use CGI - and I'm going to argue it should be treated as a vague symbol of spiritual death, the moral decline that hangs around the crew.

Very early in the episode, Tony visits Carmela at his family's safehouse, and she immediately tells him that Meadow smells 'that odor' too. This is quickly followed up with concerns of toxicity and a desire to return home. The show has never hidden the fact that Carmela is morally troubled by her lifestyle and survives by ignoring the source of her luxury (her back is to Vesuvius); however, having been forced to a different house in direct consequence of her husband's violent lifestyle, she is no longer able to sweep its fowl :) odor under the rug.

The cat also showed up during the 'big storm,' and is happily taken in by the mobsters as they hide out; they're even proud of it for catching rats in the cellar - the cat is spiritual death and through it the mob profits. Not coincidental that Tony attributes the odor of his family's safehouse to piss when he and his associates are in the midst of a cat.

Paulie as Spiritually Alive

Everyone likes the cat with the exception of Paulie, who is horrified that they brought it back home to Satriale's, says cats are ‘snakes with fur’ and that the old Italians say you cannot put them around babies because they will ‘suck the life right out of them.’ Paulie is unique among the characters in how seriously he takes the supernatural. He is deeply traumatized by the dead Mikey Palmice's warning of 3 o'clock; his experience with the psychic leads him to cut off all funding to his church because the priest, who was supposedly supposed to protect him from spiritual baggage (Paulie literally believes in indulgences), has been 'slacking off;' in this episode, Paulie shows up to an empty Bing and you can see him nervously, and grimly, checking the stage for Mary. That this specific character would have a superstitious problem with the cat needs to be taken as a serious sign that there is something spiritually 'off' about the animal.

Paulie can be the most selfish character in the show at times, but it's important to not forget that he is also one of the most genuinely introspective; the scene where he and Christopher discuss character arcs is Paulie at his best. He asks Christopher what is bothering him, and takes a seat to listen to an explanation of 'arcs' with true interest. It is hard to imagine anyone in the crew, even Tony, behaving in such a receptive manner. The events in the above paragraph demonstrate that Paulie, unlike Tony, has insight to the destructive nature of his lifestyle; spiritual life does not require holiness, it just requires activity. Perhaps the most clear way to put this is that Paulie's soul is still in play.

The Cifaretto Crew

There is a surprising amount of time spent on Paulie's refusal of this job offer; not only is it seemingly contradictory to his character traits, but the viewer is given no clear explanation for the rejection - just Paulie looking deeply unsettled both after turning Tony down and after the eventual acceptance. This has led people to speculate that perhaps Paulie has cooperated with New York and sold out Tony, and his emotional turmoil is the attempt to reconcile this choice with the faith Tony places in him; however, once we recognize the true nature of the cat (though IMO there are myriad respectable interpretations) there are two obvious clues.

Before that, however, it's worth a brief discussion of what taking on the role would mean for Paulie. He is deeply, deeply superstitious - this has been made crystal clear throughout the series (again, see above!) - and he finds the chain of the deaths and disappearances of anyone who captains that crew unnerving; he has recently had a scare with cancer, and though he sells it as not wanting to die off and leave Tony in the lurch, the decline has to do with his simultaneous fear of death and desire for life. If he accepts the offer, then, he will be prioritizing Tony and money, in that order, over life. You can already hear the cat purring.

Absence and Presence; Dead and Alive

The scene in which Tony asks Paulie to take on the position is the same one in which Walden explains to him the cat's behavior re: Chrissy's picture and Paulie, in response, picks up a broom to get rid of the cat once and for all; unfortunately, at that moment, Tony walks in, protecting the cat by his presence alone. Tony sends Walden out of the room before making his request to Paulie, and Walden takes the cat with him. The request is then denied, Paulie asks to mull it over, and he exits the building with his well-practiced 'disturbed contemplation' facial expression.

The second conversation takes place in front of Satriale's, the tables empty except for Paulie and Tony; stark contrast from earlier seasons where the crew was always hanging out, reading papers and shooting the shit. This backdrop makes it seem as if Paulie is the last man standing. Paulie once again finds the strength to deny Tony, and explains the reasoning behind his thought process (which, of course, Tony scoffs at). The different 'sides' the two characters are on is further made explicit in when Paulie shares the story of his encounter with the Virgin Mary, something truly close to his heart, and Tony jokes that he should have said something sooner - they could have sold jugs of holy water! Paulie is life, and Tony is death; he is having a conversation with the devil himself. Eventually Tony, in the beguiling manner expected of Satan, manipulates Paulie into accepting the job. The way he frames his acceptance, however, is incredibly odd - clearly a deliberate scripting choice: ‘I live but to serve you, my liege.’ Tony immediately gets up and leaves the table, his task of corruption complete, and Paulie assumes 'the expression' the moment his back is turned.

This is where the connection between the cat and this sort of spiritual death becomes most apparent. Paulie goes back to sunning himself and, in the same instant, the cat walks into the scene and begins sunning itself; Paulie has agreed to follow the devil and is therefore reconciled with the cat, his adversary for the episode.


1. Interesting to note in this scene that Paulie says he has no arc; while Tony has descended into the depths of hell completely, Paulie has managed to stay a human being throughout his life.

2. Kudos to the various people who tied in the rocket scientist's (philosophically embarrassing) metaphysics to think of Schrödinger's cat. I first saw it in one of the comments on the MoS blog, but there is also this essay on duality in The Sopranos. Paulie's interest in the scientist's lecture is another example of his caring about shit like that.

3. With the understanding that the cat is tied to spiritual death, and remembering above how Tony's killing Christopher was not just the fulfillment of his arc but the moment of his death; the rest of Kennedy and Heidi is a spiritual journey of Tony realizing this for himself, and accepting it. It seems quite natural for the cat to be deeply interested in a photo that represents such enormous sin and baggage.

4. Remember the incident in Kennedy and Heidi where Tony sees the image of the cartoon devil, becomes unsettled, and quickly moves to a different area. While the entire peyote journey culminates in Tony's realization and acceptance of being the creature that he is, it's rare that we get such explicit imagery.

"Are Sin, Disease, and Death real?"- TV Commercial from coma (No, they are NOT "real," IN THE GRAND SCHEME OF THINGS THAT IS. They are illusory. We become Reincarnated after we die. We learn from our sins in different physical forms until we finally get the message and understand. Also, they are not "real" because sin, disease, and death can be interpreted in different ways by different people/beings).

I am GOING TO STOP any further analysis of
The Sopranos for the rest of this topic of Our Evolution. I will be incorporating some analysis of the series sprinkled into my next future posts, but not much. Two reasons for this:

1. Mostly everything I want to convey about the series has already been stated in other posts, and I am Eternally Grateful for this Discussion Forum & Others.

2. We will truthfully be here indefinitely if I state, quote, or cite all of the Connections that David Chase has made.

Before we go any further, I just want to state this: FlyOnMelfisWall has articulated for us on MORE THAN ONE OCCASION how we are
One With The Universe & how Everything is Indeed Connected. These instances were articulated through the following scenes, at the very least:

- The Las Vegas Scenes.
- The Final Scene of the Entire Series.

Once again here is the link to Her (Unbelievably Intelligent) Essay, which left my jaw hanging down towards the floor when I finished reading it: ... +Patricide.

--------END OF PART II---------------------------------------------------------------
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Our Evolution

Part III

2001: A Space Odyssey

The film/novel will be discussed in detail.

So, what’s the message of 2001: A Space Odyssey?

The following is just my interpretation, and I am not insisting or stating that anyone should abandon their views about the Universe for my own.

I will not be breaking the film down into sections such as:

A. Monolith Symbolism/Representation/Meaning
B. Star-child Meaning
C. 5th Dimension Meaning
D. HAL Computer Meaning
E. Music used and Meaning
F. Etc.

Once again, I will NOT be breaking the film down into sections. I feel like that will defeat the whole purpose of Stanley Kubrick’s vision.

In addition, I need all the explanations to flow rather than stop and start again. So no sections. One continuous flow.

AGAIN, I will be stating this: The following is just my interpretation, and I am not insisting or stating that any faith or religion is correct or incorrect, that one is superior or inferior over any other, or that any interpretation of life is “Right” or “Wrong.” I respect all faiths and I humbly and deeply believe that any interpretation of life has truly deep meaning.

I am NOT insisting that I am 100% correct about the film/novel or that only my interpretation is the “correct” one.

In fact, you will often see me contradicting myself.

**I believe this is necessary in order to ascend above the literal meaning of the film/novel.**

This film/novel has been HIGHLY debated since 1968, and people have been trying to figure out its meaning.

I don’t believe there is “one true meaning.” ALL INTERPRETATIONS HAVE MEANING.

It is Art as much as it is Science, and can be interpreted in any of a myriad of ways.


We are all but a soul in our temporary physical body. And ultimately, through evolution, we can ascend into the infinite universe. Soul = energy = star = everything is just energy. Its physics. Its science. Its proven. From accounts by highly intelligent people. Other souls who have evolved higher are gently trying to spark our higher consciousness (the Monolith in 2001 confused people so much but that’s what it ultimately represents). We need imagination, knowledge, and a healthy way of life here on earth to understand & ascend because it involves higher dimensions of the universe, and a purer essence. Pure essence means things like we do not kill or hurt others. We do not lie, ever. It’s honor. Competition is totally fine as long as it’s healthy and pure (e.g. not for gambling like money but for learning and growth. Sports, for example, as long as it is healthy & pure, and encourages exercise and teamwork). Your imagination makes up your world. And the truth is, nothing is separate, everything’s connected when we do ascend because our consciousness and energies (aka our soul, or star that resides in the infinite universe) become one with everything. This is why David Bowman becomes a Star-child at the end of the film. We do not have to realize this now, it could take many reincarnations into other lives until we finally understand. But you will never truly “die.” This is because, as a human, you have already evolved and achieved a high form of intelligence/energy/awareness/consciousness from a combination of all of your past lives. Your energy cannot just dissipate into nothingness at this point in your evolution when you die.

Ok fine it’s not even NEARLY that simple but I think I did an amazing job summing up what people have been confused about for so many years and are still confused about. You don’t have to agree with me. There’s a lot more to talk about. And it’s not so simple. In fact, a lot of people will probably disagree with me.

Even though I say I feel I did an “amazing job,” I go on to say that it’s not so simple. Am I contradicting myself? Yes of course I am. ABSOLUTELY.

Because nothing is simple by any degree in our universe, and everything is open to interpretation.

For example, apparently when opening up your soul to higher awareness there’s a multitude of uncomfortable physical symptoms that can take place. Headaches, fevers, chills etc.

Also, opening up your third eye (e.g. sixth sense) to higher awareness prematurely (before you feel you are ready), carries with it many ‘dangerous’ spiritual consequences, and possibly physical consequences as well.

And I am confused by this. Trying to find out more.

And so, what I am trying to convey, is that there are many confusing aspects to all of this. And nobody on earth knows the answer to everything.

Difference in opinion matters, and I humbly respect every faith, religion, and belief that any human being holds.

I do not know the development/progression/growth/advancement/evolution of ideas of any religion that is practiced, and I am certainly unaware of any person’s circumstances surrounding such beliefs. Or circumstances surrounding their actions or anything at all for that matter.

I do not make any assumptions regarding life and I am open to any and all interpretations.

*I have stated above amply my deep respect for all thoughts, ideas and beliefs. Without difference in opinion or uncertainty, our universe becomes nothing. I do not believe my interpretation to be the “correct one.” When I say things like “it’s physics,” or “it’s science,” or “its proven,” I am merely stating that by the laws of physics and science the claim makes sense. I am not forcing you to accept the claim. Everything is open to interpretation, and what I convey is just that, only my own interpretation. If you have a different view and we have time, I would gladly read or listen to anything you want to convey. I would listen respectfully and with an open heart. I would listen mindfully and try to understand the full scope without dismissing anything prematurely. If anybody has a problem with this analysis/interpretation then stop reading; no one is forcing you to accept anything that you are against. I have written that out extensively, multiple times, and in multiple forms. And this is the last time that I will be stating it.

Written and done.

Also, as another example of “it’s not so simple,” we see David Bowman is traveling into what seems like a universal portal, like a black hole of sorts, towards the end of the film, before he turns into the Star-child. And we experience/visualize him interacting with different abstract shapes and colors, finally landing himself (and us) into the 5th dimension of the galaxy. Basically, a sort of grand deluxe hotel room floating in space and seeing HIMSELF into the future (he is using his own mind, his soul, and his imagination). He visualizes himself when he is older, and he subsequently becomes his own older self.

This transformation into his older self (maybe into his 40’s – 50’s) happens instantaneously & occurs with essentially no notion or sense of time having passed.

[Side Note: Does the term “abstract shapes and colors” bring anything to mind? In the Final episode (6.21 Made In America), Tony very clearly says to Paulie (referring to the orange cat and how it stares at Christopher’s picture) - “It’s the abstract shapes or something” in the picture - Christopher has moved on to "THE INFINITE." Just as Bobby Bacala did when he died. Just as Tony Soprano does by the end of the series. In other words, they all become Reincarnated. Explanation of this becomes very clear by the end of this post, and even more clear by the end of all the posts/replies in this whole topic thread.]

This happens once again. i.e. a transformation of David Bowman (in the film) - into his older self happens once again (this time into his 70’s – 80’s).

This is the most important part of the whole film so pay attention if you are truly interested:

I am going to state the progression of events or the play-out of scenes right at the very end. He is sitting at a dinner table, a wine glass falls, he turns around and sees his older self for the second time, and this time it is his much older self (as I stated before – probably 70’s or 80’s) that he transforms into, on his death-bed. No universal portal this time, & once again this occurs with no sense of time having passed.

The falling of the wine glass is meant to symbolize a transition point (I don’t know, whatever, from every analysis/interpretation I have read they mention that, so I thought I’d include it).

Subsequently, on his death bed, he touches the Monolith, he dies, and a fetus is seen in outer space. He has become the Star-child, watching over the Earth. The film ends here.

I am going to explain everything in my own words after much research, reading etc.
Everything that I have stated so far and am stating right now and will continue to state about the film is all in my own words. Not from Google, Not from Wikipedia. I believe it will help us understand much more because I will be building connections upon each other.

He has evolved, with his soul & his mind, and a Reincarnation has taken place.

A “Star-child,” which has more recently been referred to as an “Indigo-child” is described, by humans -->> as a human child who is born to human parents, however is extremely intelligent and humble beyond their respective years. For example, you would not expect a 5-year-old or a 7-year-old or a 10-year-old child to be extremely humble/intelligent. These RARE children have been described in history before. This is not something new.

Keep in mind that the film 2001: A Space Odyssey (and the corresponding novel, written by Arthur C. Clarke) were both made in 1968. So, this film is not something new either. (In other words, technological advancement since 1968, for example, has not gotten us anywhere higher in evolution except to bring out more war, terrorism, superficial connections, etc.)

David Bowman’s Reincarnation into a “Star-child” occurs simply because he has evolved with his Soul, Mind, Intelligence, Higher-Awareness, Higher-Consciousness, Imagination, and Pure-Essence compared to other human beings. Basically his Energy or his Star or his Soul that we have been talking about so many times up to this point.

Ok so David Bowman has evolved and his soul is essentially one with the universe. He now truly understands that he can never die. He becomes Reincarnated into the Star-child in order to come back to Earth and help the rest of us with our evolution.

Like I stated multiple times already, it’s not so simple. There is a plethora of other aspects to take into account, and multiple interpretations by a wide range of disciplines about this film (and the novel that goes along with it) have been postulated.

But I am trying to present it here in the simplest and most cohesive manner possible, just for understanding. And I think we are on a good track so far.

Let’s keep going. Ok so Bowman has evolved and later Reincarnation into the Star-child takes place. The next question your probably asking yourself is – he has evolved yes, because he is a near perfect human when he dies, and he is extremely pure in essence – but what happens to all of us else here on Earth who don’t maintain the capacity to evolve, that are not pure in essence, do we truly die?

No, not exactly. I don’t know. It’s complicated of course and I am, not in any way shape or form - equal to deconstructing this worldly and universal question. I will say it like this and I think it is the best way to state it, with 3 basic principles:
One. He might be extremely pure in essence now but who knows what he has done in his past lives. What matters is growth.
Two. Remember the Creator Consciousness we talked about before. Your imagination and spirituality is very important to your soul. If you play Victim Consciousness and blame everything on other things and don’t take responsibility, in other words if you imagine hell on earth then that’s what you will get, in this lifetime at least. But If you imagine yourself ascending up to the heavens your already on your way there.
Number Three: as a human, you have already achieved a high form of intelligence/energy/awareness/consciousness from a combination of all of your past lives. Your energy cannot just dissipate into nothingness at this point in your evolution when you die. Remember the very basic rule of physics, chemistry, biology, all science, etc. we learned probably as early as elementary school: Energy Cannot Be Created or Destroyed, Only Transferred. And thus, everything is indeed connected through our soul, aka our energy.

I will write a little bit more about this topic of uncertainty in our universe later, as well as female/male energies, as well as the soul ascension process itself. Let’s just finish the film’s meaning for now at least.

I have mentioned the Monolith a few times already. I have been thinking how to attack this BEAST of a topic that has confused so many for so long. I think I have found a solution.

I have written out a completely MADE-UP Q&A which I constructed entirely myself.
Followed by a very basic evolution timeline.

WHAT IS a Monolith?
Literally it is just a block of stone. Nothing crazy or complex there.

But what does it signify in the film?
I have stated this before already but of course I will state it again. Other souls or higher beings who have evolved higher are gently trying to spark our higher consciousness (the Monolith in 2001 confused people so much but that’s what it ultimately represents).

I don’t get it, what do you mean?
Ok good question. Let me put it this way: there are other alien civilizations out there in our infinite universe. I don’t want to use the term “alien” civilizations because it has a negative connotation associated with it because of non-sense movies made on Earth. Let’s instead use the word neighbor. Our Universe has so many other planets and galaxies and stars that they are infinite. And therefore, life must arise in other places as well. And we actually have many, many neighbors.

The Universe is in fact, infinite. Always expanding, never shrinking. We are not the only living things in the Universe and we are not as highly advanced as we have been taught. The ones who are much higher evolutionarily advanced than us know that we exist because they are in fact, so advanced. We are not. They want to gently help us become advanced by showing us how.

Actually, not showing us how, but hinting it to us, in order for us to figure it out for ourselves, because that’s what evolution ultimately is -->> understand & evolve to the next stage.

The Monolith in the film can be thought of simply as a symbol, and nothing more. It is a symbol of what we need to do in order to progress to our next step of evolution. And it has been planted by a higher-evolved civilization to make us figure out what we need to do next.

It appears exactly four times in the film and remains exactly the same; it’s physical shape or structure does not change.

The Monolith appears exactly four times in the film in THIS order (and it’s physical shape or structure does not change):

i. The first time we see the Monolith is its discovery on Earth by monkeys (i.e. before humans inhabited the Earth). Monkeys see the Monolith and it “encourages” them somehow to start using tools or doing something with their hands (I don’t know what tools monkeys used – but let’s just say it was a small tool for rounding up fruits or breaking coconuts & they progressed to the next stage of evolution using tools/hands & therefore progressed to man eventually).

ii. The second time we see the Monolith is its discovery on the Moon in space. (Importance: nothing crazy, we just know that there is another Monolith, many years later, in space. We just know that it exists there, in space, that’s all).

iii. The third time we see the Monolith is when Man ENCOUNTERS the Monolith in Space. David Bowman approaches it around Jupiter and it helps him “realize” somehow that he can go on to higher dimensions. As Bowman approaches the Monolith around Jupiter, he enters the “Star-Gate” (aka the Universal portal I was describing before). The Star-gate leads him into the 5th dimension (basically his imagination and soul have “made it” [i.e. have made the 5th dimension] for him) and the last “part” or “section” of the film is titled JUPITER AND BEYOND THE INFINITE. These little details don’t matter. The Big Picture Matters: BEYOND THE INFINITE.

iv. After going through the Universal portal or Space portal or “Star-gate,” David Bowman is now in the 5th dimension. He transforms into his older self twice, one after the other, with no notion or sense of time having passed. He touches the Monolith when he is inside the 5th dimension as his older self. Subsequently, he dies and gets transformed (aka) Reincarnated into the “STAR-CHILD.”

I Know that was a lot to take in, but it’s not difficult, don’t worry.

In fact,

The explanation of the Monolith should be VERY SIMPLE by now (the little details don’t really matter):

THE MONOLITH IS a film symbol that just represents the

TRANSITION from one form of INTELLIGENT Evolution to the next


Not directly, but via hinting it to us.

(Such as what kind of tools the monkeys used or why David Bowman went to Jupiter out of all the planets instead of Saturn, for example).

I Remember reading a page on Wikipedia about the Monolith and it stated something like the following:

The Monolith in the film aids or encourages humankind to progress with ‘technological advancement’ through or during ’space travel.’

This is WRONG.

This is exactly what I was talking about: people have been confused about this Monolith topic for decades and it’s EVEN WRONG ON THE WIKIPEDIA PAGE.

In other analyses/interpretations, people just seem to “agree with it” and “accept it.”


Here is the link. The sentence in question appears at the end of the very first paragraph.




Why is the Wikipedia page wrong?

1. ***Because we don’t need to be in space physically in order to evolve, only spiritually.***

2. ***Also, we don’t need technology. In fact, our goal should be the complete opposite of furthering technological advancements.***

We don’t need technological advancements to evolve

The Monolith is a film symbol, as we have stated already, and it represents what we need to do in order to PROGRESS TO THE NEXT STAGE of Intelligent Evolution.


At first -->> Yes, using technology helped us. And using tools helped us.

But NOW -->> Mind, imagination, higher-awareness, & soul. Our soul can ascend from Earth, into different dimensions (we don’t need to be up in space with a spacecraft PHYSICALLY).

It should be fairly obvious that this is the reason why it is called, in fact, the soul ascension process (more about this very shortly, especially in relation to the film).

Brief explanation of the HAL computer in the film

- In the film HAL computer (which obviously represents technology in the film [IBM computers, apparently]) was DEPROGRAMMED OR SHUT OFF by human astronauts because it was BECOMING A THREAT ON THE SPACECRAFT ---->> TO HUMANS.

- * (Technology was becoming a threat to humans) *

- After HAL computer was shut off because it was a threat, the spacecraft also stopped working, David Bowman had to exit it, and was ALONE by himself in space (basically floating around).

- So After it was shut off, David Bowman was stuck in space by himself (without the spacecraft) when he entered the Star-Gate.

If it’s not OBVIOUS yet --->> No worries -->>>>I’ll simplify it.

1. “star-gate” LETS BREAK THAT DOWN

star = his soul

-GATE) = HIS ENTRANCE (GATE) INTO THE 5TH DIMENSION [and thus into the universe and thus into space]
********(we don’t need the spacecraft) ********
involved his star (his soul) without any spacecraft/computer needed.

2. He then evolved into the Star-Child
- Just with his soul/aka his Energy/aka his star/aka his HIGHER-CONSCIOUSNESS/aka his HIGHER-AWARENESS/aka his INTELLIGENCE/aka pure essence


- “help” from the Monolith

JUST WITH OUR SOUL [Star-gate: soul-entrance] IN ORDER TO EVOLVE]

(Before I go any further, I am going to CONTRADICT MYSELF HERE & SAY THAT, in fact, WE SHOULD BE STRIVING TO MAKE TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENTS. Technology/ Artificial Intelligence/ Increased Internet Usage/ Machines will help us, and in fact, will probably be NECESSARY in order to Evolve our Consciousness. But we must use it in a GOOD way,
not for evil/bad purposes or outcomes. In other words, we must take care of it’s progression and take care of ourselves & each other for POSITIVE outcomes).

Our Evolution timeline
- I should include this for clearness, or completeness sake
- Not researched by me AT ALL
- All from memory and just a basic representation from my mind
- Take it how you will

Our Past
Life on earth starts -->> Simple one-celled organisms -->> Eventually fish & the like in water -->> Fish & the like from water (aka amphibians) start emerging onto the land -->> We become land organisms -->> Eventually bipedal creatures (walking on 2 legs) -->> Eventually The Great Apes (Remember Lucy?) this is where tools become important for us (because monkeys had hands they could use tools) -->> Cavemen as we all know this is where tools AND our physical body become much more important (opposable thumbs) -->> Eventually Humans with higher intelligence.

Our Present
Humans with Much, much higher intelligence (this is where we are now) -->> Current day, instead of tools & physicality & technology, we need to use: Our Soul, Mind, Energy, Essence, Higher-awareness, Higher-consciousness, Imagination, and Creator-consciousness.

Our Future
Star-child or at least something of the like & this is where higher dimensions become apparent & important to us -->> Continuously higher & higher evolved & this is where Creator Consciousness & Metaphysics become much more important -->> EONS will pass -->> We get to help other Souls become almost 100% Pure Essence -->> Eventual Ubermensch (aka we become Gods within our own right in the Universe [and there is
infinite potential for each soul to do this]), Connected.

(I will also get into Ubermensch soon don’t worry)

I am trying to connect everything as simply as possible and I think we are progressing smoothly so far. Other interpretations break the film/novel into sections OR start at the very beginning, trying to explain every little detail, and trying to prove they are “right.”

I am doing whatever I want to make it smooth, starting anywhere I feel relevant, and providing anything I feel relevant, and I don’t care if anyone agrees or disagrees. I believe this is how Stanley Kubrick wanted us to sort of envision it. In other words, we don’t need to take a literal meaning to everything, but rather use our imagination and knowledge to make connections. I talked about the Ubermensch above, so let’s jump into music/philosophy and make another connection.

Music Space odyssey soundtrack
i. Famous evolution music. Whenever we hear this song we think of evolution or change or transition or growth of some kind.

I feel like it has been subconsciously planted in our minds even though most people in current society have never seen the film.

You may not know the name of the song but when you play it, you know exactly what you are hearing: either a change or transition of some kind and/or monkeys.

Anywhere this song is played, no matter in what country (if they allow music),
I believe that people would agree generally with what I said above.

i.e. that the thought of monkeys and/or transition (evolution) instantaneously comes into thought or into view.

I personally even HEAR monkeys, playing with cymbals and jumping around, in there when the original song is played. Even though there are none.

The name of the song is: Also Spoke Zarathrusta.

ii. Another song from the soundtrack -->>
[Side Note, taken from the thread by Silviomancini:
Requiem for SOPRANO, Mezzo-SOPRANO, 2 Mixed Choirs and Orchestra – by György Ligeti, The Bavarian Radio Orchestra, Francis Travis.

György Ligeti's Requiem is heard Three times; all of them during appearances of The Monolith. The first is it's encounter with apes just before the Zarathrusta-accompanied ape discovery of the tool(s). The second is The Monolith's discovery on the Moon, and the third is [David] Bowman's approach to it (approach to the Monolith) around Jupiter just before he enters the Star-Gate. This last sequence with the Requiem has much more movement in it than the first two, and it transitions directly into the music from Ligeti's Atmosphères (iii. another song on the soundtrack), which is heard when [David] Bowman actually enters the Star-Gate."

(Zarathrusta-accompanied just means Evolution-accompanied or Transition-accompanied).

"NO MUSIC is heard during The Monolith's much briefer Final appearance in David Bowman's celestial bedroom [when he touches The Monolith at the end], which immediately precedes the Zarathrusta-accompanied transformation of [David] Bowman into the Star-Child."

[Side Note: NO MUSIC is heard (or anything at all; no sounds or music, for that matter) during the Final Ending-scene of The Sopranos.]

"So notice the connections here. Also, Chase has not been shy in the media about his affection for the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey."]

The song Also Spoke Zarathrusta (the 1st song above on the soundtrack of the Film) connects directly with Ubermensch. The song is understandably significant as conveying Evolution. The question becomes -- Evolution into what?

Ubermensch is a word with German origins and it means essentially a human who has become Superman; a human who has become God. In other words, the ideal human or pure-essence human.

And the song is actually from a poem by Richard Strauss, who in turn was inspired by a famous novel by philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. Nietzsche wrote a novel named Thus Spoke Zarathrusta. I am not going to write about this philosophy as it is extremely controversial, and has been the subject of many fueled debates. Nietzsche’s philosophy has been compared (by many) to an American philosopher by the name of H.L. Mencken, who also held very controversial beliefs.

[Side Note: Do the Names “Friedrich Nietzsche & H.L. Mencken" bring anything to mind? Friedrich Nietzsche's philosophy was heavily referenced and discussed in 2.07 D-Girl; I would like to post the following link in relation to that theme: H.L. Mencken was Indirectly referenced in 6.01 Member's Only; I would like to post the following link in relation to that theme: ... only-6-01/.]

I will now be adding beliefs that are important in understanding all of this. As promised, I will write a little bit about the ascension process, female/male energies, and uncertainty. First of all, I just want to say that in order to understand this ascension-evolution principle, there are indeed many confusing aspects to all of this, and people who are truly intelligent realize that there is no one answer to anything at all in life, really. Their mind and soul is open.

Every soul has their own mix of energy and imagination and perception to view the universe through. Everyone is at truly different energy levels.

But once we can understand that everything is just an illusion created by our limited notion of this life on earth (in other words, created by our limited 3-D mindset and our fleeting, transient physical bodies - which are just a cloak to hide what’s really within) here on earth, we start to accept this ascension and evolution principle. I will go into detail about this when I discuss the true meaning of the 5th dimension below.

First, let’s start with the ascension process. My reading about soul ascension was similar to what occurs in the film. In particular, the aspect that stood out the most for me was the solitude of it. When we ascend, yes, we will ultimately become one with everything and connected to the universe, but the process of ascension is a lonely path. Your soul and consciousness must figure out that there remain higher dimensions of our universe on “your own” first, exactly as Bowman did when he entered through the Star-gate. This is absolutely necessary, otherwise your own imagination and higher-consciousness would have no meaning or significance attached. Especially significance to your own true self i.e. your soul.

Next, I want to convey that the universe is a free place. In other words, we are truly sovereign beings. We are not obligated to do anything. It is 100% your choice and no one else’s. Whatever we choose to imagine that’s exactly what we will see or experience ultimately. This is Metaphysics. This is absolutely 100% true. I will go into more detail when I discuss the 5th dimension soon.

So, with that background we can truly begin this discussion. Here goes:

Death is just an illusion. Once you can begin to understand this and truly appreciate it, your true transformation can begin. 

Also, yes death is an illusion. But this does not mean that people have false fears and emotions about it.

I have fears about it. I have fears of pain and depression and losing my family and uncertainty. 
And similarly, all of your doubts insecurities etc. should not just vanish just because you reached this revelation. Those feelings and emotions are real, and they have a true basis. There is uncertainty in our universe.

Embrace uncertainty. It leads to higher awareness.

With Certainty, what is the point of anything?

With uncertainty, there is potential for growth, Love, heartache, repair, pain. 

Nobody has all the answers.

This universe and GOD is within you. 

You are it.

You are the universe.

We just need to tap into that potential and realize it. It is inside of us.

[Side note: Annalissa Zucca says to Tony Soprano on his trip to Italy: “you are your own worst enemy.” He says back to her that this is a cliche statement, which it is, but in the context of this Discussion, it can’t be more relievant, once we understand the truth & the deeper meaning behind it].

Remember there is no “ONE” true answer to anything. People who believe they are correct about everything, are really not correct at all.

There is no ONE answer to living.

There is no living the “right way” or “wrong way.”

That truly does not exist. What exists is your own growth, not what you have done in the past. Or anybody else’s growth.

This is your Journey — you are the captain of the ship— and you hold inside of you a mix of both male and female energies. One is greater than the other because of your temporary physical state. 

But the point is-
You will have time to experience everything because time is infinite and the universe, if anything, keeps on growing and growing.

[Side Note: (tony) SOPRANO definition = a FEMALE opera singer].

The goal here is not to fix all of the world’s problems in one day or evolve over-night. It is a process.

Once we can understand this concept of infinite time and space, our imagination will pave the road for higher dimensions. 

We have discussed the 5th dimension in the film extensively, but I have not provided a true explanation yet. Let’s make some more meaningful connections and finally tie everything together.

Our currently perceived 3rd dimension leads us to believing that there is always a physical distance between everything, between all of us. This is an illusion. It is not real. It is just a perception that our mind creates. 

In other words, whatever you believe ---->>>>> you will see. 

More specifically, whatever you believe ----->>>>> you will EXPERIENCE. 

This is simply Metaphysics. That is the essence of it.

Remember everything we have been talking about so far, Creator-Consciousness, Higher-Awareness, etc. They are all essentially a synonym for YOUR SOUL. 

Like I stated before, your individual imagination is very important to your soul. 

Let’s try to understand the 5th dimension more clearly. 

If we think of it in “literal” terms, it actually becomes very simple. 

Bowman has entered the Star-gate (let’s state all synonyms: soul-entrance/universe portal/space portal) and subsequently enters the 5th dimension.
We have no idea where he is in terms of space and/or physical distance. 
We also have no idea where he is in terms of time because he transforms into his older self twice, one after the other, with no notion or sense of time having passed.

So, “literally” —>
3rd dimension + Warped sense of Space/Distance (4th dimension) + Warped sense of Time in the form of past/present/future instantaneously = 5th dimension.

Not only does this occur in the Final Section of the film 2001: A Space Odyssey ["Jupiter and Beyond The Infinite"] but this sense of Warped Space/Distance/Time occurs in the Final Episode of The Sopranos ["Made In America"].**
See my very first post above for details of when/how this occurs in the Final Episode of The Sopranos. I will state it briefly here again. Three times that this Warped sense of Space/Distance/Time occurs in the Final Episode of The Sopranos ["Made In America"]: when Tony meets with FBI agent Harris, with Janice, and with Junior.


The Warped Space/Distance/Time Phenomenon appears FOUR TIMES TOTAL in the "GREATEST SERIES OF ALL TIME" - The Sopranos.


He walks in & SEES HIMSELF sitting down ["MADE IN AMERICA"].

He sits down as his his future self, eventually dies, and POSSIBLY gets Reincarnated into "Another Human."

MY THOUGHTS ARE THAT HE DOES GET REINCARNATED into "Another Human" because he is Not pure.

He needs to learn from his past mistakes in past lives.

And he dies on EARTH (NO PORTAL) with OTHER people around
- because he HAS NOT Evolved as of right now/yet.


The Monolith Phenomenon appears FOUR TIMES TOTAL in the "GREATEST FILM OF ALL TIME" - 2001: A Space Odyssey.


He walks in & SEES HIMSELF sitting down ["JUPITER & BEYOND THE INFINITE"].

He sits down as his future self, eventually dies, and DEFINITELY gets Reincarnated into the "Star Child.”

MY THOUGHTS ARE THAT HE GETS REINCARNATED into the "Star Child" because he is Pure and has learned from his past mistakes in past lives.

And he dies in the UNIVERSE (PORTAL) with NO OTHER people around
- because he HAS Evolved as of right now/already.


I stated before previously that other Extremely Intelligent Human Beings have been trying to give us Hints.

I gave multiple clues already that I am referring very obviously to David Chase & Stanley Kubrick in particular. 

But the big question becomes: What they are alluding to us ----- is it proven by science? 

What they are alluding to us (through their respective works of their respective generation) proven by physics & mathematics?

Is it possible? 

Both on a spiritual level and a scientific level?


First, we think of Charles Darwin - Science & Evolution.

But there has been another individual who has stated the same exact image & message as David Chase and Stanley Kubrick, and he was years before their time. No use of technology, just with his mind.

He gave us in physics formulas and mathematical equations (through his Mind)
that David Chase & Stanley Kubrick have given us (through their soul & spiritual Journey/Odyssey).

The Most Intelligent Human Being Who Has Ever Inhabited The Earth.

Albert Einstein, in his famous work, The Theory of Relativity, states that there is a false, perceived illusion between Space & Time.

He is unknowingly leading us into the 5th dimension of The Earth & The Universe.

And Beyond The Infinite.

--------END OF PART III---------------------------------
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Our Evolution
Part V
Breakdown of Sections with
Bibliography/References/Important Links

Part I: Highly Evolved Beings
a. Characteristics of Highly Evolved Beings
- Divine Cosmos;
- Taken mostly from above with copy/paste but with Multiple insights, interpretations, and revelations also added
- Also rearranged and paraphrased to make it clear, concise, and cohesive

b. Quotes from Kubrick
- (Wikipedia) ... ce_Odyssey

c. Interpretation of Quotes from Kubrick
- My interpretation

Part II: The Sopranos
a. Just a very brief overview

Part III: 2001: A Space Odyssey
a. My own interpretation
- 100% in my own words
- 100% Original
- 100% Only from memory (i.e. not researching anything while I’m writing except for the name of a song, or the spelling of Ubermensch, or the name of a novel etc.)

- So much so that I might even be wrong about facts in the film, but the overall picture, however, is my main concern (Like I said take it how you will, no one is forcing you to accept this Evolution Theory).

- I am just stating all of this “my own interpretation” jargon to make it very clear that an individual’s imagination and/or knowledge is the most important aspect for this film. **It has no 1 “true meaning.”** (The very substance that I learned/inherited from David Chase’s work).

- In fact, Arthur C. Clarke (the author of the corresponding novel) makes it very clear that the plots of the film and novel “do not necessarily follow a linear arc, and should be seen as taking place in parallel universes, or as being variations of a main theme; consequently, there are apparent inconsistencies in the character of David Bowman throughout.”

b. A lot of insights that came to my mind were through indirect revelations from a wide range of posts on TheChaseLounge.Net I THINK THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. **
(If it’s not entirely obvious what I am conveying here, I think David Chase was trying to give us a hint --> in order for us to figure it out for ourselves)***

c. There are insights all over the world wide web, and since the film was made in 1968, and because it is (one of) the most debated films in history (if not the most debated), the sources are extremely numerous. I will try to cite the most important/relevant/interesting sources:

2. ... f_Our_Time
3. ... oundtrack)
4. ... sey-10593/
5. ... ort_story)
6. ... e-odyssey/
7. ... aphic.html
8. ... ebate.html
9. ... r%201.html
10. ... sey_(film)
12. ... aphic.html
14. ... ey_(novel)
15. ... _(Strauss)
17. ... _of_values
20. ... ort_story)

Part IV: Thank you

Part V: Breakdown of Sections/Bibliography

There are still debates, to this day, as to the ending of both works.
Our Evolution written by Alen S.

----END PARTS I - V---------------------
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Alen_S, a public welcome to the Chase Lounge to echo the private one I sent you a few weeks ago.

I decided to post this publicly, even though you and I may be the only people reading this thread at the moment.:-) But someone born of flesh will soon enough stumble by to join the electronic spiders continuously crawling every post on this site and reporting back to their servers at Google, Yahoo, Bing, and the like. So, for the benefit of the sentient human machines among us,:-), let me start with some relevant personal history.

Approximately two years after the Sopranos ended (April of 2009), I was catapulted into a spiritual transformation so arduous and extreme that it can only be termed a psychic "death/rebirth." I don't use that term lightly since transformation and profound spiritual experiences were nothing new to me (see For Easter: My Close Encounter with Jesus Christ as well as excerpts at my Vimeo page from a documentary called Truth in Purple Light that I filmed in 2009 about the same experience.) But this recent transformation was even more intense and painful than the one described in those accounts, the kind of metamorphosis that myths (religious and otherwise) so often chronicle, the kind that Jesus himself undertook at a physical, outer level to crudely illustrate the subtle, psychological, interior death and rebirth/resurrection we must all be willing to endure in order to realize our own Christhood, our own inalienable spiritual paternity. My understanding of myself and the universe, of course, has grown prodigiously as the (ongoing) fruit of that death/rebirth, an understanding that leaves me aware now of just how little I will ever know.:-) That's the kind of paradox that seems to define both the seeking and finding of true wisdom and is reflected in something I once heard about Golda Meier, who reputedly said she always kept two truths at hand and would turn to one or the other, as needed, to balance feelings that leaned too far toward the other: (1) I am dust; and (2) for me, the Universe was created.

In my experience, no pair of opposites is harder to integrate, no tension harder to navigate than simultaneously owning your Nuclear, Infinite, Universal, Formless, Spiritual, God identity and your finite, manifest, exquisitely particular, unique form as a mortal human being. And while both pillars -- particular, manifest identity and universal, transcendent identity -- are equally valuable and real, the modern human (and particularly Western) bent on empiricism and rationality and objectivity and deconstructionism has driven a dominant world view that material reality is the only reality. It's a primitive, Self-sabotaging view that will continue to inhibit man's evolution until, en masse, He understands that He is "God" at his core and is therefore (along with every other creature) The One that is creating this universe. He is this universe, the universe is in him, and, in the little corner we inhabit here on Earth, he is on the leading edge of the Universe coming to know itself. So of course he is One with all things and creatures.

More than any other theme (and there are a zillion others!), this is the theme that will run through the film I am currently writing about my life's spiritual journey and that, God willing, I will actually one day bring to some form of publication/dissemination for whatever value it may have to humanity. The film (to be titled "A Really Big ImpPossible Love") is my truest "outer" vocation, the thing I realize I was training and equipping myself to do my entire life in my once-veiled effort to give myself back to the world.

I'm sharing all this here for the first time since (1) The Sopranos played a colossal and indispensable role in all of the above for me and since (2) your post, particularly your follow ups posted today, 2/02/18, are so synchronistically resonating with a couple of conflicts I've been wrestling with recently, one for several months and one just for the last few weeks, which culminated in a very moving experience for me literally just moments before I read the addendums you posted today. Those are the kinds of meaningful coincidences that have guided my understanding of my own journey as it unfolds, and so I want to thank you, Alen S, for being a very personal oracle of insight for me at a time when I'd been searching for some Divine Guidance.

Beyond that, I can't succinctly explain how 9/11 relates to my film and life's vocation except to say it's at the crux of it. So your 9/11 angle to the Sopranos immediately galvanized me and commanded my utmost interest when you first sent me a PM about it weeks ago. As promised, I did read your first post a week or two later, though I was uncertain how to process it and wanted to let it marinate a while, then come back to it and read it again when things in my (unendingly hectic!) personal life seemed to open a proper space to do so.

I've only watched 2001 A Space Odyssey once, many years ago, and didn't find it very interesting or affecting (obviously much more a testament to my limited visionary capacity at the time than to the depth of the film!). So I was not really grasping some of the connections between the film and The Sopranos that you were trying to explain and, from a strictly rational point of view (not the best faculty to use when evaluating spiritual truths!), did not perceive your connections or conclusions to be terribly compelling. (I will definitely be watching 2001 again, hopefully with "new" eyes!)

But the material in your posts today, particularly Part I Highly Evolved Beings, is so thoroughly wise and such a powerful reflection of truths my own seeking have led me to that, again, I can only thank you profusely for sharing it. While some reading it superficially may find it "preachy" and too far off the narrow topic of The Sopranos to belong in this forum, a fair reading will reveal it to be as far away from condescension as you can get, and, whether in this episode forum or some other, it's content I'm extremely grateful to see posted at The Chase Lounge. Your humility shines through as brilliantly as your truth, and such a "candle should not be put under a bushel but held up high on a candlestick so that it gives light to the whole house."

I don't have time to say much else today, but I will follow this thread and chime in as events and my own inclinations dictate. In the mean time, thanks again, Alen, and I wish you continued growth on what is obviously a wide path you are carving toward your own enlightenment, giving plenty of illumination off to me and to others along your way.:-)
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"


Thank you so much FlyOnMelfisWall, I cannot state enough how much of an inspiration your work has been for me, allowing me to truly think deeply and opening my mind in ways that I never even thought possible. I am so glad that my posts helped with whatever conflicts you were experiencing, and I'm very humbly & eternally gratified if it helps with anything at all in anybody else’s life that may stumble upon this page.

Your comparisons between our Finite physical existence and our Infinite spiritual existence are so true to the very core, where (especially) The Western World has really taken more of a significance on the material world & the physical world instead of the essence that we are truly made of. And this Mindset - That Only One Reality of Existence is "True" (The Physical Reality) - This Mindset Perpetuates an Inhibitory Way of Living Life. It is detrimental to our very existence & to our very Nature of Being; It Hinders Our Very Progress, Advancement, Evolution, Learning, & Growth.

You have stated what I was aiming to, except in words that Resonate & Reverbrate Throughout, and which Ultimately make it much clearer to Understand. Specifically, that Both of Our (Physical & Eternal) Existences are EQUALLY REAL & IMPORTANT, Yet in so many Conflicting ways.

To know that this Post/Thread is the one that lead you to revealing your True Life's Vocation - As To The Film - To The World Publicly, is a compliment like no other. It is the ultimate form of warm approval, coming from the famous FlyOnMelfisWall, who has made this wonderful Discussion Forum for all to be a part of. Thank you so very much, and thank you for sharing your Deep Life's (Spiritual & Vocational) Journey. I have not read or seen Yet the links that you posted here, but it is my absolute intention to do so, in order to ultimately understand with a much clearer view all of past (Very Challenging) Spiritual Life Experiences that you have described so far. And I am so very Thankful to David Chase and Everyone Involved that lead (myself & so many others) to at least some form of Understanding - of Our True Potential in the Shared & Infinite Universe that we are all a Part of. This Forum reminds me of that Universe more so than anything else [that can Currently remind me of that Universe].

I have truly learned from this Discussion Forum more about Physics, Art, the Universe, as well as countless other disciplines (Psychiatry and Dreams, as JUST ONE EXAMPLE) than any other Single Venue alone. I have also learned that there are Multiple Interpretations to all of these things in life, of course, from different aspects, sides, and people's experiences. And that No One Single Interpretation qualifies as the"Correct" One. We are all truly at different Energy Levels. This is the very substance that I have inherited from David Chase's work. In addition, all of the intelligent posts & theories (on this Discussion Forum & Others) relating to his work have honestly played a Greater Significance for me (than watching the series itself) - in terms of understanding all of these themes. The 9/11 aspect is indeed confusing, and I am not entirely convinced - from my very First Post Above - about David Chase’s True Intentions regarding this matter. The only aspect that I do not question is that the scene with FBI Agent Harris is something Significant. I still have a hard time trying to decipher it, and that feeling will not change, no matter how many times or [visualize] that scene in my mind. It is Essentially the very first scene of the Final Episode [as well as the entire series, now that I think about it], which introduces us to the idea - visually and audibly - to Different Dimensions or Parallel Universes.

Another aspect that I always found intriguing is Duality in the Series. In The Final Episode especially (and episodes leading up to the Final Episode), the “Doubling” of Phil Leotardo and Tony Soprano has always peaked my interest(s). Frank Vincent as Phil Leotardo is one of the Greatest Characters of the Series in my view, particularly given the fact that he has been the arch-nemesis of Robert DeNiro & Joe Pesci in Previous Scorsese Works [Billy Batts in Goodfellas, of course, as well as his character in Casino). I have ideas and insights in my mind which seem prominent, but when I believe I have figured out one aspect, another Five or Ten aspects enter my mind from “figuring out” that one aspect.

An additional insight that I found extremely interesting comes from Silviomancini’s thread, where he states that Chase literally trained his audience like Pavlovian Dogs, with the use of the Bells in the Final Scene, especially when Meadow “walks through the door,” although she doesn’t, in actuality.

I thought that she did enter, after watching that Final Scene at least Five or Ten times in my Life, until I read that thread. As a result of that insight, another that enters my mind is the thought of Meadow Soprano as her Family’s Guardian Angel. And as a result of that insight, another [insight or thought] that enters my mind is the circumstance surrounding Patrick Parisi in relation to Carlo and Jason Flipping, and how that was (possibly) affecting Meadow’s rushing demeanor - to get into the Diner with her family already situated inside. The Final Episode is truly (at least for me), entirely impossible to decipher, from beginning to end. It leads me to believing that Man does not know much at all, we are not so “intelligent” or “advanced” (as humans), despite what we we have been taught in school.

However, We as humans are Truly at "the Leading Edge of the Universe, coming to know itself, & Man is One with all Creatures," as you have so brilliantly alluded to. Your words Resonate with me so much Stronger than my very own words. Time & time again this Forum does not fail to Astound me, or Amaze me, or Astonish me to the very core. Even after I post something myself for the first time - someone else replies with a view that I have not thought of, considered, or understood fully before. And all sides of the spectrum somehow make sense. And I think that is something worth treasuring about this Discussion Forum. That it allows us to make Connections to Every aspect of Life. So I simply cannot Thank You enough, and I will continue to do so until all of my Thank You(s) to you Personally are worn out, & become annoying or tiresome to listen to or to read in writing.

Thank You FlyOnMelfisWall for what you have Accomplished for this World in Creating This Connectivity in All of us, and giving us your Humble Wisdom in Words and Essays, about the many aspects of Life that I myself would have Never had the means of articulating (to myself) Ever. I will continue to Thank You until it is wore thin, simply because of my Unconditional Love for this Forum & for the Series, & for the Person who has Created this Forum. That Love for the Series would have never surfaced if it wasn’t of course, for Your incredibly Intelligent Work and Dedication throughout so many, many years. If it wasn’t for you coupled with David Chase and his work, as well as everyone else on this Forum together, I would have never even known that such Humbleness & Humility are Capable of Existing.

I am Eternally grateful for this Single Venue that has taught (myself & others) so much; & I Truthfully consider it to be Education at it's Most Finest.
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I also feel like I need to post the following conversation I had with someone in a different Sopranos [Group/Discussion/Forum/Blog]. I'm not sure if she wants me to state her Name here, nor the Name of the [Group/Discussion/Forum/Blog], so I will just refer to her as, well "her."

She is one of the Administrators of another Sopranos [Group/Discussion/Forum/Blog] - [G/D/F/B]. And she is quite Young.

I decided to share with her in that [G/D/F/B] my posts here. After she saw my posts, without even any time to waste, she immediately responded and LEFT ME IN THE DUST...

The following was our conversation which I feel is Very IMPORTANT to include here in the context of the Discussion & Posts above in order to:
1. Share & Demonstrate Differences in Opinion.
2. Display that the intelligence of this Series (or in other words, that the intelligence of David Chase) is truly immeasurable. No matter which way I view the Series, there's always another hidden viewpoint that makes sense just as equally.

(if this person DOES WANT me to cite her Name and/or the Name of the [G/D/F/B] then I certainly will. However, right now I'm not sure if she does, and also I don't want to get kicked out of that [G/D/F/B] for dropping names elsewhere. Only with permission I would. People Are Getting Kicked Out Of Sopranos [Groups/Discussions/Forums/Blogs] Left and Right, and I will not be one of those people!).

Let's see how she LEFT ME IN THE DUST...

So the following was the conversation between Myself and the Administrator of another Sopranos [G/D/F/B], which I am not at liberty to state the "Name" of the [Group/Discussion/Forum/Blog] unless I get direct permission. (People Are Getting Kicked Out Of Sopranos [Groups/Discussions/Forums/Blogs] Left and Right, and I will not be one of those people! Also I want to state that the conversation ended up on very good terms and we "Agreed" or "Liked" or "Respected" each others' statements):

Me: (First I Thanked the Administrators & Moderators and So on, of the [Group/Discussion/Forum/Blog], as a Courtesy before I started to state my Case).

Me (again, a couple of lines further down): "If somebody tells me right now that the Final episode is Schrodinger’s cat —> :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: . David Chase is not that simple."

Her (within minutes after I sent her all my Long Posts, SHE REPLIES): "Firstly thank you for your kind words about the admins and this [group/discussion/forum/blog]. I'm going to move directly on now to say I read your post, I did indeed read through all your posts. I read all the many words you wrote - please don't take this the wrong way - but many were surplus to requirements and did not really state your case particularly well. Furthermore you have contradictory arguments.

I know that more & more spirituality meets science.. however, it's a long way from accepting out of body Astral Projections (emphasis added). You combine them both here rather haphazardly (emphasis added). Now I'm neither agreeing nor disagreeing to your theory. Since science is based on the most likely one [theory], you are entitled to yours. I make no opinion towards the Sopranos reference.

But I will say this (emphasis added). Based on the split-test theory, we know that atoms react differently when we perceive them. Therefore, the perceiver controls what they see and in theory everything else is just an illusion. We also know that time is not linear at all, so all things & all moments (past present future) occur in an instant. We know that quantum mechanics, [such as] string theory - tells us that all realities occur at once, & the perceiver follows that [outcome] which is the best possible one [outcome].

We know that even our thoughts are energy, and if we can vibrate to that energy, we can retrieve them. We know the same can be said for remote-viewing if we resonate on different frequencies, we can perceive different things, "visit" different places. We know that there are many different dimensions; we know that black holes could take us there. Could. We know that everything that could happen, happened already. And so what I'm trying to say is, it doesn't matter what you think it is, because if you think it - then that's what it is to you" (emphasis added).

Me: "That was amazing that was probably one of the best responses I have ever gotten."

Her: "Thank you. I appreciate that."

Me: "My view is similar of course [that] it’s not that simple, you have to take into account Parallel Universes, and I state in my 4th post down that I will be contradicting myself, and I believe that it’s necessary to do so - in order to ascend above the literal meaning of both the Final episode as well as the Film. But Thank you that was truly amazing. :icon_smile: "

Me (again): "Astral projection is not the same as Soul Travel I knew that of course, but I think your the first one that actually caught that (emphasis added). I just wanted to provide a current example of something of the like/similar. Awesome i love this [discussion/forum/group/blog (of Sopranos & Science, talking about Physics, etc.)]!"

Her: "We appreciate your contribution definitely, thank you again and it gave a welcome break to some of the recent monotony."

Me: "Definitely :) also I will be adding more material as I understand more. As we know the Significance behind this Great work that David Chase has made never ends."

Her: Agreeing :icon_smile: and liking back etc.
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Hi Alen,

Thanks for the update to your reply above. I certainly have to make sure I don't get a big head with the kind of praise you dish out :icon_mrgreen:, but, seriously, all the thanks I need is knowing that other people still come here and still consider this site a valuable resource for exploring the show and its unending themes and depth. I learned first hand that to study the Sopranos is to study life and the very meaning of existence. Your recent posts make that connection clearer than it's ever been, and I'm extremely grateful for the infusion of passion and new perspective you've brought here.

I also enjoyed the exchanges you shared with the admin of the other forum and am glad you have someone else offering feedback on your posts since things have been very slow on the posting front here for months. I would be offering a lot more myself if I didn't have so much else pulling me in diverse directions these days. However I did just have three new registrations that I activated. Perhaps your flurry of activity has inspired one or more of them to "Join the Club," so to speak. I'll be watching out for that but, in the meantime, I'm still listening. Even if I'm not saying much. :icon_wink:
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"

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