Tony watching World War 2 documentaries

There are various occasions where Tony is shown watching World War 2 documentaries on TV. We even get the documentary full screen for some moments (e.g. in Season 2 Episode 10). The narrator is talking about what a military leader has done/plans to do etc. Is it intended we draw a parallel across to Tony?

The narrative on the TV in these scenes is clearly audible and forefront, not just background noise, so the specific quotes presumably were chosen for a reason. And in Season 2 Episode 10 for example, when two characters are talking the documentary narrative pauses and reverts to background noise then resumes after they finish.

In Season 1 Episode 7 there is a scene just of Tony in the basement exercising, with no character dialogue. The TV is on and the narrator says "To oppose this massive force bearing down on Midway, Admiral Nimitz had no battleships in shape for the fight. However, he had the the carriers Yorktown, Enterprise and Hornet. This might prove to be the trump card". Then Tony turns the TV off and walks upstairs.

In Season 2 Episode 10 the narrative says "The more Germans we kill, the fewer of of our own men will be killed, he said. Patten's hatred for the enemy is matched only by his fierce concern for his men". All the time during this quote the camera shot is a close up on Tony's face. This is the episode after the one where he killed Matt Bevilaqua for trying to clip Chris.

In Season 2 Episode 9 Tony tells Melfi "We're soldiers". Possibly this is a link to these scenes.

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