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I thought this might have been one of the best endings to an episode that I can remember. Uncle June's failure to get with Johnny Boy's mistress, him almost crying when talking about how he has no children, all depressed. And then Tony sticking up for his father at the end scene, even lying about how beautiful his goomar was, and that dead look in his eyes as he takes another shot. In many ways it captured tony's problems with masculinity. He feels that he has to be top dog to get anything good in the world, that he has to be evil or "alpha" or whatever. The alternate route, finding his morality, or even lessening up the macho act, could lead to tony being "joe-jerk off", and not the man he wants to be. It's a dillema that many men face in regards to women, and life in general. If anyone has any thoughts i'd love to discuss it.

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Hi oldmanbacala, and welcome to the Chase Lounge. I have read all your recent posts but, alas, have almost no time for responding these days. Every now and then something might stir a bit of activity here, so I hope your posts will generate interest among those who still stop by from time to time.

I do concur that In Camelot was a superb episode, filled with creepy, compelling scenes and capped by the kind of subtly profound ending that made The Sopranos the standard against which I measure all drama. The "Happy Birthday" scene was also pure gold.
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"
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