Meeting with Wegler

While rewatching this episode, this meeting about AJ's grades was extremely interesting.

The thing is we are rapidly approaching crisis mode here with these grades, and time is of the essence. -Wegler
Could I ask a question? I handed in my final list of colleges. Did you get that? -Aj
Yes, we talked about this.
So, Ramapo and Trenton State.
And our reach schools, University of Arizona and Arizona State. -Wegler
I'll take him out there after I drive him around to the ones in New Jersey. -Tony
If either of the Arizona's is what he's got his heart set on, he's not gonna get in with these grades.
I know about football, Anthony.
That's our ace in the hole. -Wegler
He says he's tryin' his best. -Tony

I don't want to make any direct interpretations because a lot of the meaning in the Sopranos is very fluid, but these lines of dialogue seemed to relate to Tony just as much as AJ, when you account for "Arizona" meaning an escape from mob life. Time is of the essence, and Tony needs to find a new identity, and get to Arizona. Football is his ace in the hole, but unless he finds some new way to define himself, he is doomed.
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