Pilot Episode - Region 1 Music?

The original 1st season of The Sopranos had different music for some scenes. Perhaps for only on the pilot, maybe more episodes.

The original music can apparently be heard on the "Region 1" DVD disk.
Probably the first generation release.

I was lucky enough to hear it when I was younger, before I'd watched all of the show. I'd love to see the scenes again, I personally liked some of the original music choices better, when I saw the pilot again later on I knew something wasn't right; I missed the music. It's in the scene when Tony wakes up in the morning of his first panic attack, as well as him and Christopher chasing down Mahaffey the gambler.

Someone has uploaded the Region 2 scenes which we all know here:


The two songs that play in Region 1 are:

Land of The Loops - Welcome (Back)
Dion & The Belmonts - I Wonder Why

Does anyone here have the original music scenes? Could they upload them to Youtube? I'd love to see them again, can't find them online. Thanks :)

Re: Pilot Episode - Region 1 Music?

It's not just that episode, it's lots more throughout Season 1.

On my DVD's, so much good quality music is replaced by cheaper knock off covers.

Connie Francis is replaced by elevator music and no tunes from The Animals to be found in Down Neck, episode 7. I mean, there must be so many other cases, who has time to go through them all and compare.

This is a pretty big deal for authenticity, especially for huge fans of the show.
Is this addressed anywhere online? The fact that there is huge musical changes to an entire season, and where can one get the original release?

I'm thinking to buy a VHS player and pick up the old tapes of Sopranos from the 2nd-hand store down the road to get the real deal.

Re: Pilot Episode - Region 1 Music?

Welcome to the forum, zero2nothing. I probably read your posts too quickly, but I'm confused. Could you not simply buy the Region 1 DVDs and hear the originla music that way? Was there some point at which even Region 1 DVDs were reissued with different music?

FYI, this is all news to me. I was not aware that different music had been employed in different regions, although I could imagine copyright issues may have necessitated that.
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"

Re: Pilot Episode - Region 1 Music?

Note: The Region 2 DVDs of Season 1 contain musical variations (due to licensing) that are not covered by this website.
source: http://walletbiopsy.net/sopranomusicguide/
Alternative music in Europe

In the version of the series which was aired in Europe, the music has been partially replaced for licensing reasons. European DVD editions (in case of Season One: only the 16:9 re-issue) contain these altered versions as foreign language dubs as well as the original unaltered English soundtrack in Dolby Digital 5.1.
source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_on_The_Sopranos

To clarify, I live in New Zealand. DVD Region 4. Due to being in the Commonwealth of Nations, I suspect a lot of our imported DVD's are from Europe. I purchased my copies in 2006...Retail stores here only sell the same copies I have, a few exceptions aside. So if you're a big fan of the show not living in America you might have never seen the original, like myself.

Right now I believe the music licensing issue is only present in Season 1.

Using the Sopranos Music Guide above, I have copied the list of all the music played in the first American season, and what scene it was used in. I am comparing those songs with the actual ones used in my copy of the DVD (which is either a Region 2 pressed to Region 4 or simply a Region 4)

I'm only 20 songs in, and 15 of them are no where to be heard in The Sopranos! They are all replaced by generic music of a similar genre.

A couple of the classic songs which make a great Sopranos scene are still in there, most likely they were too good to replace with cheaper television music and were kept.

Once I'm finished I'll post the list I've made. It won't be exhaustive, but will give people an idea of what they've been missing. I was lucky enough to see the original Pilot that had that really good music, I never forgot it. At the same time, I never heard it again until now trying to unravel this mystery. This could be one of those things for fans where there is an alternative version of something they really dig, so they have the option to experience both and decide which they like the most.

If someone has Season 1 with the original music and is up for it, be cool if they could rip the 2 pilot scenes from my first post and upload them to YouTube (as a counter to Region 2 videos on there) Meanwhile, I'll try and figure out how to get a region 1 copy, possibly eBay.
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