What was Richie's Deal with Beansie

All in all we heard that Beansie was part of something Richie had helped him start before Richie went into the can. I see how Richie feels he is owed, but really. I feel like Richie shouldn't have been so hard on Beansie. I always thought Richie should have gone after that gambling idiot David Scatino instead. I felt he disrespected Richie more. Thoughts? Here is a mix of Richie and Beansie I made for fun one afternoon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wVGBkyp3Xw

Re: What was Richie's Deal with Beansie

I agree. Richie was too extreme and unnecessarily cruel to Beansie, who seemed like a decent, reasonable guy and loyal associate. (I think their deal had something to do with starting Beansies lunch/sandwich shop).
I think if Richie had gone to Tony with a complaint, asked for a sit down, maybe brought Junior in for support, Beansie may have offered compensation or certainly abided by any decision of Tonys. Richie complete overreaction should have brought more severe punishment. But what a great character and story arc.
As for the Scatino situation, Tony directly told Richie that Scatino needed to pay Tony first as that debt was much larger, and Richie was smart enough to understand that he was on very thin ice. Soon after, Tony brought Richie in on the leeching of Scatinos business so it appeared Richie was profiting and being paid back through co-operation.
And then there was Janice...
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