Sands of Iowa Jima

I was watching this episode again today and got curious what DVD Tony & Sil were going to watch together at the end of the episode. During the scene where Sal Vitro asks Tony if he can stop doing Johnny Sack's yard after he plead guilty, you see Tony & Sil carrying boxes. After the conversation with Vitro Tony says to Sil "C'mon, let's go watch these DVD's." I got curious what they were going to watch so I paused to see the label on the box - "Sands of Iowa Jima".

One of the recurring elements in the series is Tony watching TV as reflection or foretelling of his criminal acts. It's always a show about WWII. At some point he tells Melfi that he's not going to hell because he's a soldier, he follows codes, etc. So, him and Sil going to watch a movie about WWII makes perfect sense.

The only problem is, it's Sands of Iwo Jima, not Iowa Jima. So the question is, was this:

1. A simple misspelling no one caught?
2. A copyright thing?
3. A purposeful misspelling?

I'm leaning towards 1, but thought I'd post this up here in case anyone has a better idea. It could be purposeful. Maybe the message here is that Tony isn't really a soldier. He tries to play the part but really has it all wrong because he's just a crook. Dunno, thought it was interesting (or amusing ;)).
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