Two Jarring Events From the 1960's

Heidi and Kennedy Episode #83- A Theory

I just watched the final season again, and the title of this episode nagged at me. At the most literal level, Heidi and Kennedy are the young girls who “came out of nowhere” in their car, causing Christopher and Tony swerve in their vehicle. Of course, this (with a little help from Tony) will eventuate in Chrissy’s death.

But I’m wondering what you all think of these observations.

1. Both these names connect to sudden, jarring “interruptions” in the 1960’s.
a. Kennedy- 11/22/63- the president’s “life-ending” interruption when Oswald’s bullet put an end to his life.
b. Heidi- 11/18/68- The NY Jets (the team most associated with the Soprano’s crew) vs the Oakland Raiders. Most games in that era never lasted more than 2.5 hours, but in this nail-biter, with just a minute or two to go- NBC interrupted the conclusion to the game with a TV movie called “Heidi.” Here’s a great little clip with Bob Costas describing it.

2. Of course Tony Soprano was born in 1960 so these cultural phenomena would be connected with his childhood. Tony’s life, Tony’s “game” ends abruptly and dramatically.

3. This is probably coincidental but the “Heidi interruption” happened the same year as RFK’s death.

4. Is it possible that the names “Heidi and Kennedy” carry a subtle tone of death for two brothers (or cousins in the Case of Christopher and Tony) who will meet untimely deaths- one immediately in the car and the other a short time in the future?

5. Here’s the scene where Heidi and Kennedy cause Christopher to swerve off the road and die.
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