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Back in "From Where to Eternity", Christopher came out of his coma and requested to speak to Paulie specifically, whom he told "three o' clock". Paulie's goomah then told a story about a wedding that conflicted with the Palmices at 3:00 on some day.

In this episode, I think we actually got the payoff for that setup in a very subtle way. Based on the character "3-5, 7-9", we can presume that Christopher's, and Marianucci's wake, were both at three o' clock. So the message to Paulie was that Chris, in death, would get the final laugh against him by upstaging Paulie's mother's funeral with his own at 3:00.
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Christopher's message from Palmice and Filone to Paulie and Tony was "Three o'clock". Superstitious Paulie thought it meant the time of a hit on him or Tony, which is why he had the alarm on at night.

It is more likely that 3 o'clock has nothing to do with the time. It is also describes the angle someone or something is relative to someone or something else. For example Tony is sitting at a table in Holsten's facing Carmella and AJ. To his immediate right is the hallway to the men's room. In theory Member's Only guy would have had a clear view of Tony if he made a hit on him. In military terms he would have been at 3 o'clock.

Since the warning was also directed at Paulie one might suggest that there was a similar attempt on him off screen.

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It seems to me that if Tony is the reference point that such a shot would have come from 9 o'clock, fired in the direction of 3 o'clock, whereas if taken from the guy in the Member's Only jacket perspective, his target would be at 12 o'clock.
I'm likely confused but I think it all seems like a cukoo clock to me and just an attempt to force meaning from something said early on in the series to support the "Tony's whacked at the end" theory - to which there are other, much more plausible hints.
BTW, to those who may think I'm posting too much, I just wanna be Made!:icon_twisted:
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