I think this is a nicely understated strange little melancholy episode, and while it seems like a bad finale once you get rid of expectations it's easier to appreciate. I may be alone but I really like the Juliana plot with Chris, its one of the shows best depictions of actual addiction and the behavior it causes, which was never examined so poignantly in other eps. Great use of moonlight mile as well. The main drawback is the weirdly rushed feeling to the thanksgiving and Christmas events, as if they're included just to fill up time and tell us the month.

Re: underrated

I agree completely, Kaisha was a great episode. It followed in the tradition of pretty much every season finale since "I Dream of Jeannie" in that it focused more on character development than mob violence. The storylines were great, structurally - you have Chris and AJ setting themselves up for their downward spirals in 6B, and Phil reaching a crossroads. Meanwhile his scene with Tony gives closure to the story thread of Tony's near-death experience. Since this episode is dedicated to John Patterson, I assume that if he'd still been alive at that point in the series he would have directed it. I would have liked to see that.
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