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i know this might be quite a stretch, but i noticed when re-watching "Rat Pack", that Tina Francesco, the girl Ade got busted by telling agent Sanseverino about her criminal activities , complains about her running make-up making her look like a racoon(at the scene in the ladies room with Ade).
I couldn't help to think about some connaction between this and the scene with the car crash, which had been caused by..and we all know it started a hell of a bad time for Ade, and not just for the accident itself.. so maybe the racoon could be taken as a sign of revenge for telling on Tina....not that it was a very condemnable act by ade to tell on her(of course it was for getting back at her for flirting with chrissie), but it was a first step of accepting and using the powers given to her by being an FBI informant.
well, i don't know, you can tell me what you think about it, maybe it IS too much of a stretch.
oh, and great season by the way:)

Re: the racoon

My take on this episode first was..How could Tony flip his truck and almost kill everyone over a raccoon? I know Ade screams out "TONY!!" like there is a person in the road but at the end of the day it was just a woodland creature. Hardly worth killing yourself over. What if Tony had the whole family in the truck and saw a raccoon in the road? Is he going to violently rank the steering wheel and filp the truck possibly killing everyone again over a raccoon? I live in a heavily small creature part of the country (AR)...I even had a deer one day turn and charge the F-150 I was driving.....He didn't make, I did because I didn't do something stupid like try to avoid the dumb animal, it's you or them.

And the last thing on this episode is, when Tony and Ade are playing darts and Ade gets on her knees in front of Tony to pick up the darts she dropped, She was ready to service Tony (BJ). So in a sense Christopher was right in thinking something went on between T, and Ade. I don't know what she was thinking but she was ready to cheat on Christopher that night. Oh well...she got her's in the end when she told Christopher about the FBI thing.

But yes, in my opinion you should never try to jerk the wheel to avoid a dumb creature in the road.....Tony should have known better...unless it was some, Ade I can understand but Tony should have ran over that rodent and all would have been okay. Heck who knows, him and Ade probably would have done the dirty deed later that night if they scored that coke?

Thanks for reading.

Re: the racoon

I can see where you're coming from with the Tina/raccoon connection. It's important to never underestimate the Sopranos writers, and the ways they link episodes together subtly through themes and motifs. But I really can't see a meaningful angle to approach this connection.

Maybe because Tina is a good friend who was alienated from Adriana, then betrayed and probably sent to prison, it's kind of a representation of that underlying alienation Ade feels? Something to do with secrets coming out?

Also, we all know Tony has an affinity for animals which at times is unhealthy. Remember back in Season 4's "Strong, Silent Type", when Ade told him about Chris getting high and beating her, he didn't really blow up until he learned that Chris killed the dog. And need I mention Ralphie? Tony seems to value animal life over human life, in a lot of instances. Impulsively, he might think that swerving violently to save that raccoon was the right thing to do.

Re: the racoon

As I rewatched this episode, when the animal appeared in the road I felt myself driving, and pushing towards the smat outcome: slow down but carry on forward.

I actually had an experience like this with a stray dog in t5he middle of the road, in a busy place, two ways in each direction. No way one should ever stray! - I heard/felt the bastard bang at the bottom of the car, i could see him running through the rearview mirror... All my friends with me in the car were arguing I should have strayed.... I said it then, I'll say it now: NO F----ing WAY!!
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