Mikey Palmice Guest Stars On Syfy Show 'Sanctuary'

I'm a big fan of The Syfy show Sanctuary. The season 4, episode 6 show which aired a week and a half ago, 'The Homecoming,' guest starred Al Sapienza as main character Will Zimmerman's estranged Father.

Don't know if this was just a one-off appearance or whether he'll guest star in future episodes from time to time. I hope so as I enjoyed his character. I won't get into spoilers, but as I said he plays main character Will Zimmerman's (Robin Dunne) estranged, ex-con Father.

For those interested in the show Sanctuary, it airs Friday nights at 10:00E.S.T. That is the Canadian airing which plays on The Space network here. I'm pretty sure it airs in the same timeslot on Syfy in The States. Just check your local listings to make sure.

The episode with Al in it is on YouTube in three parts. Here's the link to part 1.


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