How much do you think Tony made on the selling of Baron Sani

I was rewatching this episode on demand and I thought to myself...How much was Baron Sanitation worth? And how much did New York pay to purchase the company?

Originally, Tony told Phil he wanted 25% of the sale price and keep his job as consultant. Plus he wanted to keep his $2,000 a week skim from the profits.

Phil came back and offered Tony 12% of the sale price and he could keep his $200,000 a year job for another ten years. But no skim!

Tony mentioned that Baron had 25 stops. And obviously the Baron family was quite well off and Tony was pulling a nice yearly salary for nothing. Plus, I think Paulie was on Baron's payroll too.

I would like to hear everyone's opinion of how much it was worth. I would say New York bought it for ...$4-$8 million dollars? Mind you I have no idea. Either way..Tony would have gotten a sweet lump sum amount!

Re: How much do you think Tony made on the selling of Baron

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