I recently re-watched this episode and something Tony says has been bugging me. About halfway through Tony and Melfi are talking about Vito. Tony mentions that he believes in the bible and says something like "I believe in the sanitor, sanitorium thing. If we let this shit go too far we'll all be fucking dogs."

Where in the bible is this mentioned? I tried googling around and couldn't find anything related to it but I'm curious to see what the bible says in relation to homosexuality or if it was a connection to something else and I just completely missed it. In other words I'm trying to find the actual scripture that mentions this "sanitorium" or if Tony said this in connection with something else.

Edit: Answered my own question, did some further digging and found this: In the scene with Dr. Melfi, Tony referenced the controversial comments made by Senator Rick Santorum (pronouncing his last name as "Sanatorium") who once claimed the government's allowance of gay marriage would be the first step in a slippery slope leading to tolerance of more taboo practices, including bestiality.

Feel free to delete this thread, but it was a pretty tricky sentence. xD

Re: Sanitorium?

LOL, thanks for clearing that up.:icon_mrgreen: Seriously, I do recall him mangling the name "Santorum" -- at least I assumed he was talking about Rick Santorum -- but I never knew what the senator said that prompted the comment in the first place. Makes sense now.
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