Favorite film director.

I thought it would be fun to name your favorite film director, or directors, if you have trouble choosing, and name some of their movies you enjoyed in particular.

I'll start by saying I used to always say Spielberg was the best director however, I began to become disillusioned with many of his movies, namely Schindler's List. So I went on a quest of sorts to find my favorite director and it took me no time to find Christopher Nolan. This man has never made a film that wasn't at least great with three films I can call true masterpieces; Memento, The Dark Knight, and his most recent Inception. He takes his time to meticulously write and rewrite his movies but they are always worth the wait. He mixes intelligence with awe and loves to write about the human brain and it's afflictions. Lastly, I can honestly say that if you didn't like any movie he's done wait until the end because, whether he ends in a twist or just normally, he always has an ending you'll cherish.

Re: Favorite film director.

Cool topic. This may have changed if i really think about it, but i know i had a period where Rob Reiner had a slew of films that caused me to actually say he was a favorite. Spinal Tap (having been in the music business since 79, I can honestly say there's no better film that pokes fun at an industry) Stand Bye Me, Misery and A Few Good Men were all films that came out in relatively close time frame to have me take notice. Probably his ability to get the most out of the actors involved may be his strong point. Nicholson's speech on the stand in "Men" is only rivaled by Deniro in Raging Bull as one of the most intense moments of acting on screen for me. And just the fact that the silly premise of Misery worked so well with reiners direction. Finally, who couldn't love Stand Bye Me. Again i'm sure if i thought about it i could home in on some other film director but i don't think i'd come up with 4.
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