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I think the show focus mainly on the guys that were part of Tony's crew since he was a captain, maybe except for the Aprile/Cifaretto crew...

Would like to see what Raymond was up to... what Larry Barese was up to (He is portrayed in the beginning like a jersey guy with a lot of dosh). All those guys surrounding Junior in Season 1, there seems to have been little closure for the majority of them (or light for that matter). 'New York' always seemed to lack depth, when it came to the crime family

Maybe Melfi could have elders of her own to cope with, but they'd have to be dealt with different strategies.

One knows 'It's all there' and that a lot of the untied knots actually add to the subtext and background, as opposed to feeling forced

Re: Where the show could've gone/what it might've done

Recently had the thought of one more scene after the cut to black (not so much to address my own possible subconscious need to be spoon-fed definitive closure as for the comic element)... Tony walks into an Irish bar where St Patrick's Day is being celebrated to find Christopher, Bobby, Richie Aprile, Big Pussy, Phil Leotardo, Mikey Palmice and a couple of Roman legionnaires losing at dice to Irishmen.
Irregardless, Chase didn't allow poor Paulie to start serving his anticipated term in purgatory.:wink:

Re: Where the show could've gone/what it might've done

1) Uncle Pat and Beppy help Junior sneak out of a dental appointment and take him to Florida. There, joined by Hesh and Beansie, they establish an operation taking bets on wheel-chair racing.

2) Little Carmine and AJ produce Cleaver II, featuring Butchie the Barber who decapitates people after giving them bad haircuts.

3) Albie brings compensation for Bobby's death to Janice. They become lovers.

4) Agent Harris brings Finn back from CA to repair Coco's teeth.

5) Silvio comes out of the coma, begins playing guitar, and forms a band called Holsten's Jukebox.

6) Meadow and Patrick Parisi take a honeymoon on a cruise liner where Furio is working ship security, disguised with shaven head and full-grown beard.

7) Patsy Parisis goes on a drinking binge and fills the Soprano pool with urine.

8) Paulie is recruited by a casting agency to star in Godfather IV, Boardwalk Empire: The Next Generation, and Mad Men at 3 O'Clock.

9) Bigfoot trackers find Valery, the Russian, who's brain-damaged but has survived in the woods living on extremely nutritious, non-poisonous berries. Following a brief re-hab, he does the interior decorating on Carmela's new spec house.

10) Artie becomes a frequent celebrity chef and judge on the Food Network.

11) Hunter performs brain surgery which miraculously keeps Tony alive in a near-vegetative state but completely alleviated of panic attacks, depression, philandering and violent and criminal impulses,

12) Benny Fazio and Little Paulie assume control of organized criminal activities in North Jersey.

13) Melfi is plagued by recurring dreams of Tony speaking to her, channeled through the body of Eliot Kupferberg.

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Re: Where the show could've gone/what it might've done

darkrage6 wrote:I would've personally wanted them to expand on the ending, after the cut to black, I would have there be a cut back revealing Tony shot and dying, and the person who pulled the trigger turns out to be none other than Adriana, who it turns out managed to survive her fateful encounter with Silvio. Now that's an ending most people would probably not be able to predict.
I heard that Chase actually considered something similar but couldn't decide if it should be Hunter, Domenica, or Livia holding the gun.

Re: Where the show could've gone/what it might've done

Universal Polymath wrote:My vote would be for Perry - Philly and Patsy Parisi's other twin brother. The one with the mustache.
Well, my thinking was that Chase would've chosen Hunter to allow his actress daughter the honor of ending his creation, Domenica to avenge the forcing of her father Bobby into commiting murder and as an homage to Maggie Simpson's shooting of Mr Burns, or Livia who started it all by giving him birth, nagged him through most of his life, to bring the saga "full circle".
However, along with a multitude of other possibilities, I suppose a case could be made for Perry - or Petey, Poppi, Porkie or any one of the Parisi sextuplets (such a great career opportunity for Dan Grimaldi) - if this had been a democracy. But Chase had the only vote that counted, and who knows where these Internet rumors start.
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