Little Carmine; Village idiot or crazy like a fox ?

Something occurred to me watching the scene where little Carmine hosts the " meeting of minds " between Tony and Phil. All seems settled, both parties agree to let " the past be bygones". Then Carmine brings up Phil's brother Billy and " what happened there" and all hell breaks loose. If anything things are now worse with Phil. As Tony says to Carmine, " why would you possibly bring that up"?

Now the most likely reason is because, to paraphrase Tony, " he's just a fuckin' idiot, historically that's been the case". But is it possible Carmine has been playing all of them ? And US ? Think about it. At " the endgame", who is left standing? In New York Camine Sr. is dead, Johnny Sac is dead, Phil is dead and even one of the other captains, Rusty, is dead. The only major player left is little Carmine. In Jersey Uncle Jun is out of the picture, Christopher is dead, Sil is in a coma, Bobby is dead, we know Carlo has flipped. Whether or not Tony is whacked by Carmine, the Jersey crew is fucked. To the victor the spoils. Carmine can now run it all. Maybe now the box of his dream " is full up".

I'm not putting this out as a definite by any means, just a theory, something to look at more closely. But in the scene in question, even by Carmine's standards it is a monumental fuck-up of all proportions. Yet who gains from the warfare between Phil and Tony ? He does. Divide and conquer. Let the greedy two go at it and pick up the pieces when the dust settles. I'm just saying it's possible. Because Carmine has notions of himself and uses words wrongly etc doesn't mean he's actually stupid. Just not educated. Any ideas anybody or am I projecting something that isn't there ?

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