Foreshadowing in "The strong, silent type"

I noticed a case of foreshadowing at the very start of this episode I hadn't seen before. Chris's drug abuse is spiraling out of control. He's fixing up in front of the TV. On the TV a group of boy scouts are sitting down to eat and are talking about a bear in the area. Chris is hazily watching this. One of the boys says he'll take on the bear etc. and how " someone is going to get something they won't expect". A gorilla ( bear ) appears behind him and smothers him. This, in conjunction with Chris shooting up clearly portends his own death at the hands of Tony ( bear). The brief scene ends with one of the boys throwing a rock and hitting the gorilla ( bear ) in the head.

On another deeper level, at least from MY perspective on things, it is eerily similar to a later, MUCH later scene in which a group of boy scouts sit down to eat and another "bear " gets hit in the head!
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