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Corrado wrote:Melfi uses teeth instead of coins in "Employee of the month."
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Actually, Melfi uses dried pieces of macaroni in the vending machine, although I could see where they might be confused with teeth. But check that footage again, and I think you'll agree.

I think the purpose of using pasta for coins was to symbolically suggest the heavy Italian/ethnic connection she feels with Tony. Although "Rottweiler" is a German name for a breed of dog, recall that Melfi identifies them, as she tells Elliot, as the dogs the old Roman soldiers used to guard their camps. That Italian connection is what helped her decipher the aggressive, violent dog with the "huge shoulders" and "massive head" as the symbolic representation of Tony -- a self described "soldier" -- in the dream.
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"

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What is it with the teeth?

Did someone figure it out yet?

Another example from Members only.

Junior sits without teeth on the couch when Tony enters.
Tony: "What are you doing?"
Junior points to his mouth: "I lost my uppers."
Tony:"Probably upstairs."
Junior:"Got fucking old!
Tony:"Relax, will ya. We´ll find them"
Tony: "Tell you what. You go upstaris and look for you teeth. I´m gonna fix you something to eat."

Tony struggling to reach the phone while Artie Shaw´s "comes love"
is playing.

Comes a toothache see the dentist right away;
Comes love nothing can be done!

Very interesting that Junior instead with his teeth comes back with
a gun and almost kills Tony.

Teeth and the loss of teeth are often regarded as symbol for aging, losing control or aggressiveness. Ironically, Junior loses his teeth and control , but
not his aggressiveness. Well, false teeth are also considered as a
hint for the end of a bad relationship.

Isabella and Finn are both dental students. Both represent
health and youth. They promise a happy life. While Tony could
only dream of someone who could fix his toothache, Meadow
realized that dream. Toothache being a symbol for a constant
inner pain.

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The whole dental thing may top my list of things to ask Chase should he pop up on a radio call in show. Also the eggs reference. While not as frequent, it too signals something. The impending doom theory may hold wait. In fact, i just picked up another egg appearance that would take multiple viewings to catch. In Long Term Parking, Tony calls Silvio at the Bing and asks him to help tap his cell phone to try and locate his cousin. When you see Silvio on the phone, there are 2 hard boil eggs sitting up on the corner of his desk. And of course, Tony calls Sil from the hospital while visting his Cuban girlfriend burned while cooking eggs. I can go weeks without seeing an egg. In Sopranoland you can't go a couple of episodes w/out seeing them being cooked, dropped or stepped in. Now that i think of it , you never see one eaten.

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Of course in "Remember When" Tony speaks about how the FBI will find the teeth, he tells Carme he´s packing the toothbrush and Uncle Jun declines to see an outside dentist, meaning he doesn´t make an attempt to escape.

I think they´re using the eggs to mess with us, also oranges.
T stepped into some eggs while throwing the painting away,
there was the egg shop. Not an egg expert, but did something
bad happen afterwards.

They take the teeth thing more serious, imho lol.

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Janice "There's an old Zuni saying. 'For every 20 wrongs a child does, ignore 19.'"

Tony "There's and old Italian saying, "You fuck up once you lose two teeth.'"
You know, Vito called me “skip” the other day. Slip of the tongue, no doubt. But I noticed he didn’t correct himself.

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It's been a while but i just heard another reference for the 1st time. In Eloise,

Johnny Sack is hinting to Tony to whack Carmine. He says that Carmine is miserable these days; His teeth. Come on? whats it all mean?

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Well in the Test Dream, Tony's loss of his teeth seems to represent his unpreparedness for the upcoming "test". When he curb-stomps Coco he kind of fails another test and sets off a costly gang war, plus finding teeth in the cuff(?) of his pant leg shows that he was not yet prepared to deal with his family issues, he got reckless and allowed his two worlds to bleed into each other.

When Ralphie got his toothpaste in "Army of One" I kind of assumed it was one of his weird sex things. I mean, Gay Vito was there. You never know.
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