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It's from Series 2, just after Janice turns up.

Meadow has just trashed Livias house, and her punishment is being talked about. Janice butts in with something about a Buddhist saying of 'for every 20 wrongs a child does, ignore 19', or something equally stupid.

Tony's rebuttal is the Italian saying.

I think it's the third episode of the second series and it's called 'Toodle-Fucking-do' or something similar.

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Episode Down Neck - Tony and AJ stop to change a flat tire and Tony tells AJ "Okay, now let's get the algae scraped off your teeth (because AJ has braces).

Episode Watching too Much Television - Adriana is watching a movie about wives testifying against their husbands. Adriana is flossing her teeth while watching the movie.

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A few more:

Mergers and Acquisitions: The Social Director at Green Grove tells Paulie his mom forgets to put her teeth in and it upsets the "girls".

Irregular Around the Margins: Before Chris leaves for his business trip, Adriana says goodbye and Chris complains he has a toothache.

University: Carmela reminds Meadow to make her appointment for a teeth cleaning.

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In the episode "Ride" during season six a when the ride crashes that janice and kids are on, a little puerto rican kid breaks his teeth on the handlebars. Little Paulie calls big Paulie to tell him.
You know, Vito called me “skip” the other day. Slip of the tongue, no doubt. But I noticed he didn’t correct himself.

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As i'm rewatching my HBO gift set from Xmas, I really can't get over the regular reference to teeth. As we picked up last year(and i'm sure sooner on a previous thread somewhere), it is sprinkled quite liberally throughout. The comment that got me going this time is at the dinner table before the Billy Joel show. It's mentioned earlier about Furio bringing the dental assistant, BUT what i can't figure out is the comment from cousin Brian's girlfriend "I have to admit i find going to the dentist erotic". Should I ever meet Chase, this whole tooth thing has officially become the 1st question out of my "mouth"(rim shot):icon_mrgreen:

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What about the episode "Another toothpick" ? A bit obvious maybe. If I remember it's Janice making an off-colour remark at someone's funeral. About how an old aunt of theirs used to refer to dead people in that way. While references to teeth don't quite imply death it does seem at times to at least appear to mean bad luck or pain of some sort.
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