I'll pre cursor with with stating that I'm in England.

Ijust bought a cup of coffee and in my change was an American Quarter (they look a little like a 10p piece).

I always like when that happens, I tend to view it as good luck.

Anyway, I just had a bit of a look at it and it is a New Hampshire Quarter (I didn't even know you guys had different ones for different places), and on it is the phrase 'Live Free or Die'.

Obviously you guys most probably knew this phrase was on there, but I've only just found out, and now the title of this episode seems to make a little more sense!

I am impressed! I love the way that every now and again you can have a moment of enlightenment about any episode of the Sopranos. It's open endedness is phenomenal!

Re: Coincidence

Yup. IIRC it's the motto for the state of New Hampshire.

FYI, we only had a single quarter for all of my lifetime until fairly recently. They started minting quarters @ 7-8 years ago dedicated to each of the states. Don't know if they've yet made it through all 50, but that's the plan.
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