towel whipping lorraine

i thought it was harshly sadistic that the younger leotardo was towel whipping poor lorraine calluzo as she ran naked for her life. he could have shown a little more respect before executing her, seeing as she is older then him, and a women. he will definetly gets whats coming to him


You must be crazy and stoned

I was suprised they didn't take her up on her c---------- offer from last episode. That would have been funny as hell if they said something about it before she got whacked. It was just funny when she got towel whipped. "F--- t---t" in the words of Johnny Sac, thats what she gets for kicking up to little Carmine...

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Re: You must be crazy and stoned

"Those who want respect... give respect." She clearly disrespected John numerous times despite warnings... so she got what she had coming to her, not to mention she was racist and had no class. I feel more sorry for the brute-dummy working for her. He seemed like just some boytoy of hers in the wrong place at the wrong time.



i think the hit was overly sadistic becasue the old school wiseguys resented the fact lorraine was a women who thought she had da ballz to hang alongside the made men. lady shylock also toted around a boy toy whom she clearly bossed an had full control over, this only served to further offend the made men, who we all know feel, women only belong in the kitchen cooking chicken marsala. the crew were clearly theartned by this ballsy women. the going out of the way to disrespect and humiliate llorraine, would never had gone down had she been a man, interesting how tony also got rid of feech in manner not befitting of his stature. johnny and tony are more alike then the show overtly lets on.


On Lorraine's whacking

"She clearly disrespected John numerous times despite warnings... so she got what she had coming to her, not to mention she was racist and had no class."

I think it hardly likely that her racism had anything to do with her whacking. Her "big n----r" comment in the previous episode was not uncharacteristic of these Italian mobster types, at least not as portrayed in film and on TV. The infamous n-word, or other slurs on African-Americans in particular that are peculiar to Italian-Americans, can be found in many mob-related movies: The Godfather Parts I and II, Goodfellas, Casino, A Bronx Tale, The Boondock Saints, etc. Reservoir Dogs was redolent with the word, and Martin Scorsese's movies all seem to feature the word at least once.

My point is: It makes little sense to celebrate Lorraine's whacking because she's racist. Shoot, it's a safe bet that all the characters on this show--the male ones, at least--are racist to some degree or another. Remember Tony's indignation at Meadow's dating a half-black, half-Jewish kid? ("Jamaal Ginsberg, the Hasidic homeboy", he called him. <img src= ALT=":lol"> ) Tony, Paulie, Silvio, Christopher, Hesh, Uncle Junior, Richie Aprile, Jackie Jr., have all slurred blacks or other minorities at one time or another. And who remembers Feech LaManna's story about attacking the "biggest, blackest motherf----r" he could find upon entering prison? He had Tony and Uncle Junior in stitches with that story.

So don't hate on Lorraine 'cause she was racist. They all are. (And I say this as a person of almost exclusively African descent, mind you.) Hell, I give Lorraine respect for being a woman mobster and lasting this long at all.

Gotta look at these things in context . . .



Exactly, they go there to clip her, and you're upset because they towel whipped her? LOL!

Maybe they should've gotten Matt Bellaloqua some Pampers diapers, or maybe some Depends before they put 20 slugs in him.

They also should've given Big Pus a big Quizno's before they sent him fishing w/ Fredo.

Maybe they should've taken those two ghey starbucks workers to San Fran for their marriage before they made em steal a new car for AJ's teacher.

LOL, respect.

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