I would, too. I started a thread along these lines...please see page two of Forum's "All Happy Families."

After serving drinks to the guys, Silvio pulls Ade aside for a talk in the hall, right? Why? It has been suggested that it became apparent that she had revealed a piece of information that she, in fact, had no business knowing. Suspicions were aroused. She said something about Tony's not having any lunch. Apparently, she had "no business" knowing this tidbit.

This segment was enigmatic...sort of like the Brian/drill piece. Is this a glimpse into what may be Adriana's fate, I am wondering....



Yes, that lil tidbit would arouse some suspicions for some very paranoid mobsters like they are. Ade knowing that Tony didn't have lunch maybe a bit of a tip-off to these guys that something is up. I think they will misinterpret this much like Chrissy will...that Ade has feelings for Tony rather then her being a rat.


Re: Sil and Ade

You guys are totally missing what happened here. Syl was apologizing to Aid for Feech's comment. Aid walks into her office where the guys are having a meeting.
She serves Feech his drink and looks around and asks 'Anybody else'? Before anyone could answer, Feech replies 'If we need anything else, one of the kids will come out'.
referring to the rest of the guys as kids. Everyone gives him a dead stare and there is silence for a few seconds.
Why Adriana would be offended by this is beyond me.
That definitely was a gesture to the music playing, but I am 100% it was NOT a Van Halen song... maybe a David Lee Roth song?
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