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focker wrote:I hate to say it, but this is very believable, I guess we'll see what happens Sunday.
It seems plausible because it combines a lot of previously known spoilers into one. There's very little detail I haven't seen posted elsewhere, and I'm dubious that the spolier would mention a small detail like Meadow having trouble parking (footage of which is on YouTube), wheras there's no mention of much more important developments such as - for instance - whether Sil lives or dies.

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caretaker wrote: there's no mention of much more important developments such as - for instance - whether Sil lives or dies.
I wonder if we are just supposed to assume that Sil is dead after Pauly told Tony that the doctor doesn't expect him to regain consciousness?

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Wow... this guy had it absolutely spot on. I'm surprised they leaked out promo copies before airing it. If I were Chase, I would have been protecting each and every copy like my balls...

I am amused by the fact that this guy had actually seen the episode right to the very end, but didn't realise it... It's understandable. Until those credits started rolling, I refused to believe it was the end as well...

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Thank God I didn't go near these spolier pages until now!

Yep, it is funny that our man here thought he was missing the last few minutes.

How about this scenario.... Last night HBO put the wrong tape in the machine?

At this very moment some guy deep in the bowels of HBO-Towers has the preview tape in one hand and the real 65 minute version in the other. You know, the one where Tony gets his brains emptied onto Carm's shirt, and Meadow is saved due to her bad parking skills.

Meanwhile one D. Chase is getting abusive phone calls in France (where he is now holidaying).


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Wow... I can't believe that this was the one. I regret reading it and posting it here. I really only did it for entertainment value. I still don't believe the "promo copy" story. Somebody on the inside leaked this, most likely somebody bitter about something. The really weird thing is that it wasn't an AICN operative, but just some lowlife (like all of us) on the site's discussion forum. It was posted on AICN, somebody put it on TelevisionWithoutPity, and then I took it from there and put it on this site. Weird how something this closely guarded could get out. Cut to black...

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Just like snooping for Christmas presents when I was a kid, I regretted what I learned from reading this once the show started and I realized it was spot-on. Oh well...that's my fault. Caveat emptor, I guess. Props to the leaker and the poster.
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