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In Mr. & Mrs. Sacramoni Request... Johnny Sac is shown changing from his prison jumpsuit into a suit for a court appearance. In the background of the shot is a pair of white slip-on deck shoes. Of course, Johnny dies of terminal lung cancer a handful of episodes later in Stage 5.

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Phil was wearing a track suit and white sneakers,before he died.And also Burt Gervasi,at the moment he received an "answer" from Silvio.White shoes.And Sil also had white shoes in "Blue Comet".Not in the same scene when he was wounded,but in the same episode.You could see that the camera focuses his white shoes for a few seconds . In the scene when Bobby was killed,he was not wearing white shoes but the killers are.In the scene when they leave the store after the shooting,camera clearly shows they white shoes. In the "Second Coming" A.J had white shoes when he tried to kill himself.And also little Paulie,when Chris kicked him through the window.A,J,Little Paulie and,maybe, Silvio survive but definitely,white shoes,at Chase concept has great significance of death or pain and suffering.Even guy from "Cleaver",who was hunging from the ceiling has white shoes .

Re: White Shoes

When Bobby kills Harpo in the laundry room, there is a pair of white shoes bouncing around in a dryer.

Also, when Silvio is in his coma, his wife is caring for his bare feet, filing the toenails. I take this as a sign Silvio will either wake up, or sadly, remain alive but in his coma for a very long time.

Another, Paulie is wearing white shoes in the last episode whilst sitting in front of the Pork Store (the last scene he is in). "When my time comes, tell me. Will I stand up?"
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