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I know its been a while since this thread was last commented on but I've just finished reading the Joseph Pistone Donny Brasco book and he said that after all the indictments caused by his infiltration into the mob that they changed the rules. After 1981 everyone who was put up to be made when they opened the books for the year had to have whacked somebody so that never again would the feds get a man on the inside because they can condone a lot of things but not murder. So as much as it pains me and is sacrilage to say the Sopranos got it wrong :(

Re: Bobby being made

WhistlingInTheWheatfield wrote:Good point. If they were following the rules, Larry Boy would be joing Big Puss in the sea.
There may have been more revealed but it seems to me that we are given 2 pieces of info that Larry Barese gives to the Feds - the location of a murdered body and the false identity of the asassin. (actually employing Big Pussy's Dis-information approach).

Could Larry be given a "pass" for this, as his claim to the Feds that Jackie did the killing removed any threat to Tony and other living members?
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